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Zepafur (ゼパフル) is the main antagonist of Harem Royale ~When the Game Ends~. She is a demon who is freed by Asunaro Kohinata and rewards him by allowing him to live out his harem dreams with the girls in his class, but forces them to partake in a death game.


Zepafur has multiple forms, all of which are used to hide her "true form" and to make herself comprehensible to humans.

Zepafur initially appears as a small girl with long, bright red hair that reaches down to her back, pointed ears and wears a thin strapped blue dress with a frilled white section in the center. There is a large light green bow worn at the top of the dress as well.

She can also transform into a plush toy like creature with long ears, stubby limbs and a demon like tail. There is a swirl atop the head in this form and swirls decorating the cheeks.

Zepafur's third form has an older appearance with battle armour like clothing. Atop her head Zepafur has what appears to be antlers.


Thanking Asunaro for releasing her, she introduces herself as the queen of madness, desire, and the lord of despair.

Very forward at introducing what was thought as a thank you pleasure, Zepafur is willing to help Asunaro realize his fantasies.


Role in the Story[]

When Asunaro Kohinata is walking home from school one day, he discovers a mysterious bottle. When he decides to open it, Zepafur is released. To show her gratitude, she entices him with tentacles, and when that leads nowhere, decides to create the Lovey Dovey Harem Royale for him.

Serika is the first person to be recruited into the Harem Royale, where she is transported to a nightmarish realm, and told that if she loses then she will go to Hell and suffer repeated death. Serika doesn't believe Zepafur at first, but soon changes her mind after being killed over 100 times.

Once the Harem Royale begins, Zepafur sends Asunaro's parents to a place called Purupuru Pikopyo Land so they can't interfere later on.