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Rapunzel (ラプンツェル Rapuntseeru), also known as Zel, is an amnesiac girl who is taken in by Primavera and joins the Wandering Dogs. She first appears in Season 2.

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Role in the Story[edit | edit source]

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Zel is introduced in 1948 running from some thugs, where she is hit by Rose's car and gets amnesia. She's given the temporary name of Rapunzel, Zel for short, and begins making friends with the Wandering Dogs, Oliver, Charles, and Nina.

Zel discovers that she knows Chinese after hearing some Chinese people out on the street. The Wandering Dogs use this newfound skill to spy on some shady Chinese people and expose their backdoor employment agency.

Season 3[edit | edit source]

Zel eventually regains her memories, where it's revealed that she's an assassin by the name of Hotarubi. Her father is being held hostage by Wang, who ordered her to assassinate Rose. She was supposed to pretend to have amnesia and be accepted into Primavera, except she actually got amnesia.

Zel is unable to carry through with Rose's assassination and reveals everything to her friends, who are initially skeptical but come to accept her. The Wandering Dogs then formulate a plan to rescue Zel's father with Rose's help. After the two reunite, they go into hiding in a faraway country.

Last Season[edit | edit source]

Zel returns to Japan in 1950 and reunites with her friends. She becomes heartbroken over hearing of Oliver's death and later joins Jeanne to fight Primavera.

During the final battle, Zel engages Maurice and learns that he was the one responsible for Oliver dying. The Wandering Dogs assist Zel in her fight and she delivers the killing blow on Maurice using Oliver's kicking move.

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