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This article is about a character in Higurashi When They Cry.

Yuusuke Minai (南井雄介 Minai Yūsuke) was a police officer and the father of Tomoe and Madoka Minai. He was investigating a certain case and, along with his wife, was killed in a fire that was believed to be premeditated.


Yuusuke's funeral photo in the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kizuna manga portrays him with black hair.


Yuusuke was said to be strict and quiet, but also having a strong sense of justice.


Yuusuke worked as a police officer to the Metropolitan Police Department. He joined Yamaoki and the police during the Shirakaba mountain villa incident, where extremist student activists invaded a mountain resort and took hostage the civilians inside. The police rushed inside to rescue the hostages, where Yuusuke shot and killed one of the criminals: a young man named Kazunori Takiguchi; who attempted to kill Yuusuke's fellow officer and friend Maeno. Yuusuke was to face disciplinary action afterwards as the police were given a no-fire order, but Yamaoki avoided that by transferring Yuusuke under him to work on a certain case.

Yuusuke made many leads on this case and found a clue connecting it to Kakiuchi Airport. Unfortunately, in 1971 Yuusuke and Nobumi died when a fire broke out in their apartment. It was publically passed off as an accident, but Yamaoki, Tomoe, and many other people close to him knew that it was murder; a conspiracy surrounded his case that called for him to die. Tomoe inherited Yuusuke's case materials, including one memo: "Kakiuchi Airport. Wednesday, June. Go."

Miotsukushi-hen Ura reveals that the perpetrator behind the arson incident was Shirou Hanada. Kazunori was his older brother, and after his death Hanada started working for the politician Akihiko Chiba and sought revenge. Yuusuke discovered that illegal shipments of Placil, a medicine banned in Japan after the Lowell Incident, continued to be smuggled into the country disguised as supplies for air shows, and this occurred at Kakiuchi Airport every year. He found that Chiba was tied to this plan, but before he could take action, Hanada killed him and burned his apartment down.



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