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This article is about a character in Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni.

Yuuki Noda (野田 裕貴 Noda Yuki) is a young boy who enjoys art and loves his art teacher, Nafumi Shintani. However, he was accidentally killed by her.


Because of his soft personality, he's the type that the girls from senior classes like to dote on. But he wishes that he was treated in a more manly way.

Unfortunately, the moment he finally worked up the courage to refuse someone, he met the end of his life. Truly a sad story. Incidentally, his sense in art is very unique. If he had been born in a different era, he may have become a famous artist.

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(Translation by Spider Lily Translations)


Yuuki has short bluish-green hair and similarly colored eyes. He wears a brown jacket over a white shirt with what appears to be crude art drawn on it. Yuuki wears black short, white socks and gray shoes.


Yuuki is a young kid who is friendly and likes art.


Yuuki became friends with the youkai Renoir in the art room one day, encouraging him to change his appearance since Renoir disliked it.

Yuuki had a crush on the art teacher Nafumi Shintani and agreed to become a model for her, but unbeknownst to him she had ulterior motives. Shintani attempted to undress Yuuki when he smacked her away and tried to run, but Shintani pushed him and caused a plaster bust to fall on Yuuki, killing him. Shintani attempts to cover up Yuuki's death as being caused by Renoir.


Role in the Story

Second Night

The Boys' Portrait

Renoir gets revenge for Yuuki with the help of Higanbana by confronting Shintani about her crimes, revealing that she even defiled Yuuki's body with knives and cigarettes after his accidental death. Shintani shows no remorse for manipulating Yuuki like she did and ends up trapped in a painting for all eternity.

After School

In this dream world, Yuuki and Shuuichi hang out and talk about art.