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Yukikazu Kameda (亀田 幸一 Kameda Yukikazu) is an ace baseball player. He first appears in Tatarigoroshi.


He's an ace pitcher who belongs to the baseball team of a high school in the prefecture.

His fastball is one of the best in the country, and he is playing a big role in the Koshien Tournament.

However, he's actually a hot-blooded idiot who loves moe.

(Translated from Entergram's Higurashi Hou website.)


Kameda doesn't have a sprite in the original visual novels. Console ports and various adaptations give him shaved blackish-gray hair and amber eyes. His casual outfit sprite consists of a yellow and red shirt with blue pants.


Kameda presents himself as a sportsman who will claim victory no matter what, but he can be easily swayed. Kameda really loves sweets and relishes in perversion, comparing desserts to girls in dresses. He's lied in some of his sports interviews to conceal this fact.


Kameda attends Ooshima High School, a school known for sending skilled players to Koshien baseball tournaments. Console ports change this to be an unnamed school. As a kid he was part of the Okinomiya Titans baseball team.




Kameda is introduced. The Hinamizawa Fighters and Okinomiya Titans are playing a game in Okinomiya, and Kameda decided to help his old team when they started losing and turned the game around. Even with help from the club, the Fighters were losing fast; Satoko constantly missed her swings and Mion injured herself, and with all the cameramen and journalists around, the club couldn't hope to scrounge up a win with their usual foul play tactics.

Kameda suddenly goes off to use the bathroom. which Keiichi thinks was set up by Satoko using laxatives, and he uses this chance to talk with him. Keiichi asks Kameda to let the Hinamizawa Fighters win and talks about his perversion, knowing all about Kameda's eating habits because he ate at a Sonozaki-owned restaurant one time. Kameda finds a kindred spirit in Keiichi and is convinced to throw the game in exchange for an all-you-can-eat dessert buffet at Angel Mort.

TatarigoroshiCG (8)

The game resumes and Kameda starts weakening his throws while playing along with Keiichi's taunts, making it seem as though Keiichi is a better player and avoiding suspicion from the people watching. Keiichi switches out with Satoko and Kameda announces that he'll throw an easy ball, wanting to make Satoko feel better for missing her swings earlier. However, Satoko successfully hits a home run and claims victory; Satoko's bad swings earlier were part of a ploy to make Kameda think lowly of her.

Kameda dies in an accident while escaping the Great Hinamizawa Disaster.


The credits show that as of 2004, Kameda currently lives in Tokyo.


Kameda and Keiichi develop a friendship after a baseball game.

Kameda shows up at Angel Mort for the Dessert Festa and is surprised to see the club girls in their punishment outfits, wondering why Keiichi never told him about them. Mion soon starts a dessert-eating competition with Kameda, Tomita, and Okamura challenging Keiichi, Rena and Irie for the position of the winners since the last club game ended in a draw. Kameda and Rena match each other with their eating speed, though the real winner of the competition is unclear since chaos erupted when the entire restaurant got involved.


Kameda and Keiichi develop a friendship after a rigged baseball game.

Keiichi asks Kameda to come and support the club's appeal of the child consultation center to save Satoko from her uncle, however Kameda is unwilling to go since that day was Angel Mort's Dessert Festa, and he won a ticket. After a round of debate, Kameda agrees to help Satoko and Mion offers to remove him from Angel Mort's blacklist as a reward. After learning that Keiichi needs a large number of people to strengthen their case, Kameda calls out to the other Angel Mort customers-regulars who weren't invited to the Dessert Festa-and convinces them to help. A few days later, Kameda arrives with his athlete friends and otaku allies, joining the protest against the child consultation center.

Kameda is presumed to have died in the Great Hinamizawa Disaster.

Other Appearances[]

  • In the Yoigoshi visual novel TIP "To Hinamizawa", Kameda is said to be coming upon his 200th win in 2006.


  • Kameda was known to fans as Kouichi Kameda for a long time, however this is a mistranslation. Kameda's bio in the encyclopedia in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Official Character Guide gives the proper furigana reading of his name.
  • Kameda's first character design was in the Tatarigoroshi manga, designed by Jiro Suzuki. The anime adopted this design and also based his face on Suzuki's.[2]
  • Ryukishi07 considered making sprites for Kameda that would appear in Minagoroshi[3], but ultimately did not. Kameda would eventually get a Ryukishi-designed sprite in Mehagashi-hen.


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