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Yukari Sakaki (榊 由香里 Sakaki Yukari) is the main protagonist of Utopia and A Thistle of Vengeance. Yukari is a girl who comes from a poor, dysfunctional family, for which she is quite cruelly bullied.


A pitiful girl made the target of bulling because of unfortunate circumstances at home. She tried to stay strong after her mother's death, but it was difficult for her at that age.

She has a complex because she's taller than most boys, and cute clothes don't suit her.

She hates bullying, and when boys go beyond playful pranks she often staps at them. Perhaps believing that kind of personality is cool, her popularity is rising among the girl.

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Yukari's mother died in a car accident, and she became depressed while trying to help her father move on and assist with chores. Yukari would start wearing the same dirty clothes to school since they had no willpower to do the laundry, and this caused her to start getting bullied. Though Yukari's home situation eventually improved, when she told her father and teachers she was bullied they simply told her to ignore it.


Role in the Story

First Night


Yukari hides in a bathroom and despairs over her continued bullying, wondering what she should do. Higanbana tries enticing her to commit suicide, but Marie intervenes to tell Yukari otherwise. Marie says she should fight bullying and tell her parents and teachers instead of enduring it, but Yukari frowns at the thought since she already told trusted adults and they ignored her.

A new girl named Reiko Oosumi joins the class, and Yukari becomes friends with her since they've both experienced bullying. Reiko becomes the new target of bullying by the class while Yukari can only watch. Higanbana tries to convince Yukari to join in on Reiko's bullying, calling it a true utopia, but Yukari has enough and yells at the class to stop. Everyone, including the teacher just stares at her.

As Yukari and Reiko walk home, Yukari apologizes to her for not stopping her bullying sooner. Reiko thinks her suffering is necessary so everyone else can have fun, but Yukari says nobody needs to be bullied and promises to protect her. Reiko however goes on about how bullying is amazing and reveals her true nature as a youkai.

Reiko attempts to kill Yukari but Marie saves her and exposes Reiko as actually being Sumire, one of the ranked school youkai. Marie tells her to stop harassing Yukari, but Sumire reminds her that if Reiko Oosumi were to suddenly disappear the next day, Yukari would go back to being bullied by everyone.

Marie still fights Sumire but is defeated. Sumire demands that Yukari join in on the bullying tomorrow, otherwise Reiko Oosumi will disappear and Yukari will go back to being the target. Yukari refuses to, and Sumire disappears since she's made her choice. The next day, the memory of Reiko Oosumi disappears from everyone in class, and they go right back to bullying Yukari to satisfy their addiction. Some of the boys hound Yukari for never washing her clothes and start stripping her while Sumire watches and mocks her. Yukari runs away from class and ends up tripping and injuring herself due to Higanbana's involvement. The teachers help Yukari to the infirmary as she resolves to not let Marie down.

Yukari stays home from school the next few days. To her benefit, her entire class of bullies goes on a field trip and dies in a traffic accident. When Yukari returns to school, she gets transferred to a new class where everyone welcomes her. Yukari thanks Marie for always helping her and then goes to break off a potential bullying incident.

Second Night

A Thistle of Vengeance