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Yuka Miyajima is a character appearing in Kaidan to Odorou, Soshite Anata wa Kaidan de Odoru. She is Tomohiro Miyajima's aunt and a police officer.


Yuka is usually cheerful, a drunkard and makes a lot of judo analogies, but she takes her job seriously.


Yuka tells Tomohiro about how the police are getting many reports of pranks related to Ohone-sama's curse. She expresses her belief that charms and curses work because people believe them to, and even if Ohone-sama is fake there's a possibility he can come to life.

Yuka is later called to the school to investigate Miyoko Tanashi's accident, who fell unconscious after being pushed off of the stairs to the prefab school building, with the students calling it Ohone-sama's curse. She and her colleague discover a shovel buried in the ground, which Miyoko landed on and caused her to fall unconscious in the first place. Yuka later asks Tomohiro what he knows about Ohone-sama's curse and leverages some suspicion after noticing Tomohiro had gone to school early that day.

A few days later, Yuka takes a call from her colleague and hears that Miyoko's woken up and has accused Rie Satou of pushing her. Tomohiro overhears this, and Yuka tells him to forget everything he heard. Yuka later meets Tomohiro at Tanuki Shrine and gets him to confess everything about his creation of Ohone-sama. She then tells him her opinion of the incident, which was an elaborate setup by Miyoko to get Satou in trouble for dating a teacher.