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This article is about a character in Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni.

He is the main antagonist of the first chapter, "Mesomeso-san". Kanamori is Marie's homeroom teacher. He originally defended Marie against her tormentors but has long since taken to molesting her in the bathroom of the old school building to relieve the daily stress of his job.

Personality & Background

He seems to be a fairly likable guy but he is secretly a brutal, animalistic child molester.

It is revealed that Kanamori has a superiority complex. Originally he viewed his acts onto Marie Moriya as a way to show to himself that he is a superior being compared to her.

Once Kanamori hears of the rumors of Mesomeso-san, he becomes infatuated with the idea that he has been propelled outside of humanity and into the world of youkai. He later vies to be the true Mesomeso-san, eighth of the ranked youkai, recognized by the other 7 ranked youkai against Marie. In a tiebreaking vote, Higanbana decides that Kanamori is not fit to be Mesomeso-san, and is then killed by Marie.


Appearing as a defender when she was bullied, Yoshihito asked Marie for favors every so often. Unable to deny he'd helped her, Marie began to suffer heavy sexual abuse. She was later killed by him with his own two hands.

While there's never been any interaction from one another apart from the staff room, they have similar tendencies. He comments, however, that when compared to him, she does far more damage than he could ever do.


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