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This article is about a character in Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni.

Yoshihito Kanamori (金森 義仁 Kanamori Yoshihito) is Marie Moriya's homeroom teacher and the main antagonist of Mesomeso-san. He originally defended Marie against her bullies but has long since taken to molesting her in the bathroom of the old school building to relieve the daily stress of his job.


Marie's homeroom teacher in her past life. He was a lively and popular teacher among the girls. But he kept a wild animal inside himself, and Marie was its outlet.

A villain like him didn't have a pleasant demise. In the end, Marie who had become Mesomeso-san crushed his entire body into Dust.

Nonetheless, until the very end everyone but Marie thought he was a good teacher.

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Kanamori has black hair and black eyes. He wears a black pinstripe suit and shoes, a yellow shirt and a blue tie.


Kanamori seems like a handsome and likable guy but he is secretly a brutal, animalistic child molester. He has a superiority complex, viewing his acts onto Marie as a way to prove that he is superior compared to her, and later declares he is like Mesomeso-san when he gets away with killing Marie.


Kanamori was Marie's teacher and helped rescue her from some bullies. Marie became grateful and developed a small crush on him, which Kanamori took advantage of by forcing her to perform sexual favors in exchange for continued protection. They would do their business privately in the bathrooms in the old school building where Kanamori would always film Marie, threatening to release the tapes if she ever told anybody.


Role in the Story

First Night


Kanamori is introduced. He considers that some day, Marie will grow older, leave school, and eventually report him to the police, so Kanamori decides that maybe she should be killed. He overhears students talking about Mesomeso-san, a supposed youkai inhabiting the bathrooms in the old school building, and worries that his relationship with Marie will be discovered.

During another one of their private meetings, Marie asks to speak with Kanamori about something. Kanamori confirms she still hasn't told anyone and reminds Marie he still has the tapes. Kanamori is still concerned that Marie will reveal everything to the police soon and decides to choke her to death. Marie offers little resistance and soon dies at Kanamori's hands.

Just then, another girl enters the bathroom, trying to investigate the rumor of Mesomeso-san. Kanamori's paranoia grows as he's hiding in the bathroom stall with Marie's corpse. When the girl knocks on the door, Kanamori pretends to be Mesomeso-san and repeats the lines according to the story. The girl is scared away. Kanamori quickly escapes the bathroom with Marie's corpse now that nobody is around and hides her inside an abandoned storehouse. That night, Kanamori notices that a button is missing on Marie's clothes, but he pays it no heed and throws her body into a septic tank in an abandoned outhouse. Kanamori gloats at his victory and thinks he is now Mesomeso-san because of that earlier event in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Marie becomes a ghost and is informed by Higanbana that she and Kanamori have entered a competition to see who is more fit to become the real Mesomeso-san.

Marie's disappearance is reported to the police the next day, and when interviewed Kanamori lies that he doesn't know what happened to her. Kanamori's belief that he's Mesomeso-san grows, confident that he successfully got away with murder. Later, Kanamori suddenly trips in the hallway and goes to the infirmary to get patched up. While the nurse tends to him, Kanamori notices a button fall off of the doll sitting in the infirmary. Kanamori sees that the button came off of the doll's right sleeve, the same location as Marie's missing button, and realizes that he needs to find Marie's button as it may implicate him.

Kanamori waits until nighttime when no other staff or student will be at school and goes to the old building to find it. He finds the button resting on the toilet paper holder inside the stall he killed Marie in and drops it into the toilet, fully convinced he is free. Kanamori lets out an evil laugh and moves to leave the stall, however the door won't open no matter what. He then hears Marie crying mesomeso" outside the door and asking why he killed her.

Kanamori tries to justify his actions and mocks Marie for thinking the videos could actually be used against her. Marie continues to cry out as Kanamori insults and derides her. Marie's wailing grows, and Kanamori opens the stall door to reveal Marie looks the same as when she was a human. Marie tries to run away and Kanamori grabs her by the throat, intending to strangle her to death again.

Marie tries to feebly fight back by choking Kanamori as well, and Higanbana appears to declare the results of the Mesomeso-san vote. Kanamori thinks he's won, but Higanbana declares that Marie will become the eighth ranked youkai. Just then, Marie gains a massive strength booth and overpowers Kanamori. As Kanamori is strangled, Higanbana explains he's unfit to become Mesomeso-san since he broke one of its rules, which is to never look at its true form. Marie admits that she did love Kanamori at the beginning and crushes every bone in his body, killing him. Kanamori's apparent disappearance goes unquestioned.

Second Night

After School

In this dream world, Kanamori and Shintani argue over who is more depraved.

Other Appearances

07th Theater 2

The Rose Guns Days team challenges the Higanbana world by sending in Rose to deal with Kanamori. She tries to fix his attraction towards little girls by sending him to Primavera to meet the older ladies there.

The Higurashi team later challenges the Higanbana world, with Rena stalking Kanamori throughout the school halls.