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Yoko Numata (沼田 陽子 Numata Yōko) is a girl who was driven to suicide by Takeshi Nonomiya as revenge for being falsely accused of breaking school equipment.


Receiving the cruel jeers of her peers and terrifying photographs from her stalker, she committed suicide.

Once glimpsed by youkai that incites suicide, her road to self-destruction was accelerated.

Since the spirit of one that commits suicide is beloved by youkai, there was no peace after death for her. Made the plaything of the youkai, she endlessly wanders the bottom of a freezing hell.

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(Translation by Spider Lily Translations)

She wants to be a simple 'mori girl'. She was a cute girl loved by everyone. It's unfortunate that her friends framed Nonomiya to protect her. Thanks to Higanbana's chance, she was able to rest in peace, and now she's attending school in paradise.

Sometimes, it seems she comes back as a ghost and mingles among her former classmates.

Nonomiya wouldn't admit it, but it's clear he really liked her.

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(Translation by Spider Lily Translations)


In her human form, Yoko has long black hair with two long braids going off to the sides and brown eyes. She wears a green shirt, gray skirt, white socks and brown shoes.

In her ghost form her clothes are torn and ragged, her hair is disheveled and covers her eyes, and her skin is pale. Yoko additionally has her arms and legs chained together.


Yoko is a friendly girl.


Yoko and her friends were playing around in the science room one day when they accidentally broke a model. They kept quiet about it but Nonomiya, who was in charge of cleaning the science room, got blamed for breaking it. Nonomiya couldn't handle it and began stalking Yoko, constantly watching and waiting for when she would mess up again and taking pictures of her. Nonomiya sent some of his pictures to Yoko and showed them around to classmates who hated her; Yoko became worried about an unknown stalker while also dealing with bullying from the class.

Yoko had enough and committed suicide, her death covered up when the Headmaster got involved and erased memories of her from everyone, including Nonomiya.


Role in the Story[]

First Night[]

The Spirit Camera[]

Higanbana gets Nonomiya to recover his memories of Yoko by showing him the pictures he took of her. She then summons Yoko in a revenant form to get revenge on Nonomiya. The revived Yoko learns of what Nonomiya did to her as Higanbana encourages the two to kill each other. Yoko sadly asks if her lie was really enough to warrant such treatment from him, and they both understand that it was both of their faults. They both apologize for hurting the other, with Yoko thinking her heart wasn't strong enough to ask for help.

Higanbana is dissatisfied that the two won't curse each other, and Yoko asks to return to hell so she can end the cycle of bullying and revenge that she started. The Headmaster appears to resolve the situation, and Yoko thanks Higanbana for letting her come back to life so she could apologize to Nonomiya. Nonomiya asks Headmaster to let him keep his memories of Yoko so he doesn't repeat the same mistakes.

Nonomiya uses up the last of the spirit camera film and takes a picture of himself in a bathroom mirror, revealing a human, smiling Yoko standing behind him.

One Girl's Day[]

Yoko is given the chance to relive a single school day as a human, but in exchange she'll be eaten by Higanbana. Yoko has fun at school despite being late, hurting herself and getting into the infirmary. During science class, Yoko and her friends play around while Nonomiya tells them to stop, and Yoko knocks over an anatomy model and breaks it. Her friends tell her to stay quiet but Yoko instead apologizes to Nonomiya and then to the teacher, not wanting to have a guilty conscience.

After school, Yoko meets Higanbana on the roof and accepts her fate. She transforms into a soul and prepares to be eaten, but Higanbana instead sets her free as she doesn't suit her tastes.

Second Night[]

After School[]

In this dream world, Yoko, Nonomiya, and Tomoko talk about spirit photography.