Yoigoshi/Plot Summary

Plot Summary

This page aims to provide a detailed plot summary of the visual novel version of Yoigoshi-hen.

For plot summaries of the original manga version, see the respective pages for Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Chapter List

Chapter Name (Japanese) English (Translated)
雛見沢へ To Hinamizawa
古手神社にて At the Furude Shrine
祭具殿 Saiguden
黒澤失踪 Kurosawa Disappears
魅音の謎 Mysterious Mion
乙部の秘密 Otobe’s Secret
謎の解明 Unraveling the Mystery
殺人事件の真相A The Truth About the Murder A
懺悔する乙部 Otobe Repents
園崎本家へA To the Sonozaki Main House A
姉との別れ Farewell to My Sister
殺人事件の真相B The Truth About the Murder B
敵の襲撃 Enemy Attack
園崎本家へB To the Sonozaki Main House B
誰もいなくなった No One is Here

Main Route

Kurosawa Disappears

Towada asks Arakawa to look for Takumi with her. (The player is given a choice here. They can choose to search for Takumi, which continues the good route, or they can return to the assembly hall, which leads to the bad route.)

Arakawa decides to help search for Takumi.

Bad Ending 1

Arakawa agrees to go with Mion, and Otobe decides to follow as well.

Bad Route

Arakawa says they should return to the assembly hall.

Arakawa calls out to Towada. (The player has two choices here. Choosing "Can I get you a blanket?" will lead to Bad Ending 2 while "Would you like some tea?" will lead to Bad Ending 3.)

Bad Route B

Arakawa offers to get Towada a blanket, and she agrees before noticing him trying to get near the closet. Towada quickly stands up and grabs him.

Bad Route C

Arakawa offers to get Towada some tea.

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