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June 22, 0:30 AM, Furude Shrine Part 1 (6月22日午前0時30分 古手神社① Rokugatsu Ni-juu-ni-nichi Gozen Rei-ji San-juppun—Furude Jinja: Ichi) is the fifth chapter of Yoigoshi-hen.


Yae and a still sleepy Takumi exit the meeting hall and head to their car, however Yae is shocked to see that it’s disappeared.

Alone in the warehouse, Mion comes across the Tamahajiki no Katana, saying to herself that she can’t get distracted only looking for keys. When something slams behind her, Mion thinks Otobe and Arakawa came back only to see Rika Furude's spirit standing there. Rika says she’ll help out just a little and a scroll rolls out. Rika soon disappears as Mion stands in awe.

Yae thinks back to the earlier conversation of demoning away, and a confused Takumi asks why the car’s missing. Yae yells out as something appears behind Takumi.

Otobe and Arakawa are kneeling outside the storehouse when Mion walks out, having finished her business and is heading back to the meeting hall. She thinks Rika appearing was just an illusion but thanks her nonetheless. Otobe is shocked to hear that Mion was supposed to die 20 years ago, and Arakawa asks who she really is. They then hear screaming, with Otobe concerned for Yae’s safety. Mion throws the Tamahajiki at Otobe to carry and draws her own sword, running off.