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June 22, 5:00 AM, To the Sonozaki Estate (6月22日午前5時 園崎本家へ "Rokugatsu Ni-juu-ni-nichi Gozen Go-ji—Sonozaki Honke e") is the eleventh chapter of Yoigoshi-hen.


Otobe does some self-reflection and begins to realize how beautiful the Hinamizawa scenery is. Arakawa compliments him for looking so bright now, and the group hears a car nearby. Mion says to make haste to the Sonozaki estate, as there’s a tunnel underneath they can use to escape.

After walking past many similar-looking old houses, the group comes across a large one, which they call a rich man’s mansion. Mion stops and recalls memories of Keiichi and Rena calling out to her, and she calls out their names. Otobe calls her back to reality and Mion apologizes for her strange behavior and continues her pace. Otobe thinks that perhaps Mion used to know a Satoshi person who lived in this house.

They finally reach the estate, and Mion explains the mechanism the bell is supposed to be hidden in. The bell’s inside of a scroll that will be unrolled when the Tamahajiki no Katana is placed into an adorned scabbard. After they get the bell, they’ll escape through the underground well and come out of a storehouse in the forest. Mion opens the gate and reveals more black-suited armed men led by Mifune.

It's explained that many years ago, Akane Sonozaki was leading the family after her husband’s death despite lacking the bell, and one day she was attacked. Akane was hospitalized, and Mion learned from Kasai that Mifune, the leader of the rival group, was behind it. Mion was supposed to take over the family when the boss died, but since she was too young Akane took her place instead. Mifune plans to get rid of Akane and take control himself.

Mion derides Mifune for betraying the group. Mifune says she's still too young and demands the bell, and Mion gives a sarcastic response instead. Mifune gives the kill order to his men. Mion dispatches some of them and takes someone else's sword to begin dual-wielding.