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This page contains a plot summary of the event Years of Infidelity.


Sekai Saionji arrives to the Okinomiya Station when she receives a call from Setsuna Kiyoura. She wonders where Sekai had gone after having left the class group in the school trip, only to be told she'd be meeting Makoto Ito for a date just the two of them. But he wasn't even supposed to be there, he was sick. Setsuna warns Sekai she is just going to get her feelings hurt again, although to no avail.

In Hinamizawa, the Club members are excited debating about a tv drama they were watching. Apparently, two girls become bitter enemies due to a lover affair. Rena Ryuugu and Mion Sonozaki talk about how if they fell for the same guy, they wouldn't pursue him and both claim they'd step aside for the other. Friendship is more important than love. Although the others comment that it's not necessarily that simple in practice. When asked about what Rika Furude and Satoko Houjou would do if they fall for the same man, Rika says she doesn't really understand the idea of falling for a man, maybe some admiration at best. Satoko comments that if Rika fell for someone, she'd do her best to get in his way. Meanwhile, Rika says anyone who wants to date Satoko would need to be approved by her. The others comment she has a face of instant rejection. Meanwhile, Satoko adds if someone wanted to get to Rika, he'd need to get through all her traps first. Miyuki Akasaka knows the ending of the drama, and believes everyone will be really surprised since the tragic direction seems unexpected by all girls there.

Setsuna ends up going to Okinomiya to bring back Sekai, although she really doesn't like that entire situation. When she arrives there, she remembers how she had heard her mother talking Hinamizawa and the Great Hinamizawa Disaster before. Okinomiya itself was supposed to be mostly deserted nowadays due to the impacts of that. There were also the groups that went to Hinamizawa once the "ghost town" was finally reopened, and it's said that people disappeared there. Still, what freaked her out is that this Okinomiya seemed completely normal. In the outskirts, towards Hinamizawa, she could see farmers working too. On the other hand, her cellphone isn't working.

She stumbles upon a Tsukuyami, and is saved in the last moment by Miyuki, Nao Houtani and Kazuho Kimiyoshi. She quickly understands she actually was in a Hinamizawa of the past. The other girls were from 1993, while she was from further into the future. Setsuna talks about how her best friend Sekai was called to Okinomiya by Makoto Ito, and so she followed her. She also briefly talks about Makoto to them - someone who flirts with everyone, even boys if they're cute, and can keep relationships with multiple girls at once. Complete trash from Nao's point of view - reminding her of her own unfaithful father.

Tamurahime no Mikoto contacts them through Setsuna's cellphone and they learn there's some kind of disturbance in the junkyard. Getting there, Kazuho briefly sees a long haired girl who quickly disappears and then they meet Sekai, scratched up, seemingly attacked by something. She apparently doesn't remember how she ended up there though. Tamurahime quickly calls the group again - there was a presence in the Hinamizawa Branch School. The group heads there, just to see Rena and Mion going crazy, holding Keiichi Maebara's arms with strange eyes.

They were pulling his arms, claiming to want to play games with him or go to the treasure mountain after kyute things, but putting so much force into it his arms were cracking. The long haired girl was there too, mumbling about how everyone would do anything for love, and the people who said they wouldn't are just lying. Everyone is just like her. Miyuki somehow is taken in by the situation and goes crazy too, attempting to split Keiichi in two, claiming it's the only solution, but a slap brings her back to normal. Finally, a black card appears from the girl - seemingly causing that whole scenario. The Mei trio summon their Role Cards and materialize weapons to destroy it, ending the chaos.

Everyone goes back to normal. The long haired girl is Kotonoha Katsura, another person from Setsuna's world, like Sekai. Tamurahime confirms that Makoto Ito, who supposedly called Kotonoha and Setsuna, is still back in their world though. They'd need to wait a few days to return, but the incident was over, and they could just rest for a few days in Hinamizawa.