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This article is about a character in Higurashi When They Cry.
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This article or section contains untagged spoilers for Higurashi When They Cry up to Tsumihoroboshi-hen. Readers who have not completed this arc are advised not to proceed further.

Yae Towada (十和田 八重 Towada Yae) is a woman who visits Hinamizawa with her boyfriend Takumi Kurosawa to do some sightseeing. She appears in the manga-exclusive arc Yoigoshi-hen and its visual novel adaptation.


She was interested in Hinamizawa, whose closure had been lifted, and drove there with her companion. She met Arakawa and others just before preparing to go home. She has a shy and gentle personality.

(Translated from Entergram's Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou website.)


Yae has short dark hair and wears a skirt. Her console sprite has pink hair and clothes.


Yae may seem happy on the outside but she's very afraid of Takumi's abusive behavior and recoils anytime he does anything.


Yae and Takumi used to genuinely love each other and had a good relationship, however after graduating college Takumi struggled to keep a job while Yae was always paying his bills. One day, Yae talked with Takumi about her friends' negative opinions of him while he was drinking and he started beating her up, apologizing afterwards. Yae and Takumi's relationship continued to be abusive, and Yae kept living with him because of her fond memories and because he would always apologize.

Yae eventually grew tired of Takumi's constant abuse and invited him to visit Hinamizawa with her so she can kill him.



Yae first appears in the prologue where she and Takumi prepare to drive to Hinamizawa. After arriving at the village they take shelter at the Furude Shrine meeting hall from the rain. Takumi gets drunk and asks Yae to drink with him, getting angry when she refuses. Takumi soon falls asleep and Yae meets Otobe and Mion, who ask to have shelter as well. Ryuunosuke Arakawa soon appears to tell everyone of a car full of people who've committed suicide and asks to call the police, however Yae is unable to call since her phone is out of range.

The rest of the group heads to the ritual storehouse and Yae stays behind to watch Takumi. They pack up and return to their car to leave, however Yae discovers that their car is missing. She then sees a figure sneaking up behind Takumi and screams out. The group exits the ritual storehouse to check on Yae, and she explains that someone's kidnapped Takumi.

Unable to call the police, the group returns to the meeting hall where Otobe discovers Takumi's corpse inside the closet. After a brief dispute, Mion determines that Takumi was dead all along and Yae is responsible, as she's the only one who ever heard Takumi speaking while everyone else has only ever seen him "sleeping." Yae confesses that she did indeed kill Takumi, having strangled him long before everyone arrived. She explains her reasons why but Ryuunosuke believes she has another motive, and Mion calls Takumi's ghost to give some parting words to Yae. Takumi says he wanted to fix their relationship as Yae listens in denial, but her tone changes once she finds a job acceptance letter inside Takumi's pocket. Takumi's ghost disappears and Yae breaks down in tears, wanting to talk with him some more.

The group determines that Yae wasn't lying about being attacked and soon become surrounded by black-suited men, which Mion takes care of. Mion explains her side of things and sets off to the Sonozaki estate, however Yae asks to stay behind with Takumi so she can think things through. Mion gives her a gun for self-defense.

Kasai later arrives to the meeting hall, and Yae guides him and his men to the Sonozaki estate where Mion has already taken care of Mifune's men and retrieved the bell. Yae has talked things out one last time with Takumi and plans to turn herself in as the first step of her new life, soon heading back to civilization with everyone else.