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This article is about a character in Rose Guns Days.

Xiaolan (小蘭 Xiǎolán (CH)) is a quiet, agile girl who assists Lee Meijiu and the Golden Dragon Society as a spy. She first appears in Season 2.


Xiaolan has short black hair bangs and hair tied into a long thin braid. She wears a purple cloak over a pink long-sleeved shirt. She has a red dragon tattoo on her stomach. Xiaolan's full body art shows that she wears long socks and black shoes.


Xiaolan rarely ever speaks and instead uses her actions to express herself. She typically acts very serious but when offered moon cakes, she gets excited.


Xiaolan suffered from a high fever as a young girl that resulted in her voice becoming very hoarse, which is why she barely speaks. After living most of her life in the alleys she started to work for Meijiu.



Season 2

Xiaolan is first introduced in 1948 watching Zel from afar. After reporting to Meijiu, she tracks the Wandering Dogs and continues to observe Zel. Zel then notices Xiaolan winking at her and becomes alerted to nearby henchmen pulling out guns.

Season 3

Xiaolan meets with Zel and guides her to a secret GDS hideout where Zel's father is being held. It's revealed that Xiaolan was appointed by Meijiu to keep an eye on Zel, who was actually the assassin Hotarubi, to ensure that she wouldn't be used against Meijiu's faction. The earlier incident with Xiaolan winking to Zel was actually a ploy for Hotarubi to fight fake assassins and earn favor with Rose; Zel had lost her memories and regained them after seeing Xiaolan.

After Zel is told to kill Rose and fails to do it, Xiaolan guides Zel and the Wandering Dogs to meet Meijiu for the purposes of rescuing Zel's father. Xiaolan helps them prepare for the heist.

In 1949, Xiaolan helps defend Meijiu and Meixue from mysterious attackers sent by Gabriel.

Last Season

Xiaolan and several Chinese men are sent to capture Jin Wangyong, a man who forged GDS documents that implicates them in Stella's death. Xiaolan enters Jin's room to find that he'd been killed by a sniper, using the nearby evidence to determine where their position was.

Xiaolan acts as a bodyguard for Zilong when Richard requests a meeting with him and helps Zilong escape when his body double is sniped. Xiaolan later does surveillance around GHQ and discovers that Butler may know the true mastermind behind Stella's death and is under house arrest, informing Meijiu and helping Alan to attempt a rescue.

Xiaolan later joins Jeanne when she prepares to fight Primavera. During the final battle Xiaolan engages Keith in a bell tower and almost gets thrown out of a window, getting saved by Alan. Alan and Keith then start wrestling and fall out of the window themselves, with Xiaolan trying to help them survive the fall by kicking them in a different direction.