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This article is about the in-universe organization. For the real-life translation group, see Witch Hunt.
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This article is about an organization in Umineko When They Cry.

The Rokkenjima Witch Hunt (六軒島ウィッチハント Rokkenjima U~itchi Hanto), also known as simply the Witch Hunt or Witch Hunters, are a group of enthusiasts dedicated to researching the Rokkenjima Mass Murders from an occult perspective. They are first introduced in Alliance of the Golden Witch.


Shortly after the Rokkenjima Mass Murders, two message bottles were discovered that appeared to be written by Maria Ushiromiya. They both described the Ushiromiya Family members and servants on Rokkenjima getting murdered, but each bottle told of different events and featured Eva Ushiromiya dying, who in real life was the lone survivor of the incident. The mysteries surrounding the incident and these message bottles garnered public interest towards the Rokkenjima Mass Murders, and thus the Witch Hunt was born.

Many members of the Witch Hunt are dedicated to collecting materials related to the Ushiromiya family in an attempt to uncover the truth, but others have taken to writing their own message bottles describing what happened and passing them off as truth.

Known Members