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The Interview Tape story has not been fully translated. There may be more to this character that isn't already known.

Witch Hunter Mikami (ウィッチハンター三神)[1], formerly known as Mystery Hunter Mikami (ミステリーハンター三上), is a character who appears exclusively in the port of A Certain Witch Hunter's Interview Tape featured in Symphony of Catbox and Dreams.


In these days where many people have negative views of the Ushiromiya gold, he believes in the existence of it. He believes in learning the truth from people's "hearts". He loves his wife and watches, and seems to have a large collection of the latter.

(Translated from Entergram's Umineko Saku website.)


Mikami has black hair and black glasses. He wears a black suit, tie and shoes.


A Certain Witch Hunter's Interview Tape

Mikami appears.


  • Mikami has a similar appearance to Wang Yuanhong from Ryukishi07's other work Rose Guns Days. Mikami's voice actor, Takuya Tsukamoto, even played Wang in the stage play adaptation of Rose Guns Days Season 2. According to the 07th Party 7 livestream, Ryukishi liked his performance in the stage play so much that he got him to voice a part.
    • The similarities are increased as, according to Mikami's profile, he loves watches. Wang has an obsession with clocks.


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