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This article is about the real-life translation group. For the in-universe organization, see Witch Hunters.

The logo for The Witch Hunt

"Actually, in the new work that was only recently published, "Umineko no Naku Koro ni EP4 Alliance of the Golden Witch", there is a scene where a cultured college professor challenging the Legend of the Rokkenjima Witch calls himself a "Witch Hunter".
We borrowed this name out of respect for the name of your website, “THE WITCH HUNT”.
Ryukishi07 in his letter to Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt, known as The Witch Hunt in the Umineko credits, is a translation group responsible for the English fan-translations of Umineko When They Cry and Rose Guns Days. They were also hired by MangaGamer for the official English release of Umineko, which contains a full edit of their previous translation along with a port of the visual novel to the Ponscripter engine. They are currently working with 07th Expansion on the simultaneous English release of Ciconia When They Cry, and have expressed intent to translate Umineko no Naku Koro ni Saku.

The team was sent a letter by Ryukishi07 in recognition of their efforts during the fan-translation of Umineko. Their name was also used by Ryukishi07 in Alliance of the Golden Witch as the name for the in-story organisation dedicated to researching the 1986 Rokkenjima Incident from an occult perspective.

Team Members

Original Team (as on their website):

  • Head Translator/Web: chronotrig
  • Graphics/Editing: Klashikari, Usagi Tenpura
  • Editing: Squirrellord, crazysjd89
  • Onscripter Engine: Mion
  • Mac OSX Support: Roto
  • Windows Installer: Message

Official Umineko When They Cry release team (according to the credits):

  • English Translation/Scripting: chronotrig
  • Text and Image Editing: Klashikari
  • Text Editor: SquirrelLord, crazysjd89
  • High-Res Graphics/Illustration Editor: UsagiTenpura
  • Ponscripter Engine Support: Uncle Mion
  • Special Thanks: OIZUMI

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