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This article or section contains untagged major spoilers for all of Umineko no Naku Koro ni, possibly including the manga. Readers who have not completed the story are advised not to proceed further.

Witch (魔女 Majo) is a term that indicates, from an imaginary point of view, a human being skilled in using magic who has ascended to a higher plane of existence and is therefore capable of existing outside the physical world. Witches represent a concept or an ideology particularly linked to their human version, which is capable of existing independently of the witch version.

Becoming a Witch

Despite the word witch being associated with the female figure, any human being regardless of gender can become and be recognized as a witch. Having said that, the way in which someone can develop their witch side takes two points of view: the fantasy one and the reality one.

Fantasy View

In the Meta-World and in the game boards, all the human beings involved can learn to use magic to a certain extent to develop particular skills capable of empowering them, but few can ascend to witch level. The methods by which this happens vary depending on the person and the mechanics involved:

  • Recognition: A human who becomes in all respect a witch by being recognized by other humans and/or similar witches by signing, in a sacred register, their witch's name with consequent titles related to the type of magic they use. Sometimes it is customary to organize a special ceremony in which even high ranking and powerful witches are present to celebrate this special occasion.
  • Inheritance: Witches can pass on their titles and powers to other witches or human beings.
  • Solving and winning the game board: A human being who has become a witch's piece on a board of the latter has the chance to become a witch if they can solve all the challenges and/or mysteries and discover the answers.

Reality View

Some humans like Yasuda (Beatrice), Maria Ushiromiya (Lady MARIA) and, to some extent, Ange Ushiromiya (ANGE-Beatrice) can imagine being witches as a way to cope with their difficulties.

Others, like Chiyo Kumasawa (Virgilia) and Rosa Ushiromiya (The Black Witch), can be considered as witches by other people who believe in the existence of magic as an allusion to their significant role in their lives or to a specific side of their personality.

Finally, some human beings like Eva Ushiromiya (EVA-Beatrice), Ikuko Hachijo (Featherine Augustus Aurora) and Battler Ushiromiya/Tohya Hachijo (Lord BATTLER) can be considered as witches because of a certain significant influence or power that can affect the real world (such as the pure simple economic wealth used for obtaining everything one wants or the ability to create a series of stories based on events like the Rokkenjima Massacre).


Not all witches are the same and/or practice the same magic as the others. In fact, each witch is cataloged based on the magic they use.

Notable witches and sorcerers:

  • Beatrice: Golden and Endless Witch (黄金と無限の魔女)
  • Kinzo Ushiromiya: Goldsmith (ゴールドスミス)
  • Virgilia:
    • Golden Witch (黄金の魔女) (former)
    • Endless Witch (無限の魔女) (former)
    • Finite Witch (有限の魔女)
  • EVA-Beatrice: Golden and Endless Witch (黄金と無限の魔女)
  • ANGE-Beatrice:
    • Golden and Endless Witch (黄金と無限の魔女)
    • Witch of Truth (真実の魔女)
    • Witch of Resurrection (反魂の魔女)
  • Erika Furudo: Witch of Truth (真実の魔女)
  • Lord BATTLER:
    • Golden Sorcerer (黄金の魔術師)
    • Endless Sorcerer (無限の魔術師)
  • Piece: Witch of Pieces/Witch of the Piece (駒の魔女)


Special witches so powerful that they can travel between various domains, as well as visit millions of fragments and billions of different parallel kakeras. All the witches that fall into this category are considered to be among the most powerful, and most of them were born/created like this rather than became one over time.

Notable witches:


Very uncommon witches of immeasurably divine powers, they have the power to literally create something from nothing (from 0 to 1). Many Voyagers have the potential to become Creators but for some reason they fear this possibility. Their magic is comparable to the powers of a god and each of them is potentially capable of creating entire galaxies, if they are well trained.

Notable witches:

  • Lady MARIA: Witch of Origins (原初の魔女)
  • Featherine Augustus Aurora: Witch of Theatergoing, Drama, and Spectating (観劇と戯曲と傍観の魔女)
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