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Wisdom (叡智 Eichi) are mysterious objects, mostly taking the form of geometric shapes and given numerical designations. Vier Dreissig and her subordinates dedicate their time to "translating" Wisdom and unlocking their secrets.

Known Wisdom[]


Featured in Phase 1, Chapter 12, it is a small stellated truncated dodecahedron weighing 403 grams and made of a silver-colored metal that can probably be divided into 381 parts by 99.999% of humanity throughout recorded history. According to Seshat, Vier needs it to examine "The Third Missing-Link".


A triakis icosahedron. It appears in Phase 1, Chapter 21 where Mario uses it to commit suicide through vaporization.


Although not referred to as a Wisdom, it is listed here due to its similar numbering scheme. In Phase 1, Chapter 24, it refers to the 4D-printed totems that fall from Earth's orbit and land in the oceans, contaminating drinking water worldwide and wiping out ocean life.


  • The numbers of each Wisdom seem to refer to real-life events: