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The Winchester Rifles are rifles that employ a lever action reloading mechanism. They have been specially modified for personal use by Kinzo. There are four rifles in total on Rokkenjima, and they come into possession of the cast members at several points in the story.

TIPS: Winchester M1894 Sawed off[]

The following information is from the TIPS section of Legend of the Golden Witch:

A sawed-off custom version of a rifle manufactured during the golden age of Winchesters.
This special model more than makes up for its shorter lethal range by its portability and old-time cool factor. It can even be fired as quickly as a pistol if one works the lever action skillfully enough. Furthermore, any true lover of old western dramas can't help but be attracted to the one-handed reload made possible by its characteristic level handle.

To match with Kinzo's personal preferences, it was made to handle .45 Long Colt bullets.
It holds 4+1 rounds.

Additional Information[]

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This article or section contains untagged major spoilers for all of Umineko When They Cry, possibly including the manga. Readers who have not completed the story are advised not to proceed further.

The Twilight of the Golden Witch manga goes into detail on the rifles in Kinzo's personal collection.[1] All of his rifles are of different models, though they've been sawn off. This results in a reduction in accuracy and range in exchange for an increase in portability. Furthermore, one is able to dual wield these modified rifles and perform one-handed reloads provided they are sufficiently strong and skilled. The only characters in the story shown to be capable of this are Kinzo, Kyrie, and Sayo Yasuda (although Rosa also proves more than capable of firing and reload her rifle one-handed in Golden Fantasia).

The four rifles are of the following models:

  • The M1894 is capable of firing both .45 Long Colt rounds (used for handguns) as well as .410 shotgun shells.
  • The M1897 is a shotgun that can fire the more powerful 00 buckshot. The sawed off version is extremely lethal at close range due to the spread explosion of the pellets, allowing it to be used to destroy human faces. If the amount of gunpowder is carefully controlled, it can also be used to blow off half a face.
  • The M9410 is also mentioned to be one of the rifles, though information about it is not given in the story. According to the official Winchester website, it fires .410 shotgun shells.
  • The final rifle model type is not mentioned.

There are also blank ammunition rounds available on the island, and these are sometimes loaded by Sayo into rifles later taken by family members.[2]

The Winchester rifles are represented in fantasy by the Chiesters, and the names of those seen on the gameboard follow the ammunition types available for the rifles.


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