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Bernkastel receives an anonymous letter inviting her to a tea party. This person must be a witch since they’re inviting another witch. Bern arrives at a dense forest, finding a tree stump shaped like a chair and a note offering to take a rest on it. Bern thinks it must be a trap, something to bind her in chains and drop a pie onto her head. She ignores the stump and continues into the forest, finding a table with raspberry juice on it. Another note offers a drink, and Bern thinks it’s another trap to poison her. Bern continues throughout the forest some more, coming across more traps asking her to eat fruit or play on an ivy-laced swing.

Deep in the forest, Bern comes across a house made of candy, with a note on the door congratulating her for making it this far. Bern thinks the house itself may be another trap and peeks inside it, finding Lambdadelta and Featherine chatting and drinking tea. They were debating over whether or not Bern would come. Lambda prepared all sorts of traps in the forest to welcome her, hoping that Bern would enjoy herself and enter the house. Featherine thinks otherwise, saying that ever since she was a miko, Bern was very clumsy and easily frightened; Lambda says Bern has changed ever since she started playing with her.

The witches each swear upon their titles that Bern will or won’t come, but the Witch of Miracles goes back through the forest; Featherine said she wouldn’t come, so out of spite Bern wants to join, but also doesn’t want to humor Lambda’s foolishness. She returns to the entrance of the forest, back to the tree stump chair. She sits upon it and a trap springs; Lambda and Featherine check it out, surprised to see how easily Bern fell for a trap like that. Lambda asks if Bern joyed getting a cheesecake dropped in her head, but the witch snidely replies that she would’ve given a perfect score if it were plum jam pie. The story ends with the witches finally beginning their tea party.

Background Music: くるり [About Face]

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