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This article is about a character in Rose Guns Days.

Wayne Uedera (ウェイン・上寺 Uein Uedera) is a bodyguard employed at Primavera. He has fierce loyalty towards Rose and will do whatever it takes to protect her.


That legendary advisor with a long saga was still a young man at the time.
He was originally a bouncer for Madam Rose. No, I'd rather call him a knight.
He was a juvenile delinquent who had no relatives and Rose picked him up. He felt obligated to her and thus devoted his life to her.
Nowadays, he seems like a dignified man, but back then it was the opposite.
He was like a skinny, stray dog that would go around biting everything in sight.
Leo and Wayne fought a lot, but he was probably the one I adored the most.

(Translated from the official 07th Expansion website.)


Wayne has brown hair tied into a ponytail with a purple braid. He wears a black jacket over a yellow hoodie and black finger-less gloves.

In 1948, he wears a white jacket over a black vest and purple shirt with a yellow scarf.

As an old man, Wayne has long hair and wears sunglasses with a white suit.


Wayne is very impulsive, often charging headfirst into dangerous situations. He dedicates himself to protecting Rose due to his gratefulness towards her and dislikes people like Butler who make advances on her.


Wayne is a self-proclaimed rat, having been orphaned long before World War II when his parents died. He was sent to live with relatives in the countryside and was treated poorly, being fed scraps and beaten a lot. Wayne eventually had enough and stole money from them, making his way to Tokyo and becoming the leader of a group of younger orphans. Wayne taught them the necessary skills to survive as a rat, and he was later hired by Rose to work for Primavera.



Season 1

Wayne is first introduced in 1947 when he helps Rose get away from some thugs. He starts to make acquaintances with Leo and later helps rescue Claudia when she gets kidnapped by Alfred, getting captured himself.

When Alfred plans to blow up the club, Wayne, Leo and Cyrus travel around the city wrecking his various hideouts while trying to find him but don't come up with information. Wayne punches a box in frustration, which turns out to be an important clue to Alfred's whereabouts. Wayne and his group then invade the abandoned factory Alfred's hiding out at and defeat him.

After Caleb takes over City 23 and Rose refuses to join him, Rose starts to have regrets over her answer. She asks Wayne to drive her to GHQ to get Butler's help but they get attacked by Caleb's men, with Rose captured and tortured by Miguel. Rose is saved in the end but Wayne blames himself for failing to protect her and abandons the club.

Wayne later reunites with Leo and asks to be trained by him, wanting to become a better man to better protect Rose. Leo and Wayne then help Rose escape from Claudia's restaurant when Caleb's men attack and engage them in a shootout.

In the present day of 2012, Wayne is shown to still be alive and working as Advisor Uedera and is the Consigliere for Jeanne.

Season 2

Wayne is taken hostage by Miguel and gets beaten up for information on Rose's whereabouts, however Wayne doesn't budge. He later escapes with Claudia and rushes to help Rose when she's called to meet Miguel alone at the pier. A firefight ensues between Wayne and Miguel's men, and Wayne is presumably killed when a grenade blows up a car and makes wreckage fall on him.

Wayne actually survived and dove into the sea, being arrested by military police and soon released with Butler's help. He suddenly reappears as Rose prepares a final attack on Caleb, much to her dismay at believing she caused his death.

Rose's group finally attacks Caleb's hideout in the finale of 1947, and Wayne engages Miguel in a bloody fight and beats him.

In 1948, Wayne continues working as a bodyguard for Rose and becomes the leader of a new group called the Wild Dogs. After Zel is taken in, Wayne has Oliver, Charles and Nina show her around. When Rose enters talks with the GDS about forming a Japanese employment agency, Wayne puts out an order to stop fights between Japanese and Chinese people from breaking out, as they don't want to make the GDS look weak. The Wild Dogs then investigate and discover a backdoor employment agency operating in Chinatown and bring the evidence to Wayne. Impressed with their work, Wayne renames the Wild Dogs into the Wandering Dogs and allows them be bodyguards for Rose.

Wayne and the Wandering Dogs later escort Rose to a meeting with the Satomi Alliance regarding soy sauce distribution, and Wayne reunites with Caleb and Miguel, who had survived. Assassins later attack them at a bar, where Wayne helps protect Rose.

In 2012, Uedera is asked to give his side of Rose's story and starts talking about the Soy Sauce War.

You know very well what a mad dog Wayne is now.
He really does a great job as a consultant to Harukaze.
He's a good grandfather now, with a grandson and a hobby in gardening.
You know what happened in those days, so you should be able to tell us a little about it.

(Translated from the official 07th Expansion website.)

Season 3

The Wandering Dogs discover that Wang is flooding the market with cheap soy sauce, and they relay this information to Wayne. To commend them for their work, he invites them to Rose's next Pasta Gathering. However, Zel turns out to be an assassin sent by Wang to kill Rose. Zel is unable to carry through with the assassination and runs off, and when Wayne hears of this he tells the other Wandering Dogs about it. Since Rose ordered him not to kill Zel, Wayne instead kicks her out of the Wandering Dogs and demands that she leave the city.

Despite being faced with someone who tried to kill the one he looks up to, Wayne eases up on Zel a little bit. He later takes Rose to Wang's restaurant for her final meeting with him as Zel and the rest of the Wandering Dogs sneak in to rescue Zel's father. Wayne has heard of their plan beforehand and offers some assistance to ensure it goes well.

Ever though the Wandering Dogs showed some excellent work, Wayne disbands them in the end; Zel and her father go into hiding in a distant country as Oliver, Charles and Nina return to the Wild Dogs.

In 1949, Wayne starts investigating a man named Davis Degawa, who's trying to oppose Primavera's plans for a citywide distribution association. He meets Alan and Keith, two assassins hired to take out Davis, and later escorts Richard to meet with Alfred to discuss his backing of Davis.

Rose goes to give a speech regarding the distribution association and Wayne acts as a bodyguard, soon having to fend off mysterious men that attack them. Rose gets gravely wounded and has to undergo surgery, and Wayne and Meryl resolve to do their best for her.

Last Season

Ever since the attack, Wayne hadn't left Rose's side for a moment as her personal bodyguard.
I'm sure he was always keeping a mad dog's eye out for the possibility that the "mysterious assailant" who was targeting Madam Rose might extend his clutches to the far reaches of the city.
But what was most unfortunate for him was that his sense of smell failed to detect the true enemy.
The death of his compatriots, and "that incident" with the Wild Dog....
Even he was still young.........

(Translated from the official 07th Expansion website.)

Rose survives the operation and starts recovering, with Wayne acting as her bodyguard throughout 1950. While out in the city, Wayne reunites with Leo and the Wandering Dogs and meets Jeanne, who want to rescue Rose after realizing that Richard is purposefully keeping her hidden. Wayne decides to help them and then starts gearing up for a final battle with Primavera.

In 2012, Uedera explains more of his relationship with Jeanne and later acts as Julie's advisor when she starts preparing to become Primavera's new leader.