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This page aims to provide a summary of the TIPS featured in Watanagashi.

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Who's Mion's Uncle?[]

Mion tells the club she got called in to her part-time job at her uncle’s shop. Keiichi asks if the club is cancelled for the day and Mion says they can continue without her if they wish. Keiichi declines. Rika then tells Mion that the teacher is looking for the key to the gym storehouse. Mion checks her pockets for the key, thinking that she had returned it, but finds it there. Satoko then proclaims that she knew Mion had it, with Rika then claiming they both were right. Mion, annoyed, elbows Satoko and Rika and heads to the teachers’ lounge.

Keiichi then asks if Mion and Rika had heard about Mion’s job and tells them that she isn’t coming to the club. Rika and Satoko are disappointed. Keiichi notes to himself that Mion’s job doesn’t seem to have a regular schedule. Rika then says that she isn’t working at only one store, and that she has many uncles and relatives who run businesses and that she goes and helps them out as needed.

Rika remarks that some of the businesses are unsavory, mentioning a loanshark, to which Keiichi notes that that must be why Mion is so fussy about returning money she lends. Rika replies that she once forgot to pay Mion back and that Mion threatened to throw her into the red-light district, and that it would be the end of her. Satoko fails to understand the implication and says that sounds like a silly way to die. Rika and Keiichi pat Satoko and call her a good girl.

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Is There Really a Shion?[]

Keiichi asks Satoko if Mion has any siblings. Satoko responds that she may or may not, and that she has only met her grandmother before and suggests he ask Rika as she may know more. Satoko then waves to Rika and asks if she knows anything about Mion’s family. Rika, surprised, says Mion has a large family and that she doesn’t know everything about them. Keiichi then asks if she knows of Shion and if she exists. Rika responds that she does, saying Shion is Mion’s younger twin but that she hasn’t met her too many times.

Keiichi then says Shion may go to school in Okinomiya, with Satoko then saying she may live there, as Mion lives apart from her family with her grandmother. Mion then enters the conversation, embarrassed, and confirms she has a younger sister. Satoko says she would like to meet her and Mion responds she’s not cute at all and that she hasn’t seen her in quite a while.

Keiichi, however, still thinks to himself that Mion and Shion are the same person.

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An Introduction to Angel Mort[]

This TIP is a review of Angel Mort taken from The Victorious War Photograher’s Guide, April issue “Complete Conquest Analysis (Family Restaurant Chapter)”

The review notes that Angel Mort is famous but is located far from the center of human population. They're said to have the best desserts in town, but the guide is more interested in the uniforms of the waitresses. The writer then recommends the smoking areas. The tactics of the photographer to best optimize his chances at getting a photo are mentioned, but he fails to get a good shot. The text then notes that there is a giveaway of the Hunter’s photographs taken at the Angel Mort.

It Was Delicious[]

Keiichi returns the bento box he received from Shion to Mion. Mion is confused at first but Keiichi explains. Mion then asks what Keiichi thought, and he tells her the two are alike and that the food was delicious.

Mion hears a clattering noise from inside the box and opens it to reveal a handful of candies. Keiichi, embarrassed, says his mother told him to do it. Mion says she will thank Shion for him, seeming somewhat hurt.

Rena, Satoko, and Rika enter, with the former two noticing Mion’s face; Rena says she looks cozy while Satoko suggests Mion must have a fever. Rika rubs Satoko’s head and says that she will soon catch fevers herself.

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Details of the Delinquent Three[]

The scene opens in the police station with the delinquents protesting being detained. Ooishi tells Kumagai to let go of their arms and has them sit. Ooish tells them they haven’t been arrested and orders Kumagai to get drinks. Ooishi and the three drink the beer.

Ooishi then asks where they came from, saying they’re not local. The delinquents protest, then Ooishi notes that if they were local the residents of Hinamizawa wouldn’t have reacted; when one villager is bullied the whole village gets involved, and that if Hinamizawa residents give you a glare you’ll be demoned away. Ooishi thinks that if they had gotten there later, they may have found the men dead.

The delinquents answer that they got there by bike. Ooishi warns that if they go back they may be ganged up on, so he offers to collect them if they give him the license numbers. They refuse at first and argue they'll collect them anyway, but as they just drank the beer, Ooishi says he’ll have them arrested for drunk driving.

The delinquents are hesitant to give the numbers and claim they had just bought them and could not remember. Ooishi then commands Kumagai to go get the bikes and look up the numbers. The delinquents' faces drop and they try to leave but are surrounded by officers, revealing that they had stolen the bikes.

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It Hasn't Been a While[]

A car arrives and picks up Shion and Keiichi and drives them into Hinamizawa. Keiichi asks Shion questions about her and Mion being twins, and Shion says they used to switch places frequently when they were younger and tricked people.

The car stops near Keiichi’s house and Kasai helps him get his bike out of the trunk. Kasai tells Keiichi he must be having difficulties because of Shion, but they will end soon so he must endure until then. Kasai says Shion like Mion is a kind person at heart. Shion says goodbye to Keiichi and the car drives off.

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From the Scrapbook I[]

<Oyashiro-sama’s Curse>

Details the history of Oyashiro-sama’s anger and its relation to Onigafuchi Village. A curse befalls the residents when he is angry; though it is rarely stated what the curse is, it is described that “All hell will break loose” and that all villagers will be killed.

The text highlights the similarities between other religions and their stories of the apocalypse. The conditions for inciting the curse are said to be likely the taboos of the village, and when Oyashiro-sama is angered by the violation of the taboo, they performed a sacrificial ritual.

From the Scrapbook II[]

<The Human Sacrifice Ritual>

The text describes the sacrificial ritual, involving the drowning of sacrifices into Onigafuchi Swamp. The process was said to occur over three days and nights, with the process being highly symbolic of the ‘submerging’ of Oyashiro-sama’s anger.

The text argues that there must have been techniques to delay the bodies sinking. None of these are recorded, but it's suggested that logs could have been used to create a raft and that the sacrifice would be hung with ropes and sunk over time from scaffolding. The text then mentions that the ritual implements would possibly be honored and enshrined.

From the Scrapbook III[]

<Implements Used For the Ritual>

The text gives background to ritual tools and notes that some are enshrined at the Furude Shrine and the property of the Three Families, but notes that they are decorative. The text states that many rituals were lost at the end of the Edo era. However, the text argues that the original implements must exist and are enshrined away from public view.

The text then suggests the implements are not far from the assembly hall or from the presence of people, and that a once well-locked door has been replaced with a cheap padlock and that an unidentified "he" may be able to do something about the lock. The author of the text writes that they will not give up and that the night where it becomes a blindspot to the villagers, Watanagashi, is approaching.

Festival's Around the Corner[]

Komiyama, Kumagai, and other detectives are celebrating after the setting up of the festival and talk about getting a good night's rest before the festival tomorrow. The narrator then speaks the differences between those who attend the festival and those who set it up and prepare for it, and the difficulties the latter group can face.

Ooishi and the section chief then enter, and Ooishi congratulates the group for their work and tells them to be at ease. The detectives thank him. The narrator then speaks about Ooishi stating that he looks like an old man but that he was a real fighter in his youth, and that he is more dignified than the section chief.

Ooishi tells the detectives that they are expecting another incident like last year and that they must focus on preventing any crimes; it is best to assume that an incident will occur, and that someone will die and someone will go missing. Ooishi then states that it is important that it doesn’t go past the night of the festival and that they can pursue what does occur that night, and that they defeat the ghost of the curse.

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From the Scrapbook IV[]


Text describing the history of Watanagashi festival. Details the history of the village capturing a sacrifice and dissecting and devouring them.

It's said to take place at intervals, but the rules determining the intervals are mysterious as the ceremony happened irregularly: some claim it has relation to astrological fortune-telling, but that is not convincing. The text also describes the story of half-man half-demon transcendents.

The text hypothesises that the ritual was a political event for the outlet of the isolated villagers in Onigafuchi, perhaps explaining why the ritual occurred irregularly.

From the Scrapbook V[]

<The Alleged Importance of the Implements>

Text discussing the implements. It opens saying that the author has not discovered a concrete description of the implements, but that they were real and varied, with one source stating there were two hundred used in the Watanagashi alone. The author questions why there are so many, given they believe they were for dissection and restraining, and that tools usually evolve to meet a demand but stop advancing once they meet it.

The author then notes that the tools may have evolved and diversified for the sake of entertainment, hypothesising that the dissection of the human could be seen as entertainment and that the Three Families would invent new implements to keep spectators entertained. The author then notes excitedly that it isn’t long until the Watanagashi and that they will reveal the secrets of the instruments kept within the storehouse.

After the Festival[]

The scene opens at the police station where tensions are strained late on the night of the festival. Kumagai and another person burst into the silent room, announcing to Ooishi that they received autopsy results and that they're is heading straight for the location of the burned body. Ooishi then tells Kumagai that the situation is complicated and that they are unable as of yet to determine the identity of the victim. Kumagai asks if the victim had been dismembered and Ooishi replies that the entire body had been burned and blackened, then discarded outside the prefecture.

Ooishi then states that Komiyama and some others are performing a raid on the local dentist, hoping that the teeth on the corpse match dental records. Kumagai then says that they did a good job finding the victim this year and wonders if others who had disappeared had been outside the prefecture too. Ooishi then questions why the culprit didn't bury the body or hide it more thoroughly, stating that the body had been cooked inside an oil drum and likely had been strangled before hand.

Kumagai then questions if they didn’t want someone to disappear this year. Ooishi notes that the culprit seemed to have wanted to draw attention. Ooishi then wonders if they were trying to send a warning or if they were trying to conceal the body by not placing it in Hinamizawa. Another detective then takes a phone call and tells Ooishi that Komiyama has called: they've matched the teeth to one on record at the dentist.

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From the Scrapbook VI[]

<The Significance of Watanagashi>

Notes that the festival is remarkable but also a source of entertainment, the author writing that it may be the dissonance between the egregiousness of the act and its value as entertainment and its relation to the belief in transcendence. The author then details sources that mention that even residents were scared of the ritual and that women and children would grow ill and that the ritual was obligatory viewin.

This problematises the view that the author previously had that the ritual was a way for the participants to make themselves feel and seem holier than outsiders. The author then hypothesises that the ritual served as a warning for the villagers to follow religious rules, specifically those created by those in power. The text ends by mentioning the Three Families with the author noting they won’t reach any further without investigating them.

From the Scrapbook VII[]

<The Three Families>

Details the history of the three old families that came to rule Onigafuchi. The three families are composed of the Kimiyoshi family, the Furude family and the Sonozaki family, with the three still existing.

They are said to be those within which the demon blood is strongest. The Kimiyoshi family is said to have once held great power as the head of the Three Families, but no longer does, though the current mayor of the village is from the family (Kiichirou Kimiyoshi), with members of the family elected mayor each generation, seemingly as a remnant of the old system.

The Furude family are the centre of the village’s faith and guardians of the sole shrine, once seen to represent the voice of Oyashiro, but now has lost most of its power and only consists of the main house, with Rika being the only daughter remaining, there is a tradition of honouring the females of the family.

The Sonozaki family are said to have held a police-like role in the protection of the religious precepts of the village. Historically they were the weakest family, but currently are the most powerful, with the head of the family, Oryou, described as controlling the goings-on of the village.

Late-Night Phone Call[]

Scene of a Kimiyoshi family member calling someone and asking if their ‘old man’ was visiting them at the moment, the man then apologises for calling so late and thanks the person on the other end of the line and hangs up. A woman can then be heard saying “No good.” while the Kimiyoshi relays worry about the old man not calling. The woman then asks if he has called everyone whom he plays Go with.

The phone rings and Mion can be heard asking if they had found the mayor. The man answers that they haven’t despite calling everyone. Mion replies that she hasn’t found him either and then tells the man that her Nana said to get the men of the village to search for him. The man protests, but Mion claims that they should be more cautious due to Watanagashi and if they cannot find him they should alert the police in the morning. The man then agrees to search and alert the police in the morning if he cannot be found.

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From the Scrapbook VIII[]

Their Punishment Isn't Over?[]

From the Scrapbook IX[]

The Elderly Leader of the Sonozaki Family?[]

From the Scrapbook X[]

Request Denied[]

From the Scrapbook XI[]

At the Suzu Mahjong Parlor[]