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Watadamashi-hen Part 3 (綿騙し編 其の参 Watadamashi-hen Sonosan, Cotton-Deceiving Chapter Part 3) is the sixth chapter of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou and the third chapter in Watadamashi-hen.


Rika happily says she’s found Keiichi after grabbing onto him. The other club members follow. Mion asks Keiichi if he met Shion at all today, and he denies it. She also asks if he saw Tomitake or Takano, and Keiichi denies that too, thinking he can’t let Mion know they trespassed into the ritual storehouse. Mion grabs Keiichi and says they need to do the cotton drifting, making Keiichi think of Takano's gruesome story.

At the river, Ooishi suddenly appears. Mion tries to ignore him but Ooishi tells Keiichi that Mion is part of the Sonozaki family, a yakuza group, and she can have people killed without leaving a trace. Keiichi defends Mion and says she would never do things like that. Ooishi then asks if Keiichi met Shion, Tomitake, or Takano that night. Keiichi denies it, wondering why Ooishi asked the same thing as Mion, and the detective replies he *knows* Keiichi met them earlier and walks off. Keiichi is horrified that someone saw the trespassing, and Mion says to just ignore everything he says. Mion gives a strange look in Ooishi's direction and says that she’ll always be on Keiichi’s side no matter what.

Watadamashi ch3 shion hangup

Keiichi goes home that night and gets a call from Shion, who asks if he saw Tomitake and Takano at all ever since they left the storehouse. Keiichi gets concerned since everyone was asking that question and asks why Shion wants to know. Shion says Tomitake and Takano have gone missing: Witnesses say they stole a vehicle from the festival parking lot and drove off in it. Shion believes they ran away because they knew they were in danger from the curse, and that she and Keiichi are next. Keiichi swears that he wasn’t interested in trespassing and never wanted to be involved. He blames Shion for dragging him into this and yells at her about how she’s going to make up for it when Shion suddenly hangs up.

The next day at school, the teacher Chie tells the class that Mayor Kimiyoshi has been missing since yesterday and that all the students should leave school in groups when they go home. Keiichi is confused since the mayor should have nothing to do with the trespassing. Rika also seems concerned. At lunch, Rika excuses herself and says she’ll go home since her stomach hurts. Keiichi gets up and begins to go after her when Mion stops him, saying that Rika will be fine but Mion is more worried about him. Keiichi thanks her for caring and goes after Rika.

Watadamashi ch3 rika eyes spread

"Everything is over."

Keiichi goes outside and calls out to Rika that they should walk home together when Rika starts cackling. Rika says that no matter what Keiichi did, this world is over. A strange glow appears in Rika’s eyes as she says that if Keiichi was a good boy and just watched her dance, then nothing would’ve happened. Keiichi is scared by her sudden change. Rika is very sure that Tomitake and Takano are already dead despite their corpses not being found, which may or may not be good for Keiichi. Rika goes back to normal and thanks Keiichi for looking out for her before walking off by herself. Keiichi wonders just what has been going on ever since the watanagashi.

Keiichi goes home and gets a call from a worried Satoko, who says that Rika never came home. She asks if Keiichi talked to Rika earlier, and Keiichi regrets that he didn't follow her. Keiichi joins Rena and Mion at Rika’s shack and asks where Satoko is. Rena explains that the front door was locked, and they haven’t gotten any responses no matter how long they call. Keiichi regrets getting the girls involved in the curse and yells into the house, but gets no response. Rena goes to the assembly hall to get the keys. Keiichi gets a ladder and climbs up to the second story window as Mion holds it in place. Mion says that nobody would ever put Rika in danger since she’s head of the Furude family, and when Keiichi asks what she means, a strange look appears in Mion's eyes as she says she has to end it.

Mion rambles that Rika is behind Oyashiro-sama’s curse and is going to kill someone using the Three Families, shaking the ladder and startling Keiichi. Mion swears she’s going to put an end to the curse, her ladder rumbling growing in intensity until Rena returns with the keys. Mion goes back to normal, and they soon find that nobody's inside. Mion says this will all end when the higurashi cry and asks Keiichi to come to her house since she wants to tell him something.