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Watadamashi-hen Part 1 (綿騙し編 其の壱 Watadamashi-hen Sonoichi, Cotton-Deceiving Chapter Part 1) is the fourth chapter of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou and the first chapter in Watadamashi-hen.


June 12th, 1983. Keiichi and the club members play in a games tournament in Okinomiya. Keiichi struggles to find a lead in his group’s game as Rena, Satoko, and Rika effortlessly win their games. Mion comments on Keiichi’s apparent failure to take the game seriously. Keiichi gets serious and manages to win the game, but Mion says she needs to go to her part-time job and postpones the tournament. They’ll be continuing things at the Watanagashi Festival. The group decides to split so Rika can practice for the ritual dance. The shop owner comes out with gifts for everyone. Everyone except Mion receives a present, with Keiichi receiving a doll. He considers giving it to Mion but she might not like it, however Mion eyes the doll from the side. Rika pokes Keiichi and tells him that no matter who he gives it to, they can’t reject his feelings. Keiichi decides to give Mion the doll. She reluctantly takes it but seems to be very pleased with it.

Everyone goes home, and Keiichi stops at Angel Mort for lunch. Keiichi gets caught off guard by the risque outfits worn by the waitresses and runs into Mion, who apparently works there too. After an awkward pause, Keiichi realizes that he can use this chance to get revenge on Mion for prior punishments. Keiichi teases Mion a lot and makes her blush, saying that he never expected this side of her. Mion explains that she is actually Shion Sonozaki, Mion’s younger twin sister. Keiichi apologizes for teasing Shion and says that the uniform would never look good on Mion. Shion asks what he means by that when she’s called off by another waitress. Keiichi leaves, believing that Mion was just pretending to be a twin.

Watadamashi ch1-2 shion bento

The next day, Keiichi goes home from school hungry, having skipped lunch. Shion follows him home and brings him a bento set, as thanks for the doll. Keiichi is confused since he gave Mion the doll, and Shion gets flustered while saying they share the same tastes as twins. Shion was happy to reward Keiichi on Mion’s behalf and soon leaves. Keiichi devours the bento.

The next day, Keiichi walks home with Rena and accidentally mentions Shion. Rena asks who that is and Keiichi explains that she’s Mion’s twin. Unlike Mion, Shion seems like a cute girl. Rena says Mion’s been in a good mood as of late and compliments her for her femininity. Rena says that though Mion is their club president, she too has a cutesy side. She hopes that out of all people, Keiichi will keep that in mind. Keiichi thinks that he would really like to get to know Mion and Shion better.

Keiichi heads to Angel Mort and gets lost in his daydreams, and ends up knocking over some bikes. The bikes' owners, a bunch of delinquents appear and start berating Keiichi when Shion appears and demands they let him go. When the punks show defiance, many villagers nearby drop what they’re doing and join Shion, intimidating the boys with their menacing presence.