Plot Summary

This page provides a detailed summary of the episodes in Watadamashi-hen.

Part 1

June 12, 1983. Keiichi Maebara is awoken by a phone call from his friends Rena Ryuugu and Mion Sonozaki, who tell him to meet up at the usual spot. Keiichi voices his determination to kick their butts at another club game.

Higu2020ep5 tournament.png

Keiichi rides his bike to where Rena and Mion are waiting, and the three of them set off for the toy store "Da Vinci," where Satoko Houjou and Rika Furude are waiting alongside other kids. Keiichi is confused at the large crowd, and Mion tells him that the store holds game tournaments every now and then to attract customers; all those kids are part of the tournament. Keiichi eyes the crowd, itching to beat them all. Mion announces that there are 15 contestants total, so they'll be drawing numbers from a hat and splitting into groups. The club winds up getting split up, with Mion remarking that there's no way she'd let any club member get eliminated in the first round. The members voice their desire to win.

Keiichi is seated with two kids, who he notices are also students at their school. The kid with glasses introduces himself as Tomita, and the other kid as Okamura. Keiichi thinks to himself with a sly grin, believing he can beat these two with no effort. Mion calls for the games to begin and Keiichi's table starts, playing the Game of Life. Keiichi spins the dial and moves. Tomita makes a move and obtains money from the bank , much to Keiichi's surprise. Okamura makes a move and heads towards a good route, with Keiichi realizing that Life is luck based and despairing that he may not be able to win.

Higu2020ep5 karuta.png

Other contestants suddenly voice surprise, with Satoko laughing in her victory at a card game. Keiichi is shocked to see she won already, and Mion walks up to her to be congratulated by Satoko; Keiichi is even more shocked that Mion also won fast. The two of them go off to get some tea, and Keiichi looks over at Rena's table where they're playing karuta. As soon as the prompt begins, Rena snatches up the matching card and presses it to her cheek, calling it kyute. She continues to rapidly snatch up cards, much to the surprise of the other players, and basks in their kyuteness. Keiichi is also surprised, as Rena is normally so composed during club games; the kyute designs non the cards must be a contributing factor.

Keiichi finally looks at Rika's table, where she succeeds in catching a fish and is praised and applauded by the other players. Rika catches another fish, and the other players continue fanboying over her. Tomita adjusts his glasses and tells Keiichi to move, calling him back to attention. Keiichi moves again and gets penalized for tax evasion. Rena comes over to see his progress, and Mion says he's the only club member to not have won yet. Rika asks how much money the other boys have, and a flustered Tomita and Okamura describe their winnings. Mion asks Keiichi how much he has now, and he complains that all he can do is focus on the roulette. Rena tells him not to give up and Rika gives him a headpat. Keiichi asks Mion what he can do to turn the game around and Mion becomes disappointed, taking on a serious tone and telling Keiichi that they all gave 100% yet Keiichi is barely trying; if he were doing his best, he would've won in the first 10 seconds. The group leaves, with Rena telling Mion she didn't need to be so mean.

Keiichi thinks on Mion's words and frets for a bit, and Okamura asks if they can continue the game. They continue sitting in silence and Tomita asks Keiichi if he wants to give up, and Keiichi suddenly says he's going to give his all. Tomita and Okamura recoil in shock, and Keiichi brings them close so he can make a deal: he wants to win. Okamura says he can't threaten them and Keiichi asks what they want the prize money for. They both want to buy games and snacks and Keiichi laughs, saying they need to dream bigger. The club members have to deal with penalties, the kind where the loser does whatever the inner says. Tomita asks what it has to do with them and Keiichi says he knows Tomita likes Satoko, causing the former to turn red. Keiichi also knows Okamura likes Rika, causing him to also turn red. Keiichi promises that if he wins, he can make Satoko wear a collar and follow Tomita all day and pretend to be his little sister. He promises to make Rika put on cat ears and let Okamura take her on a walk; both kids fall backwards with blood spurting out of their noses before embarrassedly struggling for answers. Keiichi tells them not to worry, as though his youth is limited he can help his younger classmates fulfill their dreams. Both kids hug him.

Higu2020ep5 mion doll.png

The tournament participants return, and Keiichi announces that he's won, with Tomita and Okamura agreeing. Mion is happy to hear that he's tried and Rena asks what they'll do now. Mion says there's bad news and apologizes as she has to go to her part-time job, much to Tomita and Okamura's surprise. Outside the store, Mion promises to make it up to the club when her uncle Yoshirou comes out saying the store's made a lot of profit that day, and so he's picked out special prizes for everyone. Mion asks where her prize is, and Yoshirou says he'll give her a big tip next time. Rika, Satoko and Rena take delight in their cute prizes when Keiichi pulls out his own prize: a doll. Mion says that's the last thing she'd expect Keiichi to want, saying everyone would think he's perverted if he took it home. Keiichi agrees, and Rika calls him forward to whisper in his ear. She says that as long as he's kind about it, he could give the doll to anyone and they'd accept it. Keiichi then hands the doll to Mion and says she can keep it; she gets flustered and refuses it, but Keiichi insists she take it. Mion finally takes the doll and smiles as she holds it tight.

June 13. Keiichi and his dad go to Angel Mort for lunch, with Keiichi commenting that the food is just like that at other restaurants. Keiichi's dad says they don't go there for the food and gestures towards the dining floor. Another customer asks for a refill and a waitress responds, her chest bouncing as she turns. Keiichi's dad watches the waitress walk by and chuckles, with Keiichi realizing why this place is infamous. Keiichi's dad starts blushing as he asks his son if he also likes the waitresses, and Keiichi smacks him with a paper fan. His dad goes to the bathroom and tells him to be honest with himself. A waitress gives Keiichi his dessert and apologizes for the wait. When he looks up to thank her, he sees that Mion is the waitress, though her hair is down. They look at each other for a bit and both recoil in surprise, with Keiichi wondering if that's really Mion. Mion turns away in embarrassment, and Keiichi asks her why she's working in a place like this. Mion says she's helping her uncle since he owns the restaurant, and Keiichi says she looks good in that outfit, prompting Mion to tell him not to stare so hard.

Higu2020ep5 shion and keiichi.png

Keiichi continues flirting with her and complimenting her when Mion says he's wrong; she's actually Shion Sonozaki, Mion's twin sister Shion says people often confused her with her sister, and Keiichi then asks why she acted like they met before when they haven't. Shion says Mion talks about him a lot, which Keiichi doesn't find convincing. Regardless, Keiichi apologizes to Shion while saying that uniform wouldn't look good on Mion, but it looks good on her twin. Shion gets embarrassed and another waitress says she can take her break now. Shion bids farewell, happy she got to meet the infamous Keiichi. Keiichi apologizes one more time for his confusion. His dad returns and sees he's having a good time.

Higu2020ep5 curry contest.png

June 14. Keiichi, Rena and Mion walk home from school with Keiichi weary from skipping lunch. Earlier the school was holding a curry-making competition, with Chie looking very serious. Satoko had sabotaged everyone else's curry, yet Keiichi pulled through in the end. Keiichi says he'd feel better if he had something to eat, and Mion stops to say she's going to her job now. Keiichi says waitressing must be tough, causing Mion to look at him in surprise and Rena to get excited that she's a waitress and asking where she works. Mion says she's just helping her uncle and struggles for a response, saying she's helping Uncle Yoshirou from the game store. Keiichi remembers that Shion was the waitress, and apologizes for mixing them up again. Rena gets confused and Keiichi tells her about Mion's twin Shion: they look the same but they have different personalities. Mion affirms his description and Keiichi says Shion is really sweet unlike Mion, the latter deflating a bit. Rena says she never heard Mion mentioning a twin before, and she says Rena's never met her before. Mion finally runs off. Keiichi tells Rena to believe in her, and she wonders why Mion was acting to cute.

Higu2020ep5 shion bento.png

At home, Keiichi lies on his floor and wonders when his mom will come home to make dinner. He hears someone behind him and tells that the door's open, with Shion soon walking into his house and asking why he's on the floor. Keiichi gets up and asks why she's there: Shion heard from Mion that he skipped lunch and has brought him a bento set as thanks for the doll. Keiichi is surprised to see she brought food, and Shion says she was more than happy to bring Mion's gift to him. Keiichi takes the bento and Shion says shes going off to work now, asking him to take the empty container back to Mion when he finishes. Keiichi unwraps the bento in his kitchen and eyes the assortment of food. He wonders if Mion may have stuffed Tabasco sauce or mustard into it, but after one bite he starts devouring the entire thing.

The next day, June 15. Keiichi returns the empty bento to Mion and thanks her for the food. Mion gets embarrassed and takes the bento, blushing as everyone looks at her. Keiichi explains that Shion gave him food yesterday and he's returned the containers, even washing them beforehand. The other club members take notice with Satoko saying Mion maybe has a cold, and Rika says Satoko will eventually come down with a cold later, much to her confusion.

"How does Keiichi see me? How?"

Later, Chie rests in her chair as the class reads to themselves. Mion asks Keiichi if he eats everything at lunch and Keiichi says it'd be rude not to. Mion compliments Keiichi for being a stand-up guy, so independent and polite. Rena agrees that he's nicer than he looks. Keiichi takes it as an insult and Mion yells that she's trying to point out that some people aren't what they look like. Keiichi fires back and Chie calls out to the two of them, asking why they're talking. She asks Mion to come to the front and bring her notebook. Mion begrudgingly goes up, and Rena tells Keiichi that some people are the opposite of how they look. Keiichi gets intrigued, and Rena says that Satoko used to be very needy and sweet until a while ago; Keiichi can hardly believe it. As Chie scolds Mion in the background, Rena imagines Rika growing up to be a beautiful woman someday and says that Mion is also girly deep down. Keiichi thinks Rena's just being bribed to say that, and she says that Mion works hard as the club leader but is really cute deep down. Keiichi thinks about Shion when she says this, and Rena hopes he won't forget that fact. Keiichi then asks if the same applies to Rena, and she replies by asking how Keiichi sees her. Rena looks at him intently, and Keiichi says the Rena Ryuugu he knows sometimes takes jokes a little too far but is caring and kind: a perfect girl. Rena is happy that Keiichi sees her that way, but Keiichi wonders to himself about the opposite being true.

After school, Mion apologizes to the club as she has work again, and Rika says she also has her own job: Watanagashi practice. Satoko remembers that it's happening this Sunday, and Keiichi asks what's going on. Rena says the Watanagashi Festival is held every year on a June Sunday at the shrine, and Rika's a shrine maiden performing a ritual dance. Keiichi comments on how weird the name is, and Rena says "Watanagashi" means "cotton drifting", as they take cotton from futons and send them down the river. Satoko and Rika leave, and Mion heads out herself.

Higu2020ep5 surrounding.png

Keiichi rides his bike to Angel Mort and thinks that Mion's a cute girl inside, parking his bike next to some motorcycles. He accidentally knocks over the motorcycles, and some angry delinquents come out. Keiichi apologizes but two of the hooligans are grabbing his shirt and getting up in his face. The third guy says the paint on their bikes' scratched, and the other two even angrier. Just then, Shion appears and tells the delinquents to get lost. The boys let go of Keiichi and show some defiance to her, and Keiichi calls her Mion and tells her to get away. Shion continues standing her ground against the delinquents, who come closer with more threats but they stop when they see other people watching them. Many townspeople have stopped what they're doing and are watching the delinquents intently, with the boys and Keiichi beginning to worry.

Part 2

Higu2020ep6 villagers.png

Shion and the villagers continue surrounding and intimidating the delinquents as Keiichi watches in confusion. Just then, some police officers arrive with one of them, Kuraudo Ooishi asking what's going on. Shion says the delinquents were trying to extort money from her friend, and the three boys soon get rounded up into a squad car despite their protests. Ooishi checks on Keiichi to ensure he's fine and thanks Shion for the timely call. He says they were just heading back to the station when they got the call and took a little detour, with Shion thanking him back for his work. As the police drive off, Shion looks back at them angrily. At Angel Mort, Shion is dressed in her waitress outfit and Keiichi thanks her for helping him out back there, wanting to pay her back sometime. Shion says he should save her the next time she's in trouble, and Keiichi promises it. Shion hopes she'll get into trouble soon; Keiichi smiles at the thought and Shion starts poking his cheeks after seeing how happy he is, as that makes him the real Keiichi. Keiichi complains and says Shion should be working a shift right now, to which she replies that she told her manager Keiichi saved her and so he gets a treat. Keiichi asks if it's okay to lie like that, and Shion says not to worry.

Shion says Keiichi must've been scared when all those people started walking up, with Keiichi asking if they were all Hinamizawa villagers. Shion affirms it, saying that the villagers always count on each other and that attacking one person is like attacking everyone. She then explains that this spirit of unity to fight whatever threatens the village's future has always been present in Hinamizawa, going back several decades. Shion asks Keiichi if he's heard of the Hinamizawa Dam Project, which he heard got cancelled. Shion says it was due to the villagers uniting against it.

The dam would have flooded many villages, Hinamizawa included, and so the villagers protested. The protests got more intense and so the riot police got violent with protestors, much to Keiichi's shock. The villagers eventually went to court to call for the project to end, growing their support until finally the project was put on hold indefinitely. Keiichi finds it amazing that everyone could band together like that, with Shion saying the villagers surely gained a lot from overcoming that hardship. A waitress asks Shion to take over at the register, and Shion apologizes to Keiichi and gets up. Keiichi calls her Mion and thanks her again for everything, reaffirming his promise to make it up to her. Shion hopes he'll make good on it and bids farewell.

Higu2020ep6 shion call.png

At home, Keiichi is called by his mom to take a call from a Sonozaki. Thinking it's Mion, Keiichi says he's not up for club games at that hour but when the person on the other end gets confused Keiichi realizes it's Shion talking. Shion asks Keiichi if he likes desserts and tells him to come down to Angel Mort, as they need people to taste-test their dessert menu. Keiichi is interested but asks if it's really alright, with Shion telling him to come down the next day after school. They hang up, with Keiichi commenting on how much Shion is really doing for him.

The next day, June 16, Angel Mort has a banner hanging outside announcing a Dessert Festival with tables reserved for those with invitations. Shion welcomes Keiichi to Angel Mort with a dramatic flair and then whispers to him, asking if she can borrow him after work. Keiichi agrees, as he has nothing else going on that day. Keiichi is soon seated and starts stuffing his face with delicious desserts. A waitress brings him yet another platter, and as Keiichi gazes at it awestruck, they hear a commotion off to the side. A nerdy-looking customer is complaining that Shion spilled dessert on him. Shion apologizes and the man demands that she clean it up. Keiichi's waitress tells him that the man purposely tripped Shion by sticking his leg out, and there's not much they can do as they need to keep customers happy. The man wiggles his crotch around and awaits an embarrassed Shion to clean the dessert off of him, but before she can do that Keiichi steps in and yells at the man to get out. A thumping sound is heard as Shion stares at Keiichi. The customer and his friend get up, staring down at Keiichi and Shion and wanting to teach them a lesson. Keiichi moves to punch him, but he gets karate chopped away.

Higu2020ep6 backroom.png

Keiichi wakes up on a couch in the back room of the restaurant, with Shion relieved that he's awake. Keiichi remembers that he got beaten up, and Shion apologizes that he got hurt because of her. Keiichi apologizes instead, as he couldn't even win a fight he started. Shion is still happy that he came to help her. After her shift, Shion grabs Keiichi and goes on a walk with him through town. She reintroduces herself as Shion Sonozaki and says she's more refined and mature compared to her older twin being overbearing and rough. Mion's told Shion about a lot of things like the club and how Keiichi and Mion are always getting back at each other. As they window shop, Shion grabs Keiichi's arm and pulls him close but he jumps back in embarrassment. Shion says linking arms with a girl can't be that embarrassing, and Keiichi stammers before allowing her to take an arm. Shion grabs his arm again and smiles.

They walk some more and Shion says there are some soft parts of Mion she's not fond of. They get along well, but Shion still has a few problems with her, a shadow falling over her eyes as she says this. They soon come across the toy store, with Shion asking if Keiichi would buy her a doll if she asked for one. Keiichi says he would, as he still has to make it up to her for earlier. Shion points towards a doll similar to the one Keiichi gave Mion earlier, which Keiichi gets confused at. Shion wonders if he would buy that one even though it's expensive, and Keiichi says not to worry. They go into the store and Keiichi calls out that he wants to buy the doll in the window, and a female voice responds. The voice turns out to be Mion, and she and Keiichi get shocked at seeing each other. Mion is even more shocked to see Shion there as the latter peeks out and waves. Keiichi looks between the two in confusion.

Higu2020ep6 shiontrick.png

Shion has been saying from the beginning that she's Mion Sonozaki's younger twin sister, and she smugly says Keiichi shouldn't have been confused as he's been calling her by her real name the whole time. As Keiichi struggles to respond and Mion demands to know what's going on, Shion says she wanted to see what Mion's beloved Kei-chan was like. Keiichi asks Mion if she called her yesterday, but she has no idea what he means. Shion says she also gave Keiichi all those bentos earlier, and Mion is about to say that was her but stops herself as Shion comments how that's unlike her. Shion asks Keiichi if the twin distinction is clear now and asks Mion to wrap up the doll in the window.

Higu2020ep6 festival setup.png

June 18. Keiichi heads to the Furude shrine grounds and assists with setting up for the Watanagashi Festival. Keiichi rests after taking a drink and sees Rika practicing with a mochi hammer. Keiichi tells her to do her best, and Rika responds with the same as other villagers praying for Rika-chama's success. Keiichi sees Mion walking by later and they have small exchange.

In the afternoon, Keiichi sits down exhausted and a girl hands him a drink while commending his good work. Keiichi thanks Mion but then sees it's actually Shion helping him. Keiichi gets annoyed at messing up their names again and swigs down the tea, then immediately spits it out after hearing Mion's cry of anguish. Mion walks up holding two cups of tea and asks why Shion is hanging around again. Her twin says she's actually considerate and then asks why she's holding two cups; Mion fails to respond then says she's really thirsty and starts drinking both of them at once

Higu2020ep6 tomitake and takano.png

Mion voices her annoyance of Shion once more and a clicking sound is heard. The group looks up to see a man and a woman on the shrine steps, who Mion recognizes as Tomitake and Takano. Takano is surprised to see Shion there, saying she doesn't come there often. Tomitake recognizes Keiichi as the transfer student everyone's talking about, but the letter has no idea who Tomitake is. Tomitake says they've passed each other on the road a few times and introduces himself as a freelance photographer form Tokyo. Takano then asks if Keiichi knows who she is, but he replies negative. Mion says she's Miyo Takano and works at the clinic. Ooishi walks up soon after and is greeted by Takano, who asks if he's scoping things out for security tomorrow. The old detective laughs and then greets Tomitake, commenting on how much the photographer loves Hinamizawa. Ooishi leaves soon after and bids farewell. Shion calls out to him with hope that the police will be working hard this year and remarks that this Watanagashi should pass by without incident. Tomitake sees they're talking about Oyashiro-sama's curse.

Mion grabs Keiichi's hand and says she's hungry, wanting to go get snacks. Keiichi starts walking off with her but Takano then ponders out loud who will die and who will disappear this year, prompting Keiichi to stop in confusion. A shadow falls over Mion's eyes as she says it's a lame story and wants Keiichi to go with her now, her grip on his hand tightening. Shion says Mion hasn't told him about it yet and Keiichi wonders what's going on. Mion lets go of his hand and decides to go off alone, telling Keiichi there wont be any snacks left if he dawdles.

Higu2020ep6 the four.png

The four are now the only ones left, with Takano asking Keiichi if he believes in curses. Tomitake then asks if he knows about the Hinamizawa Dam Project and says the villagers set up their base here at the shrine dedicated to Oyashiro-sama, wanting their guardian deity to bless them. It was all superstition until the curse happened.

Shions starts off by saying that the construction foreman for the project was murdered, with Keiichi shocked to hear it. Several people attacked him with pickaxes and dismembered his body, diposing of the pieces. One of the perpetrators got away with the right arm. Takano continues that the next year, it was a couple who supported the dam project that fell off of a cliff, and the wife's body was never found. The third year, the Shinto priest of the shrine suddenly died from unknown causes, and his wife disappeared after leaving a suicide note. The fourth year of the curse, or last year, the sister-in-law of the dam supporter from the second year was found beaten to death. All of these incidents happened on the night of the Watanagashi; people involved with the dam project were dying one by one, creating the phenomenon known as Oyashiro-sama's curse.

Asked what he thinks, Keiichi doesn't believe it could all be the work of a curse, but he understands the superstition. Takano wonders what it could be if it's not a curse and not a coincidence, thinking it makes more sense for a person to be behind the entire thing. Shion says there's proof the Hinamizawan people are involved with the curse, as one person dies and another disappears every year. Takano explains a legend that in Hinamizawa long ago, the villagers gave human sacrifices to Oyashiro-sama to quell his wrath: they would be wrapped in bamboo mats and thrown into the swamp, there they would sink and drown. In other words, someone is killed as part of Oyashiro-sama's curse, and another person is sacrificed to appease him. Keiichi realizes that this mastermind must be someone living in Hinamizawa. With the Watanagashi Festival happening tomorrow, Shion hopes the curse doesn't occur this year. Takano is looking forward to it however.

Higu2020ep6 hau.png

Sunday, June 19. The festival is in full swing, with Rena amazed at how lively it is. Rika and Satoko show up, and Rena calls out to them. Rena haus over Rika's shrine maiden outfit as the others wish her luck for her big dance. Keiichi gets lost in the crowd later and heads to the dance site, but he's too far back and can't see anything. Shion then taps his shoulder and tells him to follow.

Shion and Keiichi head through a forest path away from the festival, with Keiichi wondering where they're going. Shion tells him to stay quiet, and they hide in a bush to see Tomitake and Takano at a storehouse. Keiichi wonders why Shion brought him here, as he thought they were going somewhere to see Rika's dance. Shions questions Keiichi's taste and Keiichi makes to leave, but Takano notices them and calls out to them as Tomitake jokes about the two being lovers. Shion asks what the two of them were doing, and Tomitake asks that they keep secret that they were breaking into the storehouse. Keiichi thinks he's trying to steal something from it but Tomitake says they just wanted to peek inside. Takano says the storehouse contains old ritual tools but is "forbidden": only members of the Furude family and a few others are allowed to enter, as outsiders would defile its sacred ground. Keiichi says they should stay out then, but Takano's curiosity is telling her to get inside and look around.

Higu2020ep6 end.png

Tomitake successfully removes the lock and Takano beckons Shion and Keiichi to join her. Shion wants to go in but Keiichi is still unsure about trespassing on holy ground. Shion says that because she's of the Sonozaki family, she knows what kind of tools are in there, and she wants Keiichi to see them. Shion stares at him and says he can leave if he gets bored, but the things inside should fascinate him. She insists Keiichi must be afraid of the curse but Keiichi says he isn't. Tomitake pulls out a cigarette and motions for the other to go inside, as he'll keep watch outside. He also says that young people like Keiichi might find the inside interesting, and Keiichi finally says he'll go in.

Keiichi and Shion walk towards the warehouse as Takano opens the door for them.

Part 3

Higu2020ep7 statue.png

Keiichi, Shion, and Takano enter the ritual warehouse. Keiichi turns on a light switch to Shion's surprise and illuminates the storehouse, revealing a statue.

Higu2020ep7 document.png

Shion turns off the light and reprimands Keiichi for it, as people outside the warehouse might notice it. Keiichi apologizes but Takano says it's fine, as everyone is focused on Rika's dance right now. She says the statue is of Oyashiro-sama, Hinamizawa's guardian deity. Shion says it's more ornate than the one at the shrine, and Takano comments on the large amount of tools located in the warehouse. Keiichi says they all look more like construction equipment instead of religious implements. Amused by his ignorance, Takano sets down her lantern and pulls out some documents, wanting to tell Keiichi of an old legend.

Higu2020ep7 backstory.png

Long ago in the mountains, there was a deep swamp that was said to lead to Hell, being named Onigafuchi, or "Demon's Abyss" by the villagers living near it; Keiichi understands that that village was Hinamizawa. Keiichi comments on the ominous name, and Shion says it was renamed in the Meiji era. Takano continues, saying demons arose from the swamp one day and terrorized the villagers. The villagers tried to run but it was a futile attempt, and when all hope was lost Oyashiro-sama appeared to them. Keiichi thinks Oyashiro-sama got rid of all the demons, but Shion and Takano say the alternative happened instead: Oyashiro-sama is not violent, but rather benevolent. The demons refused to attack him, instead prostrating themselves before his radiance. Oyashiro-sama then bestowed them with human forms and allowed them to coexist with the villagers. As generations passed, the humans and demons' blood mixed, and they lived in secrecy in their village while being worshiped by those living at the bottom of the mountain.

Keiichi thinks it's a weird story, and Takano says that's when things get really interesting. The demons were actually man-eating demons, and so their half-demon offspring also had the same craving for human flesh. Onigafuchi's villagers would thus "demon away" humans from other villages. Keiichi asks what that means, and Takano says "demoning away", onikakushi, means kidnapping; humans were kidnapped by the villagers ans sacrificed. Keiichi exclaims that it's no different than what the demons did earlier and asks what the kind Oyashiro-sama was doing during all of this. Takano explains that the god was well aware of these happenings, as he was the one that decided the sacrifices. After a sacrifice was obtained, the villagers would feast upon them in a practice that would be called "watanagashi." Keiichi notices that the Watanagashi is the name of the annual cotton-drifting festival, and Shion explains that wata can also mean "entrails." Keiichi realizes Watanagashi's other meaning: Entrail-drifting.

Takano says the modern Watanagashi Festival is just a summer festival, but long ago it was a gruesome night of feasting. Keiichi exclaims that she's lying, and Takano asks him to think about what the cotton from the futons, or the wata, represent. Keiichi yells they're just futons, beds for sleeping in, and she instead posits they represent entrails, asking what Rika's dance must mean. Keiichi thinks about Rika preparing her dance with the ceremonial hoe, and he shakes his head in denial. Shion motions for him to quiet down, and Keiichi looks at the other tools hanging in the shed. They are not tools for farming but for slicing people up, which Takano likens to cooking utensils.

Higu2020ep7 statue slot.png

Shion tells Takano to stop teasing Keiichi as he's still naive, and Takano apologizes as she thought boys like him would enjoy these kinds of stories. Sighing, Shion looks at the Oyashiro-sama statue and touches it, which causes the head to fall off and split in two, revealing a hollow inside. Keiichi calls her out for it and Shion swears she only touched it, and the warehouse doors open to reveal Tomitake. After assessing the situation, Tomitake puts the head back together and affirms Shion's claim that it was already broken. Takano returns the head atop the statue, the body seemingly containing a slot inside for putting something in. Shion lets out a sigh of relief. Takano figured that Tomitake got tired of waiting and came in to see, but he says everyone's already heading down to the river. Takano looks at her watch and asks the Tomitake to wait outside, as she wants to take pictures. Keiichi says he's had enough.

Outside the warehouse, Keiichi says he should've waited with Tomitake. The photographer asks if Takano was calm in there, as he expected her to get very excited when surrounded by all sorts of historical objects. Takano exits the warehouse with a sated curiosity, having found solid evidence to the legends she's heard so much about. Tomitake asks if she took anything out, and she says she wouldn't go that far. Tomitake replaces the lock and heads off to the river, as they need to see the cotton drifting in action. Keiichi thinks more about the entrail-drifting meaning.

The villagers are already lined up at the river, with Tomitake looking down from a viewing area and lamenting that he couldn't get any good pictures in. Takano says he can take some pictures of her and hugs his arm. Tomitake asks Shion and Keiichi if they want to come with them to the river, and Keiichi denies it. Takano wishes the two kids good night as she and Tomitake walk off.

Shion says her sister and her friends must be looking for Keiichi, so he needs to go. Shion figures that Mion will go ballistic on her if she knew she was hogging Keiichi all night, so she asks Keiichi to keep that night a secret. Keiichi doesn't like how awkward that sounds, and Shion says there's more to it: they can't let anyone know what they did and where they went. The wind blows, and Shion says Oyashiro-sama's curse may strike again tonight. Because their group trespassed onto sacred ground, those four are the most likely targets. Keiichi is taken aback by how serious Shion is, but she suddenly says she's kidding and laughs. Keiichi nervously laughs with her, thinking he's on edge because of Takano's stories. Shion takes her leave, not wanting to be there when Mion shows up.

Higu2020ep7 the group.png

Keiichi walks down the steps of the shrine and Rika calls out to him, jumping on him as Mion and Rena show up. Mion says they need to find Satoko now, with Rena happily saying thy were all split up. Rika asks if Keiichi watched her dance, and he nervously says she did a perfect job with no mistakes. Rena and Mion react when he says this, with Rika becoming despondent. Rena consoles her by saying that nobody thought it was a mistake, and a surprised Keiichi is asked by Mion if he drifted cotton at the river yet. Keiichi says he didn't, and Rena becomes shocked as he has to do it before it ends. Keiichi apologizes as it's his first Watanagashi, so he doesn't know of the rules. Mion grabs his hand and they walk off as Rena and Rika watch them.

After walking far enough from the others, Mion asks Keiichi if he's seen Shion at all. Keiichi comes up with an answer that he felt like he saw her in the crowd, but because they look so much alike it's hard to tell. Mion doesn't lend credence to that answer, as they wear different clothes and can't possibly look that similar. Mion then asks if he saw Takano or Tomitake; Keiichi chokes up and denies ever seeing them.

Higu2020ep7 ooishi.png

Keiichi finally heads to his home, where a parked car beeps its horn to get his attention. Detective Ooishi emerges from the car and apologizes for the interruption. Keiichi asks what he wants with a cold expression and Ooishi says he just wants to chat since he saw him walking by. He comments on how impressive it is that Keiichi has gotten so close to the Sonozaki girls, asking if he knows their dad is a yakuza; the Sonozaki yakuza family controls much of the area, and Mion and Shion's dead is the head. Ooishi takes Keiichi's confused look to mean he doesn't know, saying the Sonozaki main house even resembles a stereotypical yakuza mansion with its high fences, barbed wire and security cameras. Keiichi figures that Mion is next in line to become the head, and Ooishi says she could even kill anyone in broad daylight and get away with it. Keiichi exclaims that she would never do that, and Ooishi laughs. Keiichi doesn't care who Mion's family is as she's one of his best friends and moves to enter his house, but Ooishi grabs his shoulder and asks him to answer one question: did he see Jirou Tomitake or Miyo Takano that night?

Nervous yet again, Keiichi denies ever seeing them and asks why. Ooishi thinks he's having trouble remembering, and Keiichi affirms it. After a pause, Ooishi releases his shoulder and lets him go home. The detective also lets Keiichi know that he did see the two of them: Keiichi, Shion, and those two were having a good time at the stone steps. Keiichi is surprised, and Ooishi says he'll see him later.

Higu2020ep7 truck.png

Inside his room, Keiichi takes a late call from Shion, who asks if Mion believed his story. Keiichi got nervous when she realized he didn't watch Rika's dance, but she bought it. Shion congratulates him and then turns serious, asking him if he saw Takano or Tomitake after they split up. Keiichi angrily asks why she wants to know, as everyone's been wanting to know about those two. He asks if Shion's seen them and she says to calm down, explaining that Takano and Tomitake went missing. The Sonozaki family keeps a close watch on police activity, and police reports say the two of them went to the volunteer parking lot and stole one of the festival trucks, leaving behind their car and bicycle. The police say they left the village in a hurry, almost as though their lives were in danger.

Higu2020ep7 hangup.png

Keiichi asks what that means, and Shion says maybe they were targeted by Oyashiro-sama's curse, and if so it was because they trespassed and beheaded the Oyashiro-sama statue. Keiichi takes this to mean he and Shion are next. Keiichi pleads that he never even wanted to look at the stuff in the warehouse and wanted to see Rika's dance, blaming Shion for dragging him in there. He asks why Shion is getting up in arms over trespassing on holy ground and Shion apologizes, not knowing this would happen. Keiichi demands to know what she plans to do about it, but Shion hangs up on him in the middle of his rant. Listening to the dial tone, Keiichi struggles to accept that the curse might really be coming for them and buries his head.

Higu2020ep7 sleepy.png

Monday, June 20. Keiichi waits at the usual spot for Rena to come, and she comments on how Keiichi's eyes look. Keiichi says he didn't get much sleep last night, and they start walking to school. They soon meet Mion, with Rena saying she also looks bad. Mion says she went to sleep at three, and Keiichi admonishes her for this. Rena figures it's because they still haven't found the mayor yet, and Keiichi asks what they mean.

During class, Chie explains that Mayor Kimiyoshi has been missing since yesterday. Some of the kids think he may have been demoned away, but the curse hasn't really happened yet. As Chie tells everyone to let an adult know if they find Kimiyoshi and reminds them to walk with a friend, Rika looks downtrodden. During recess later, a gloomy Keiichi sits alone and wonders why the mayor was the one to go missing, as he or Shion should've been the ones. Rika appears and pats his head, asking if he did anything bad last night. Keiichi asks Rika if he can tell her a story about kitties, saying that on the night of the festival four bad kitties went into a forbidden storehouse. There were many scary things inside, and the kitties heard they would be cursed; two of them are missing now, and Keiichi wants to know what the other kitties should do.

Higu2020ep7 red eyes.png

Rika laughs, her voice suddenly growing deeper as she says she didn't expect Keiichi to tell such a ridiculous story. Her eyes turn red, much to Keiichi's shock, and Rika assures him that he doesn't need to worry. No matter what Keiichi does, everything is over; Rika says herself, Keiichi, this year's curse and this world are all finished. She admonishes Keiichi, saying he should've watched her dance and should've known better than to go somewhere forbidden, especially on Watanagashi. KKeichi asks why she knows this but Rika cuts him off, expressing surprised that Tomitake's body hasn't been found yet; him and Takano are already dead but Shion should be alive, and Rika doesn't know if this bodes well for Keiichi.

Rika giggles some more and a ball rolls into Keiichi's leg, with Satoko's group running over. She asks Keiichi to join them for dodgeball instead of just sitting around. Keiichi is surprised and Rika goes back to her regular self, telling him to play with Satoko. Keiichi looks at her.

Part 4

Higu2020ep8 preview (2).jpg

Monday, June 20. Keiichi is walking up the steps at school when he sees Chie and asks if they found the mayor yet. Chie denies it, as they haven't heard any more news. Keiichi lowers his head and Chie assures him that he's fine and they should go back to class. The students are assembled for afternoon class but Chie notices that Rika hasn't come back from break. The students clamor with discussion and Satoko asks Keiichi if he was talking to Rika earlier, an interrogative look on her face. Keiichi confirms they talked, but he has no idea where she went after. Mion says she saw Rika talking to someone behind the school; it wasn't Keiichi, but rather someone who looked like a construction worker. Satoko says nobody like that is at their school. The other students begin to realize Rika has also disappeared.

The entire school searches around the grounds and calling out Rika's name. Keiichi comes upon an outhouse in the back and tries to open the door, showing confusion when it doesn't budge. Mion calls out to him and says she saw something on the roof, asking him to climb up a ladder and check. Keiichi climbs up but there's nothing up there, not even Rika. He calls down to Mion, who's holding the ladder steady and apologizes for her mistake. Keiichi becomes crestfallen and says Rika was acting weird earlier, wondering what happened to her.

Mion suddenly says she has to put an end to this and a confused Keiichi asks her to repeat that. Mion repeats what she said, a strange look appearing on her face and startling Keiichi. Mion ominously says that Rika is going to carry out Oyashiro-sama's curse and is the leader of one of the Three Families; she claims Rika is the mastermind behind it all. She starts rocking the ladder, much to Keiichi's horror, and continuously accuses Rika for causing the curse and says she's going to kill people, She believes Rika has been exploiting the Three Families, and Mion's expression intensifies as she swears she will put an end to the curse. The ladder becomes even more unsteady from her rage, and Keiichi struggles to hold on while questioning Mion's behavior. Chie finally arrives and calls out to them, and Mion stops her strange behavior while saying they haven't found anything. Chie says they're cancelling class for today and want the students to go home; the teachers will handle the search.

Higu2020ep8 two men.png

Keiichi, Mion and Rena are walking home when Keiichi suddenly stops and says everything is his fault. Rena asks why he thinks that and Keiichi is about to explain but he gets distracted from looking at some men up ahead. Keiichi changes his mind and continues walking. At home, Keiichi sits in the corner of his room and regrets ever going into the ritual warehouse. He blames Shion for making him go in but he realizes blaming her won't change anything. Just then, his phone starts ringing. After letting it ring for a while Keiichi picks up and hears what sounds like Shion, saying her name. He immediately stops and thinks back to Mion's strange expression earlier, realizing that she's the one calling. Mion says she wants Keiichi to come over to the Sonozaki mansion right away and meet her at the waterwheel.

Higu2020ep8 car mirror.png

Keiichi meets her at the requested area, where Mion's figured he wanted to tell her something. She knows how nervous he is and gives him a reassuring smile, wanting to talk at her place. Keiichi agrees. They soon walk off together and are seen reflected inside a car mirror.

The two walk by a "No Trespssing" sign, with Keiichi asking if the entire mountain is Sonozaki property. As Mion affirms it, they walk past high barbed-wire fences and security cameras. Inside the main house, Keiichi comments on how nice it must be to live in an old-fashioned house, with Mion saying it isn't since it gets cold in the winter. She wishes she had a modern house like Keiichi's though clearing snow off his roof will be tough. Keiichi is surprised to hear it snows a lot in Hinamizawa, with Mion saying the village is right in the middle of a snow country. They joke around some more and Mion soon goes off to prepare tea.

She comes back with tea and is now wearing a kimono, with Keiichi and her sitting quietly. Mion breaks the silence and asks Keiichi if he feels like someone is out to get him. She apologizes for trying to scare him when he asks a hypothetical, and then Keiichi says he wants to apologize to her. He confesses that during the Watanagashi Festival yesterday, he went into the ritual tool warehouse. He knew it was wrong, but he was curious. Keiichi bows his head to the ground and apologizes again, and Mion says she already knew; she knew he, Shion, Takano and Tomitake had trespassed into the warehouse. In fact, lots of people already know. Even though Keiichi was curious, Mion admonishes him and says there are many who want to see him punished. Keiichi knows it's too late, but he apologizes some more and asks for forgiveness. Mion walks over to him and asks him to look up, assuring him that she's on her side and to trust her. He wants to trust her, but after seeing Rika acting like a different person earlier he doesn't know who to trust. Mion consoles him, as he confessed his sin so she can definitely trust him. Keiichi finally agrees to trust her.

Keiichi asks why someone has to die on Watanagashi every year, and Mion explains that at first it was just a coincidence. Over time, people used Oyashiro-sama's curse as an excuse to kill people who defy the village so long as it's done on the night of Watanagashi. Keiichi can hardly believe such a thing would happen in this day and age, and Mion tells him to follow her.

Mion and Keiichi walk outside, with the former asking if he saw all those torture devices in the storehouse, the latter responding that they were really old tools. Mion opens a door to an underground area and explains that those tools were used long ago to uphold Onigafuchi's strict religious laws by torturing and killing those who defied them. As they walk past rows of jail cells, Keiichi wants to confirm that that was all in the past and not the present. Mion says it was, as the Watanagashi ritual was once overseen by the Three Families. After the Kimiyoshi and Furude families lost influence and times changed, carrying out the Watanagashi became difficult, so those torture tools were put away forever.

Mion and Keiichi walk down a set of stairs, with Mion explaining that the Sonozaki family built a torture chamber: the very chamber she and Keiichi are standing in now. Confirming Keiichi's suspicions, Mion says the chamber was built as a place where the Watanagashi could be carried out in secret and opens a set of doors to reveal torture devices hanging on the walls. These tools were like the ones in the warehouse but kept in good condition. There were also cushions for people to sit on. Even though it's 1983, times haven;t changed; Hinamizawa is still the demon village known as Onigafuchi, though Mion has no idea that anyone's ever actually used these tools they way they were supposed to. In any case, these tools are still here for the day that they will need to be used for real.

Keiichi follows Mion deeper into the chamber, where Mion shows him a safe room used by her uncle, the most secure place on the estate. The steel doors are thick, and not even bullets can pierce them. She opens the doors and shows off a jail cell filled with commodities, which Keiichi takes to mean someone could live here. Mion affirms it, as there's enough food and electricity for someone to live for an entire month. They walk past a monitor system where Mion tells Keiichi not to worry. Confused, Mion tells him she wants him to stay there for a while and opens the cell. Keiichi is still confused; he asks what they'll explain to his parents, and suddenly Mion pushes him into the jail cell and locks it with a key.

Keiichi goes up to the bars and demands to be let out. Mion says it has to be this way; so long as there are people who want to carry out the curse, she can't let Keiichi out. Keiichi still wants to know why, and Mion swears she will do something about it and wants him to stay safe until then. Keiichi pleads with her some more, saying he doesn't need to be locked up, and Mion keeps saying it's going to keep him safe. She even says that in the worse case scenario, Keiichi can just play the victim and claim that Mion locked him up.

Higu2020ep8 serious mion.png

Seeing the determined look on her face, Keiichi asks what she plans to do. Mion doesn't answer and instead says that for the longest time, anyone who's in trouble will be helped by others with the power to do so; this was the spirit of community that unites the village. During the dam war, this spirit of community changed to where people were now getting revenge on behalf of the village. It became warped to the point that Satoko's family has affected. The custom that encouraged people to help one another and spread happiness became one where they hurt one another, and the Three Families are responsible. Keiichi consoles her by saying it was all so long ago, but Mion says that as the de facto head of the Three Families, it is her job to end that custom for good. The Oyashiro-sama's curse phenomenon created by the Three Families has gone on for five years, and it's gone out of control; Mion swears that she will fix it. Keiichi still has no idea what Mion plans to do, but he wants to help her in any way he can. Mion asks if he remembers the game tournament and how he gave her the doll. He treated her like a girl and it made her happy, with Mion saying she loves Keiichi. The best way to protect him would be to end this custom.

Higu2020ep8 gun.png

Mion hears an alert on the nearby monitors and then checks the cameras, commenting that some minions have arrived. She decides to go greet them as Keiichi asks what's going on. Mion pulls a gun out of a drawer and stores it in her kimono as Keiichi looks on in shock. She says she might take a while and Keiichi pleads her to stop, saying to let the police take care of things. Mion says she doesn't trust cops, at least not the ones in the village. She asks Keiichi to claim being a victim should someone else find him here if she doesn't come back Mion finally opens the steel doors and leaves, ignoring Keiichi's anguished cries to stop.

Higu2020ep8 cameras.png

Keiichi yells out and then starts ramming into the cell door, busting it down after three strikes. He looks at the cameras to see several uniformed men surrounding the estate and swears. Going up to the big set of steel doors, Keiichi tries to open them to no avail. He then starts ramming his shoulder into it, trying to bust them down but he starts losing strength and hurts himself, his blood covering the door. Keiichi eventually passes out after one last charge.

Keiichi wakes up at night being carried on a stretcher and Ooishi calling out to him. Keiichi closes his eyes again, with several police cars surrounding the Sonozaki estate. Later in June at an unspecified date, Keiichi walks around Okinomiya and looks at a doll in a store window, a similar one to the doll he gave Mion. Ooishi calls out to him from his car, saying he stopped by the hospital earlier but was told Keiichi was discharged. They go sit on a park bench and where Keiichi says he's doing fine. Ooishi says that if a nearby detective hadn't heard that gunshot, they wouldn't have been able to find out about what happened with Mion, showing relief that they could rescue Keiichi at least. Upon hearing her name Keiichi begins to ask what happened with Mion but the detective tells him to calm down and listen a bit.

Note the scratches on Mion's neck.

Ooishi asks if he knew about the well in the underground prison, and Keiichi denies ever seeing something like that. Ooishi tells him that at the bottom of that well, they found the bodies of Oryou Sonozaki, Kiichirou Kimiyoshi, and Shion Sonozaki. They also found skeletal remains over ten years old and belonging to three different victims, with Ooishi commenting on how dark Hinamizawa's underbelly is. He also says they found Rika: her gruesome corpse was floating in a septic tank at the school. Keiichi realizes that when he was searching for her earlier, he almost stumbled upon Rika's corpse. He then asks what happened to Mion, and Ooishi replies that Mion was found dead alongside Satoko inside a hallway in the Sonozaki mansion. Ooishi stands up, saying that the police has a whole mountain of stuff to look into now that so many dead bodies have piled up and may need to question Keiichi later. He also promises to inform Keiichi of any new developments and leaves, wishing him well.

Keiichi sits alone on the bench questioning Mion's promise that the prison was the safest place in Hinamizawa, even though Shion's corpse was found there. And when they were searching earlier for Rika, he almost stumbled upon her dead body in that outhouse. Keiichi despairs over the fact that it seems like Mion was the one responsible for everything. He wonders if Mion was really trying to protect him from a conspiracy or if something else was going on.

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