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Watadamashi-hen (綿騙し編 Cotton Deceiving Chapter) is the second arc in Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU.


  1. Watadamashi-hen Part 1
  2. Watadamashi-hen Part 2
  3. Watadamashi-hen Part 3
  4. Watadamashi-hen Part 4


New characters

Returning characters

Adaptational Differences

The manga version contains some notable differences:

  • The scene with Keiichi discovering that Mion and Shion are separate people happens during festival preparations instead of at a store.
  • The scenes with Rika ranting to Keiichi and her subsequent disappearance are changed. In the manga, Rika goes home soon after Kiichirou is reported missing and rants to Keiichi when he tries to go home with her. Satoko later reports that Rika hasn't come home. The club searches near Rika's shack and find that Satoko is also missing.
  • In the climax, it is not shown who or what was invading the Sonozaki estate when Mion checks the cameras.