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Wataakashi-hen Part 3 (綿明し編 其の参 Cotton-Revealing Chapter Part 3) is the sixth episode of Higurashi: When They Cry - SOTSU and the third and final episode of Wataakashi.





English (Translated)[]

Determined to protect Keiichi from Oyashiro-sama's curse, Mion imprisons Oryou, a member of the Three Families she believes to be the mastermind, in the basement of the Sonozaki house for questioning.

However, Oryou is already dead...

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Plot Summary[]


Sotsu ep6 oryou

June 19. Mion carries the unconscious Oryou to the torture chamber and ties her to a cross. Mion apologizes for this but still asks Oryou if she's using the power of the Three Families to control Oyashiro-sama's curse. Oryou doesn't respond, and Mion checks her pulse and realizes that she's dead. Mion frets that she can't stop the curse and save Keiichi now that she accidentally killed her grandmother, but she realizes that there are still two other families.

Mion calls Kiichirou and asks him to come to the main house, as Oryou has something urgent they need to discuss. Kiichirou figures it has to do with the stolen car and agrees to visit. Mion awaits his visit, looking over Shion's corpse.

First Half[]

Kiichirou awakens strapped to a chair, his lower half covered by a blanket. Mion greets him and the mayor asks just what is going on. Mion is relieved that they woke up this time, holding up Shion's taser and activating it a bit. A frightened Kiichirou asks why she's doing this, and Mion interrogates him regarding the Three Families using the curse to remove people who bother them or don't fit in to Hinamizawa. Kiichirou has no idea what she means, and Mion says Oryou was giving orders on curse targets as the head of the group. Mion confirms that the Kimiyoshis used to lead the Three Families before, and Kiichirou replies that it was before the war. Mion figures that the Kimiyoshis were pretending to follow Oryou's orders while using the curse for their own means.

Kiichirou insists that he knows nothing, and Mion says they removed three of Shion's fingernails last year for her wrongdoings. She uncovers the blanket to reveal Kiichirou's hands are attached to fingernail-ripping devices and asks how many it will take before the mayor spills everything. Kiichirou promises that he isn't hiding anything and struggles in his restraints. Mion says she really did like Kiichirou, but she has no choice. She wants to save Keiichi and stop the village from demoning him away. Kiichirou swears that he'll do everything in his power to help, but Mion tightens the restraints on the devices and cries, still regretting she has to do this. Mion apologizes and tears off one his nails, and the old mans creams in agony.

Sotsu ep6 kiichirou dies

Some time passes and Mion is covered in blood, crying and realizing that Kiichirou wasn't controlling the curse. Kiichirou has been mutilated, his fingers and toes chopped off, nails rammed into his head, and hie eye and ear separated from his body. Mion says there's one family left.

June 20. Chie tells the class the mayor has been missing since yesterday, surprising Rika. Some kids think he was demoned away, but the curse hasn't happened yet. At recess, Rika talks to a sad Keiichi and asks if he did anything bad last night. Keiichi begins telling a story about kitties as Mion watches from behind a corner and eavesdrops. Keiichi tells his story and asks Rika what the other two kitties should do, and Rika's personality changes. Her voice gets deeper as she mocks Keiichi for telling her the same story she's heard in many other worlds and says that everything is finished. Mion is shocked by Rika's sudden change and believes she really is behind the curse.

Rika and Keiichi's talk is interrupted by Satoko kicking a ball over and asking Keiichi to join them. Rika goes back to normal and tells him to go. Keiichi joins Satoko's game, and Mion pops up behind Rika and surprises her. Mion says she's heartbroken and sheds tears, then grabs Rika and pulls her behind the school. Mion pins Rika to the wall and starts choking her to death, saying she was born into the Furude family so she must shoulder this burden. Rika begins losing strength and Mion apologizes, promising she'll join her once everything is over. Mion slings Rika's corpse over her shoulder, still wanting to protect Keiichi.

Sotsu ep6 choking rika

Class resumes and Chie notices that Rika hasn't returned. Satoko says Keiichi was the last person to see her, and Mion says she saw Rika talking to a construction worker behind the school. The class searches around the school for Rika. Keiichi tries to open the outhouse when Mion draws his attention away and asks him to check the roof. After he leaves, Mion carries Rika into the outhouse and drops her into the toilet. Rika doesn't go in all the way, and Mion stamps her head down with her foot. Seeing the girl fall inside, Mion quickly locks the door, thinking this will stall everyone involved with the curse and give her time to protect Keiichi.

While walking home, Rena asks what's wrong with Keiichi. Keiichi says everything is his fault and is about to explain when he notices some construction workers seemingly watching them. Keiichi walks ahead and Mion steals a glance at the workers as well.

Second Half[]

In the torture chamber, Mion carries Shion's corpse to the well and drops it inside. Mion then calls Keiichi, who thinks she's Shion but realizes otherwise. Mion asks him to come over immediately.

Satoko begins to leave school and sees Chie finishing a talk with Kumagai. Satoko sees the police haven't found Rika yet, and they still have no leads. Chie assures her it will be okay and asks Satoko to go home so she can greet Rika with a big smile when she returns. Satoko 's face falls as she agrees, figuring that Rika will return and act like nothing happened. Some police dogs sniff around for Rika. Satoko's eyes turn red as she wishes for them to find Rika quickly, as her disappearance would be very bad for her. Satoko thinks it would be better to ask "her" directly.

Mion meets Keiichi at the water wheel and assuages his concerns, bringing him to the estate. Nearby, the construction workers from earlier, actually undercover police officers, report to Ooishi on the radio that Keiichi is following Mion towards the Sonozaki estate. Ooishi tells him to join other detectives near the area and continue surveillance. Kumagai asks Ooishi if he thinks the Sonozakis have to do with the mayor's disappearance. Ooishi says Kiichirou's family reported that Oryou called him to the house but he hasn't returned. The police couldn't meet with Oryou, and Mion claimed he went home after their talk. Kumagai thinks that if Mion were lying, then Kiichirou is still on the property and so they need to move in. Ooishi says it would cause more problems if they barged in there without a good reason, so they're staking out the place and preparing to go in if they hear even the slightest scream.

Mion welcomes Keiichi into the main house and later shows him to the torture chamber. The officers continue to watch over them. Meanwhile Satoko heads to her shack and pulls out the big soy sauce bottle as a bulletin advertising free soy sauce from the Sonozaki estate is shown. Mion locks Keiichi in the jail cell and expresses her gratitude that Keiichi treated her like a girl at the games tournament. Mion says she loves Keiichi and wants to protect him by ending their traditions, and then she gets an alert on the security system. Mion sees Satoko at the gate with her bottle and says "her minion's" arrived. Mion pulls out a gun and plants to meet her guest.

Mion greets Satoko at the gate and lets her inside. Satoko asks to have some soy sauce, and Mion remembers that Oryou sent out flyers. The detectives report this event, and Ooishi wonders why people keeping going in and nobody else comes out. He orders everyone to keep ready while he heads over there himself. Meanwhile, Keiichi breaks out of his cell and sees the undercover police on the cameras. He attempts to open the door to the saferoom.

Sotsu ep6 mion gun

"Do you want to know... where she is?!"

Mion asks Satoko who told her to come here. Satoko reminds her of the notice, and Mion points out that she should be worried about Rika yet she came here anyway. Satoko says that Rika came out of hiding when Mion left, claiming she did it to scare everyone. Mion gets angry and scratches her neck, then asks again who sent Satoko. Satoko says Mion knows where Rika is then, and Mion draws her gun and aims it at her. Satoko remains calm and wants to know where Rika is, but Mion instead asks who's in charge of the curse. Satoko asks if Rika's still alive, and Mion gets fed up. A gunshot rings out and Satoko drops her bottle, however Satoko has actually drawn her own gun and shot Mion in the side.

Sotsu ep6 mion and satoko

Mion drops her gun and collapses in pain. Satoko asks where Rika is, and Mion tries to reach for her weapon but Satoko shoots her fingers off of her hand. Satoko says she's quite skilled with firearms and kicks Mion's gun away, thanking her for teaching her the skills in the first place. Mion insults her and Satoko kicks her over, then sticks the hot barrel of her gun to Mion's wound and asks again where Rika is. Mion cackles, saying that she choked Rika to death earlier and dropped her into the septic tank at school. Satoko thanks Mion and shoots her in the head, killing her. Since her account of Rika's death was so detailed, surely Mion really did it herself. Satoko says she'll see Rika again soon and shoots herself in the head.


Start Time End Time Track OST Description
1:46 3:15 Analogy Analogy Opening
6:37 7:37 Weird [Kikai] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 Rika rants to Keiichi
8:31 9:10 N/A N/A Mion chokes Rika
17:52 18:59 N/A N/A Mion sees Satoko on the cameras
19:48 21:51 N/A N/A Mion confronts Satoko
22:15 23:44 Missing Promise Missing Promise Ending

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