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Wataakashi-hen Part 2 (綿明し編 其の弐 Cotton-Revealing Chapter Part 2) is the fifth episode of Higurashi: When They Cry - SOTSU and the second episode of Wataakashi.





English (Translated)[]

Having been given a doll by her beloved Keiichi, Mion seems to be at peace with herself and is having a wonderful time.

However, when she witnesses Keiichi with Shion during her part-time job, her heart is shaken.

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Plot Summary[]


Sotsu ep5 doll hug

June 12. At Angel Mort, Mion tells a fellow employee that she's off for the night. She goes outside, looks at the doll Keiichi gave her, and hugs it.

First Half[]

June 14. Chie holds a curry competition at school. Keiichi says Chie really likes curry, and Mion tells him that curry is like Chie's life. Keiichi derides curry and says it all tastes the same, and Chie suddenly throws a spatula and ladle into the ground at his feet, smiling. Keiichi gets the hint.

Mion declares that this curry competition will be a club activity. Satoko, Rika, and Rena expect to do their best. Keiichi sees Mion effortlessly cut up a potato.

Keiichi tries to do his best as well. Satoko "trips" and knocks over Keiichi's curry pot, then dumps salt in Rena's pot. Mion tastes her own curry and sees it's too sweet, with Satoko mocking her since it's too late to fix it. Rika and Satoko give a saddened Keiichi headpats as he angrily yells Satoko's name.

Sotsu ep5 preview (4)

Keiichi, Rena, and Mion walk home together, with Keiichi still hungry. Mion sees them off and says shes going to work. She goes home and greets her doll, then goes to the mirror and lets her hair down. Mion dresses up as Shion and goes to Keiichi's house with a bento set, letting herself in when Keiichi says the door's open. Satoko watches from behind the front gate, her eyes glowing red. The next day at school, June 15, Keiichi returns the empty bento boxes to Mion, who nervously takes them. Keiichi thanks Shion for bringing them over.

June 16. Mion wipes the windows at the toy store and looks at a similar doll in the window. She goes back inside as Keiichi and Shion walk down the street together, where Shion points out the doll and asks if Keiichi will buy it. Keiichi enters the store and asks to buy the doll, and when Mion goes out to help him, she's very surprised to see him with Shion.

Sotsu ep5 keiichi why


Shion and Keiichi continue going on their "date". Keiichi looks back at Mion, and Shion says they shouldn't interrupt her work. Mion looks at the window where the doll was and cradles her neck before shedding tears.

At the Watanagashi Festival, Keiichi, Rena, and Mion go to look for Satoko and Rika. Meanwhile, Shion and Kasai drive. Shion says Kasai just needs to drop her off, and the bodyguard reminds her to be careful at the festival since Hinamizawa is dangerous at this time of year. Shion doesn't know why she would be demoned away, assuming it is real. Kasai asks how she'll return home, and Shion figures she'll spend the night at the Sonozaki main house. Shion tries to nap.

The festival crowd awaits the ritual dance. Mion asks where Keiichi is, and Satoko says he might be hanging out with Shion somewhere. Mion says that they'll miss the ritual dance, and Satoko insists that the two must be in a good spot. Mion touches her neck.

Sotsu ep5 mion scratch

Tomitake and Takano break the lock to the ritual storehouse and ask Keiichi and Shion to come inside. Rika begins performing her dance. Mion scratches her neck.

Second Half[]

After the cotton drifting, Tomitake and Takano run through the woods. Tomitake says the Mountain Dogs won't let them get away if what Takano said about the final operation is true. Takano says they can escape in her car if they go to the clinic, but Tomitake says there might be a tracker on it and his bike.

Meanwhile, Kiichirou drinks with some villagers when someone asks him to come along for a moment. Ooishi talks to some other villagers when Kiichirou appears and asks if another demoning away has happened. Ooishi says that 30 minutes ago, Tomitake and Takano stole one of the trucks parked at the grounds. Kiichirou is familiar with Tomitake but has no idea why he'd steal a car. Ooishi says the witnesses think they were in a hurry or were afraid of something, as they didn't even take their belongings. Ooishi thinks the two were scared out of the village by Oyashiro-sama's curse, which Kiichirou finds ridiculous. Ooishi says he's been hearing a lot of stories from other witnesses, especially regarding two others who were seen with Tomitake and Takano.

Shion goes to the Sonozaki estate where Kasai is waiting. He hands her a taser, warning that it's an off-market model. Shion thanks him for the gift but she doesn't think anybody could get into the estate because of the security system. Kasai tells her to take the taser just in case and drives off. Ooishi soon drives up in his car, asking to speak to Shion and Keiichi about Tomitake and Takano since they were the last people to see them.

Sotsu ep5 mion eyes

Later, Shion calls Keiichi's house and asks if Mion bought his story. Keiichi talks, and Mion sneaks up behind Shion dressed in a yukata, eavesdropping. Shion mentions that there were four of them at the storehouse as Kiichirou and other villagers examine at the storehouse. Shion says Tomitake and Takano are being targeted by Oyashiro-sama's curse, and Keiichi angrily rambles at Shion.

Sotsu ep5 mion grab

Mion suddenly calls out Shion's name and appears behind her. Shion hangs up and is frightened by Mion's demeanor. Mion asks her to explain, thinking that she dragged Keiichi into this and made him a target of the curse. Mion thinks Keiichi is going to die because of Shion, and her sister gabs her taser and tries to run, however Mion grabs her ankle and trips her. Shion aims the taser at Mion and yells for her to stay back, trembling. Mion calmly sits in front of her and says that anything that happens to Keiichi will be her fault. Shion activates her taser, and Mion asks her to give Keiichi back to her and asks who might be after Keiichi; Kasai or someone else in the village might have told Shion, or maybe Oryou gave the order. Shion insists that she knows nothing.

Mion snatches away the taser and Shion tries to run again, but Mion shocks her and knocks her down. Shion tries to crawl away, but Mion tases her again and then straddles her. Shion sheds tears and asks her to stop, and Mion starts choking her. She doesn't want to do this, but someone has to end their old traditions. Shion struggles as Mion chokes her to death, wanting to take responsibility as the next Sonozaki family head to remove the evil from the village and protect Keiichi.

Sotsu ep5 mion cries over shion

Mion asks Shion to help her and reveal everything she knows, but the girl has already died. Mion's disposition changes and when she realizes what she's done, she buries her head in her sister's chest and loudly cries and apologizes. Mion picks up the taser and tells Shion not to worry, as she'll see things through to the end for Keiichi.

Mion goes to where Oryou is sleeping and tases her. She says she's always wanted to ask her about the truth since Oryou claimed the Sonozakis had nothing to do with the curse.


Start Time End Time Track OST Description
0:43 2:12 Analogy Analogy Opening
2:13 2:53 Smooth Water Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 The curry competition starts
3:21 4:06 I've Decided! Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack The club gets fired up
4:30 5:11 Seal of Spirit! Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Satoko sabotages the competition
6:31 7:05 N/A N/A Keiichi returns the bentos to Mion
10:57 11:42 Dance Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU Original Soundtrack Rika performs her dance
12:58 14:23 Curse Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Tomitake and Takano steal the truck
17:31 19:28 Submergence [Shinkou] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Mion surprises Shion
20:07 20:47 N/A N/A Mion chokes Shion to death
22:15 23:44 Missing Promise Missing Promise Ending

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