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Wataakashi-hen Part 1 (綿明し編 其の壱 Cotton-Revealing Chapter Part 1) is the fourth episode of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu and the first episode of Wataakashi-hen.





English (Translated)

Rika, who thought she had pushed Keiichi to avoid a tragedy, despairs when she finds out that Keiichi and Rena killed each other.

Still, Rika looks forward, believing in a world where no tragedy will occur.

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Rika wakes up in the Sea of Fragments after her suicide. Hanyuu materializes and says another tragedy must have occurred, and Rika gives a snide remark. Hanyuu asks if it were the Mountain Dogs or Takano who killed her, and Rika reminds her she can't remember anything leading up to her death. The only thing she remembers is running out of the classroom with the intent to kill herself. Hanyuu asks what happened in that world, as she can't view it or join Rika in her weakened state. Rika thinks Keiichi and Rena killed each other because of Hinamizawa Syndrome; she knew Keiichi was suspicious of Rena and thought her words would convince him it was fine, but she was wrong. Hanyuu says her centuries of scars won't disappear, and Rika is well aware of that. She won't give up just yet. Rika apologizes for being mean to Hanyuu, feeling better after talking to her. Hanyuu smiles and assures Rika she'll create another miracle like before.

Satoko watches the Fragment of Rika and Hanyuu speaking, commenting that it will take much more to break Rika's spirit. She caresses her neck, still feeling the pain from stabbing it. Eua says her own power is at full strength unlike "that failure", pointing her khakkara at a Fragment of Hanyuu, and offers to give Satoko memory loss if she desires. Satoko says it was just a complaint and that Eua's powers all she needs. Eua reminds her that Satoko will travel to the same Fragment as Rika's if the cat dies first.

Satoko is sure that Rika still thinks Takano is behind everything. In the previous Fragment, Keiichi seemed to succumb to the syndrome like he has many times in the past. Satoko professes that Rika's centuries of experience won't help when she controls the curse, her eyes glowing red. Eua wonders how Satoko will entertain her next.

First Half

June 5, 1983. Rika wakes up and greets Satoko, who's chopping vegetables. Satoko comments on her appearance and Rika says she woke from a nightmare, but she doesn't remember what it was. Rika gives a halfhearted nipah and leaves. Satoko comments that it was no dream and says that Rika really knows how to use a knife. Satoko says she'd like to find a more pleasant method next time.

Satoko goes to Teppei's apartment and knocks on the door. Teppei starts yelling, thinking it's the landlady and apologizes when he sees it's Satoko. Teppei says he would've opened the door with a smile if he knew it was Satoko and gives a very sinister grin. Satoko accepts his apology and asks for a favor; she wants to go to a special place but they won't let her in by herself.

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Satoko and Teppei go to watch a horse race. Teppei watches with excitement as Satoko dully watches. Teppei manages to win a massive amount of money from is horse bet and gives her niece a big hug, happy. Satoko says they should go home since her magic only works once. As they walk home, Teppei is still excited about his winnings.

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Satoko comments on the mess in Teppei's apartment and gets him to help clean up. The living area is now spick and span. Teppei counts his money and offers to give Satoko more than half of it, and Satoko takes just a small amount for her. Teppei is reluctant, and Satoko says all she did was tell him of the horse she dreamed about. Satoko says they should celebrate with drinks, but Teppei says his doctor won't allow it. Satoko sees no harm in one drink.

That night, Teppei gets very drunk, shedding tears over Satoko being so nice when he was so mean. Satoko says it's alright, and Teppei promises to keep her safe. Satoko is still concerned about his scary friends, and Teppei says he's no longer associated with them. He still has their addresses in an address book, listed under fake names in case the police look through it. Teppei takes another drink and falls asleep. Satoko whispers in his ear, asking which friend she could go to to buy something really dangerous.

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Satoko looks through the address book and finds a man named Kawauchi as Teppei continues to sleep. Satoko goes to Flower Road with a package and goes to an alley, where a car is parked. Satoko knocks on the window rhythmically, and the man inside lets her in. Kawauchi tells Satoko to go away, and Satoko reminds him she used the correct number of knocks so he let her in. Kawauchi says she ought to get away from whoever she's working for, and that deals only happen with people he trusts. Satoko reveals her package to be a stack of cash, and Kawauchi happily takes it. He won't ask anything about who she works for. The man gives Satoko a gun and bullets in exchange.

Second Half

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Kawauchi asks Satoko if her boss knows how to use the gun, and she affirms it. A flashback occurs to when Satoko was at school, where she asks Mion how to use a gun since she may know some things. Mion says she learned how to shoot from a foreign ex-soldier, and Satoko says she should learn how to use weapons for future club games. Mion shows interest in holding a water gun fight and then pulls a training gun out of her locker.

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Outside, Satoko uses the model gun to shoot some cans and misses. Mion says the gun was made to have the same weight as a real gun. She takes the gun from Satoko, reloads it, and then shoots all the cans off the table. Satoko is impressed, and Mion reminds her that the key to getting better is lots of practice. Satoko continues practicing her sharpshooting skills in private in the woods. As the years pass, Satoko's aim improves, and she moves on from shooting cans to stacked rocks. Satoko loads her gun in the present day, surprising Kawauchi. The girl says she's well accustomed to handling firearms.

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The club members call Satoko in the morning to tell her to join a club game in Okinomiya. Rika meanwhile wakes up and changes the calendar to Sunday, June 12. At Da Vinci, Satoko and Rika join the club and many other kids in a games tournament. The tournament starts, with Rena, Rika, and Mion succeeding in their games with no problem. At the Concentration table, Satoko comments that she's played with everyone countless times, but the boys at her table don't understand. Satoko manages to get a flawless victory in Concentration. Keiichi is shocked that even Satoko managed to win quickly. Satoko and Mion go off for some tea together, a sinister shadow falling on Satoko. While Mion gets the drinks from the machine, Satoko prepares the H173 syringe, her eyes glowing red.

In the Sea of Fragments, Satoko comments to Eua that there aren't any worlds where Mion succumbed to paranoia. Eua affirms it since Hinamizawa Syndrome affects those who are distant from the queen carrier or experiencing mental stress. Mion is very logical despite her emotions, likely bolstered by her sense of duty as the next Sonozaki family head. Satoko wonders what would happen if Mion fell victim to Hinamizawa Syndrome.

After the tournament, Yoshirou gives prizes to everyone except Mion. Keiichi gets a doll, and Rika tells him to give it to Mion. Satoko watches on with a bored expression. Keiichi gives Mion the doll, and she happily hugs it. The empty H173 syringe is shown dropped near the drink machine.


Start Time End Time Track OST Description
0:30 2:29 N/A N/A Hanyuu wonders how Rika died
3:23 4:10 N/A N/A Eua reminds Satoko of her goal
4:11 5:40 Analogy Analogy Opening
15:45 16:33 N/A N/A Satoko practices shooting
18:05 18:37 Match! Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack The tournament begins
19:46 20:31 Oyashiro-sama Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Satoko wonders about Mion's mental state
21:02 22:13 N/A N/A Keiichi gets a doll
22:15 23:44 Missing Promise Missing Promise Ending

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  • One of the horses in the race, Wanyan Daio, may be a reference to the wanyan concept that appears in many other Ryukishi07 works.