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Wanya 07
Haremroyale wanyadora

The WanyaDora app and the wanya as they appear in Harem Royale.

The wanya (わにゃ), also called wanyan or meowoof, is a recurring blob-like creature in Ryukishi07's works that appears to be his author avatar. The wanya is sometimes associated with a fictional video game titled WanyaDora (わにゃドラ WanyaDora) or other similarly-named games and objects.

The wanya has also been referred to as "Namekuchi" and as a slug.[1]

List of Appearances[]

This list is sorted by chronological release date.

Series Name Context
Umineko When They Cry The wanyan is first mentioned in the Tea Party of Twilight of the Golden Witch as a pet that Gertrude owns. Wanyans can also be used to make food.[2]
Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni In The Second Night, the characters Shuuichi Arimori and Nafumi Shintani have wanyans attached to the neck stumps on their body sprites. Because the sprites are composites, these are hidden in-game behind the head portions and can only be seen if users decompile the game files.
Rose Guns Days Last Season references a wanyan-flavored drink.[3]
TRianThology In the Vespio 2438 story, Violetta has a wanya chain attached to her rifle.
Hotarubi no Tomoru Koro ni Teruya Tadamura plays WanyaDora on his phone at various points of the story.
Iwaihime WanyaDora is mentioned as a game that Tsubakiko Harumiya plays.
Harem Royale Liru has WanyaDora on her smartphone and encourages Asunaro to download it.
Ciconia When They Cry Many characters play WanyaDora, including Lilja, Koshka and Miyao. Naomi also wears a wanya pin in her hair.
Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU and SOTSU
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou (manga) Onidamashi Chapter 3 has Keiichi watching a TV show called "Meitantei Wanyan", a parody of Detective Conan.
LOOPERS A game called WanyaGO is referenced (unnamed in the official English translation), and also features a horse race with a horse named Wanyan Daio (called "Lighting Bolt" in the official English translation).
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei (manga) Oniokoshi Chapter 3 features lookalikes of Grave Mole as Angel Mort waitresses advertising a fictional collaboration with "Wanyan no Naku Koro ni". The collab features a dessert plate with a wanya, Keropoyo, and a golden butterfly seemingly referencing Umineko.

WanyaDora Gameplay and Features[]

It can be surmised from scenes in Ciconia that WanyaDora focuses around collecting and trading resources and monsters, combining them to become stronger.[4][5] Collecting hearts from friends[6] and engaging in pvp[7] are also main features. Monsters also have rarities[8][9], similar to gacha games. Convincing people to install the game presumably gives players bonuses.[10]



  • Wanyan is translated as meowoof because "wan" is the Japanese syllable for "woof," and "nyan" is the Japanese syllable for "meow." The "dora" part of the WanyaDora title comes from "doragon," the Romaji pronunciation of "dragon." Ryukishi07 can be literally translated as Dragon Knight 07.
  • The title may also be a reference to the game Puzzle & Dragons, which is often abbreviated in Japanese as PazuDora.


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