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This article is about a character in Rose Guns Days.

"Regardless of whether one studies hard and works hard, or does nothing and is satisfied with laziness, time passes the same for us all, does it not? (...) How ignorant God must be, to not understand the difference between lazy fools and hard workers, and to hand out time to everyone with inflexible rules."
— Wang in Rose Guns Days: Season 3

Wang Yuanhong (王 元洪 Wáng Yuánhóng (CH)) is a high-ranking member of the Golden Dragon Society who is called in to create jobs for Chinese people and placate his superiors. He first appears in Season 2.


Wang has black hair, a black goatee and wears glasses. He wears a white coat with a red dragon adorned on the flap over a black shirt.


Wang is very cunning and manipulative, always planning things to end in his favor whenever possible. He has an obsession with clocks and time, believing that the amount of time a person has to live should be equivalent to how hard they work.


Wang is a member of the Golden Dragon Society who was friends with Meijiu and acted as a mentor to him, being referred by him as "honored brother." Wang later came to lead a faction of GDS members who preferred having a council of elders be in control rather than the former leader and his son Zilong. Wang then came to own the restaurant Millennium, which he also uses as his hideout.



Season 2[]

Wang is first introduced in 1948 at the end of Season 2, talking to Meijiu and planning to compete with Rose's Japanese labor union.

Season 3[]

Wang starts producing imitation soy sauce and selling it at low prices to counter Primavera's, hoping to turn Japanese consumers against them. He later has a meeting with Rose and tries convincing her to give some of the special offers windows to the GDS and lower the wages for Japanese workers to make Chinatown calm down.

When Rose rejects his demands, Wang employs Zel to assassinate her with poison, hoping that Richard will take her position and then accept his deal. Wang has Zel's father imprisoned in his restaurant as a hostage to coerce her. Wang also hoards cheap Japanese ingredients with the intent of releasing them on the market if Primavera continues to defy him.

Zel is unable to carry through with Rose's assassination and instead gains her help in rescuing her father. They formulate a plan where Rose goes to meet with Wang again as Zel and the Wandering Dogs infiltrate Wang's restaurant as the Wandering Cats; Wang has no idea what Zel actually looks like and is fooled by them. After they rescue Zel's father, Wang sees that Zel is actually his assassin after noticing her tattoo. Zel takes Wang hostage with a gun and after a standoff, Wang is freed from her grasp and starts conversing with Rose to begin his "economic attack."

Ultimately Wang's attack is foiled when Primavera's bodyguards destroy his warehouses of ingredients and he learns that the mafia groups he had hired were all bribed by Rose. Wang soon succumbs to the poison he intended to kill Rose with and is carried off to the hospital. Wang's final fate is not shown, however his absence creates a power vacuum within the GDS and allows Zilong to come into power.