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Not to be confused with Virgilia.
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This article is about a character in Umineko When They Cry.

Virgilius (ウェルギリアス U~erugiriasu) is a character that appears exclusively in Last note of the Golden Witch. He is a cut character that was intended to appear in Land of the Golden Witch as a rival detective to Battler.


He'll go around throwing out thoroughly misleading theories, making Battler's own theories go further and further astray, and making him suffer for a long, long time. As Battler's rival, he has the power to patch together ruthless truths and circumstantial evidence as he wishes; to "define" the world with the deductions he makes.

...a being who could have been born as a character.

(Translated from Entergram's Umineko Saku website.)


Virgilius has short blue hair and wears a suit coat. The One-Winged Eagle is on his collar.


Virgilius' personality is improvised since Beatrice hadn't yet defined his personality or speech patterns when Land was scrapped. Having a kansai dialect at first, Bernkastel rewrites him as a polite gentleman instead.


Virgilius was a rejected character who was intended to appear in Land of the Golden Witch. When Land was scrapped, his name was given to Virgilia and his role to Furudo Erika[1].

Skills and Abilities

It is suggested that Virgilius would have been able to use the Detective's Authority like Erika did. Not only that, Virgilius could change the world to match his theories, whether they were true or false.

Role in the Story

Last Note of the Golden Witch

Virgilius appears in the after-credits scene after being pulled from oblivion by Piece. The idea for Land was for Virgilius to become a rival to Battler and further beat him into submission after he had surrendered at the end of Turn of the Golden Witch. Virgilius was also intended to play the role of The Man From 19 Years Ago.