Lucifer[edit | edit source]

To the master of the fragment, the great lord:

It's the time of valentines again, and as the leader of the Seven Sisters of Purgatory, I hereby present to you this chocolate, and my vow for eternal obedience.

~Eldest of the Seven Sisters of Purgatory: Lucifer, with love and loyalty

P.S. If there's anything you'd like me to do, I will be willing to turn into a chair, a candlestick, a cat, a carpet, a furniture, and even a slave, so please order this pathetic furniture around as you wish.

Leviathan[edit | edit source]

To the honored lord who must've gotten chocolate from others:

Although my chocolate is only one of the many that you have received, I still have poured my heart and effort into making it.
Even if it's just an insignificant one in a huge pile, it doesn't matter.
This message is from one pair of the countless eyes fixed to you, that lunatic one with the color of envious red
Forget-me-not, ohehehehehehe~

~Second eldest of the Seven Sisters of Purgatory: Leviathan, with love and jealousy

Satan[edit | edit source]

To the master of the seven sisters, the almighty lord:

I have predicted that my foolish sisters must've included some rude words in the letters.
But, the fault is not theirs.
It's all due to that I have not taught them well. Please accept my apologies

And also, have your harsh remarks at me if you wish...
Any strong words, I can take, because I am prepared for them...

~Third eldest of the Seven Sisters of Purgatory: Satan, with love and regret

Belphegor[edit | edit source]

To the owner of the chessboard, the almighty lord:

I have sent many chocolates to many males, but they are demon chocolates designed to make the men into lazy swines
But your majesty has always fixed yourself into working
So this is not a trap to sloth, but a real Valentine's chocolate from me

~Fourth eldest of the Seven Sisters of Purgatory: Belphegor, with love and respect

Mammon[edit | edit source]

(Mammon's omitted due to the OP)

Beelzebub[edit | edit source]

To the owner of the chessboard, the almighty lord:

I believe that your majesty deserves the best of the best chocolates
so I spent many time looking for one that suits you
and after countless tries, I have found the best one.

~Second youngest of the Seven Sisters of Purgatory: Beelzebub, with love and cocoa

P.S. The best of the best chocolates is really the best! It's so addicting that I couldn't stop myself after the first bite ...I have accidently ate them all, my apologies so here you go, the second best-tasting chocolate.

Asmodeus[edit | edit source]

To the owner of the chessboard, the almighty lord:

I have melted my love into this chocolate.
No, if possible, I want to become your majesty's chocolate.
If that can be done, I will be able to lie on your majesty's warm and soft tounge, enjoying the sensation of your mouth to its fullest.

~Youngest of the Seven Sisters of Purgatory: Asmodeus, with love, passion, and melancholy

Chiester 45[edit | edit source]

To the master of number ********* fragment
From the 4096th infantry of the Chiester Guards

Thank you very much for all these times.
I wished to make handcrafted chocolates and send them to you, but due to the chocolate terrorist attack last year, the headquarters forbade us to make chocolates.
Therefore I have picked the best one which I thought would fit your majesty the most
It would be my greatest honor if you can taste it.

~Chiester 45

Chiester 410[edit | edit source]

To the master of number ********* fragment
From the 4096th infantry of the Chiester Guards

The friendship chocolate of the roses, is the shotgun of the valentines.
The true love chocolate that guarantees a perfect strike, is the sniper rifle of the valentines.
And the chocolate I've sent to you...what of the valentines is it-ne?

~Chiester 410-ne

Chiester 00[edit | edit source]

To the master of number ********* fragment
From the 4096th infantry of the Chiester Guards

Along with the blessings of valentines, I've included the love and respect for your majesty in this letter.
The chocolate that accompanies this letter has passed the department's inspection please enjoy it without worries.

~Cheister 00

Dlanor A. Knox[edit | edit source]

To celebrate valentines, and show my appreciation for all these times, I hereby present to you this chocolate.
But, when it's valentines, I like to receive more than to give out chocolates.
I like chocolate, because I'm a kid.
I don't like hot chocolate, because I spill it easily
...and I can't really wash it off.
If Gertrude sees this letter, she will force me to rewrite it burdensome
so I secretly sent this out before Gertrude can take a look at it.

~Chief Inquisitor of Eiserne Jungfrau: Dlanor A. Knox

Gertrude[edit | edit source]

Report: Today sure is cold
bid my wish that your majesty may hold on to good health
hereby present my blessings of St. Valentine's
and alongside a piece of chocolate full of love and respect.

~First-class priest: Gertrude

P.S. I've recently made a cat my pet, it's really cute.
Which one does your majesty like more? Cats or Dogs?

Cornelia[edit | edit source]

Report: Days have still yet to warm themselves, and early spring has paid its first visit.
At this time of enjoying the warmth of a heater, I bid your majesty greetings and fair wishes for good health.
The delinquent who dared to disrupt this day of last year has been taken into custody.
I have with me the sense of a law enforcer, carrying on my daily duties.

~Third-class Priest: Cornelia

Beatrice[edit | edit source]


Just to let you know, I have eaten that pile of chocolates mailed to you. If you ever let me catch you, you are DEAD! I will let you know that you will never be able to receive chocolates from girls, EVER!

...But oh well, I really do pity your pathetic look, so here you go, I have saved you a piece of chocolate, be grateful for my kindness~!

I, I was thinking...of making you a handcrafted chocolate, but mines tasted too good.
It would be a pity to send it to you, so I ate it myself.
If it's for you, I think a chocolate bought elsewhere will be good enough.

~Golden Witch: Beatrice

Ange Ushiromiya[edit | edit source]

To onii-chan:

I think onii-chan has already received tons of chocolates.
Most of them are probably just trying to catch your attention, so don't get all excited about'em.
Unlike back in onii-chan's time, girls nowadays send chocolates to even just normal friends.
My chocolate is handcrafted, and for some reason I've shaped it into a heart, but don't overthink ...there's nothing special behind it

~From your cute little sister: Ange

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