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This article is about a character in Ciconia When They Cry.

Valentina (ヴァレンティナ Vuarentina), also known as Tina, is a member of the Healthy Military Balance Oversight Committee from LATO.


From LATO Brazil

A member of the Healthy Military Balance Oversight Committee of the International Peace Mediation Association Military

Her P3 levels and Aerial Augmented Infantry aptitude are high, and it's estimated that she's able to wield considerable power using her personally customized Gauntlet, which is a signature of LATO. However, her true ability is unknown.

Nonetheless, according to the profile of her made public by the authorities, she has dominated in South America's endurance combat flying division.

Anyone can display explosive power for an instant, but the endurance division requires not only physical and mental strength, but also an understanding of Energy-Maneuverability Theory. This suggests that she's not only a genius, but has also undergone elite education and training.


Valentina has blonde hair, blue eyes and wears a white uniform and skirt. She also wears black thigh-high socks and white boots. Her Gauntlet resembles a trumpet.


Valentina is very level-headed and stoic, even when seemingly bizarre events are happening. She seems to look down on Mari for her naivete.


Special Abilities

Energy-Maneuverability Theory (SS)

She specializes in movement that follows the laws of the planet, rather than violent flying that relies on Anti-G 8MS. She can beautifully fly long distances using a minimum amount of energy. For that reason, she always has an excess of energy, which she can use quite effectively for pinning down enemies, fire control, shielding, and so on.

High-Output Rejection Shield (SS)

She uses a high-output Rejection Shield, which has been forbidden for use by anyone outside the IPMA due to international agreements "to help maintain a healthy military balance". The details of its performance are unknown, but according to rumor, its powerful enough that not even aces from other factions would be able to penetrate it.

Observer of Military Balance (A)

As an observer from the Healthy Military Balance Oversight Committee, she's able to throw her weight around a bit when dealing with militaries from other factions.

Since none of the factions want LATO as their enemy, no matter which military she goes to, she can always drink tea for free in the coolest room.


Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones

Tina is first introduced in Chapter 2 alongside Maricarmen as a referee for the International Battle Standard Festival, later accepting the Public Bath Oath. Through the course of the story she and Mari act as mediators for when worldwide tensions rise and the Gauntlet Knights begin to get restless.

At one point she guides Toujirou to a meeting with a LATO executive. After the meeting and Toujirou and the executive hit it off, Tina relays an order to the Public Safety Office that they stop targeting Toujirou.

In Chapter 12, she and Mari stand guard at a meeting between a LATO executive and a man named Mr. Gray, learning of the Three Kings. Seshat invades the meeting and wipes the memories of everyone present.

In Chapter 16, she and Mari are made members of the Order of the Public Bath as witnesses to ensure they remain just in their goals of preserving world peace.

In Chapters 19 and 20, Mari and Tina work as bodyguards again during the signing of a global peace treaty at the IPMA HQ. They manage to protect Toujirou from an explosion that kills most of the provisional directors.

In Chapter 23, Mari and Tina escort Toujirou and go on a stroll through a beach ruined by the drone revolt. They ask him some questions and learn that a "World Reset Cult" is indeed masterminding more than just the drone revolt.

In Chapter 25 she and Mari attend Miyao's Christmas party.