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This article is about a location in Umineko no Naku Koro ni.

The VIP Room is a room of the mansion for important guests. However, it has never been used. None of the guests who come to mansion are important enough to be given use of this room. It's locked most of the time and its entrance is forbidden by Kinzo. Only the servants are allowed to go inside to clean and keep it tidy. According to the ghost stories, you can't enter the room passed 2AM, the time when Beatrice returns after wandering around the mansion at night.

Aspect[edit | edit source]

The VIP Room has a table and four chairs around it, a big window covered with purple curtains, a bed with a side table, a telephone (like most of the rooms), a chimney and no clocks. When Jessica went inside in Requiem of the Golden Witch to see if the ghost stories about Beatrice were true, there was a small French doll sitting on an armchair placed on the side table. There were also some cookies and wrapped chocolates, like some kind of creepy offering to the witch.


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