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Plot Summary

Vol. 1 Chapter 1

Location Summary
Parlor Erika Furudo sits alone on a chair, saying she can easily solve the case of Rokkenjima.
Meta-World Beatrice uses Battler as a footrest, having beaten him in another game. Battler says the game will still continue so long as he doesn't give up, and Ronove appears to bring cookies. Beatrice is surprised at how confident Battler is and decides to change things up for their next game: there will be no magic. Battler is confused, and Beato explains that this next mystery will not involve magic at all, and if Battler cannot solve it then he really will be a fool.

Battler accepts the challenge and Beato starts laying out some rules. There will be 18 characters on the gameboard. These characters are the same as in previous games but with some exceptions: Kinzo will be alive at the start, and Shannon will not be on the island. In Shannon's place will be Erika Furudo, a girl who has stumbled onto the island. Magic also does not exist in this game.

Battler thinks to himself, reiterating that any red truths in previous games do not apply. Battler announces that he's ready to begin, and Beatrice calls for the Seven Stakes of Purgatory to kill six people.

Study A storm engulfs the island of Rokkenjima. On October 4 at 20:00, several people stand at the entrance to Kinzo's study. Erika confirms that the people who died are Kinzo, Krauss, Genji, Gohda, Kumasawa, and Kanon. Inside the study, these six people are seated at a table, dead and pierced with stakes. Jessica cries over the loss of her beloved and her father. Erika inspects the shelves to the study, finding it lucky that there's enough chemicals there to do a proper investigation. This tragic murder only happened because a detective was nearby, after all.
Outside the Mansion Two hours earlier, at 18:00, Erika stands before the Ushiromiya family mansion with rain pouring down around her.
Parlor The cousins watch the weather on TV, where a massive typhoon has covered the island. George says they can't leave the island before the typhoon stops, with Jessica finding it shameful that George took all this time to get there when Shannon isn't present.

Meanwhile, the adults of the family are talking and want to meet Kinzo. Krauss says he's in his study and won't come out, and Eva takes it to mean he can't come out. Genji interrupts their meeting to say that a girl has washed up on the island after falling from a boat and Nanjo is patching her up. Gohda wheels in some tea, and everyone drinks while discussing the legend of the Golden Witch. Erika then enters the parlor and introduces herself.

Study Back to the present time, Erika inspects the study, checking underneath the table and a serving cart, finding it strange that Gohda the chef would dine with the master. Finishing her inspection, Erika confirms that there was indeed someone else hiding in the room apart from the victims, and that person is a woman. Battler finds Erika's behavior strange, as she's numb to the fact that people have died.

Erika checks the corpses and confirms that the master keys were taken away. She asks Nanjo if the victims died instantly, and he confirms that even if someone else examined the bodies, no one will make a mistake.

Jessica is unable to accept this fact, and Erika says that Kanon was already dead. Jessica then grabs Erika, asking why she acts so full of herself; Erika replies that she's a detective and has the right to gather evidence. Rudolf breaks them up and Battler tells Erika that they're going to seal the study to keep it intact for the police. Erika walks off, saying she already finished investigating.

Beatrice finishes explaining everything that happened on the first day, and Battler asks what this "purple logic" is. Beato explains that the only goal of the game is to find the murderer; purple statements have the same power as red truth, however the murderer can lie with them. Anything stated in narrative sections is also the same as red truth, with Beato gesturing towards a box with brackets.

Beatrice reiterates that this is a test for Battler to see if he really can solve mysteries, and Battler responds that this is a test for Beato as well, as she is nothing without magic. Spurred on by his declaration, Beato dares Battler to challenge her.

Vol. 1 Chapter 2

Location Summary
Meta-World Virgilia and Gaap join in, with Beato saying the first twilight has just concluded. Six people were killed in the locked study, and Erika found there was a female seventh person hiding inside the room. However, it's still too soon to say if this seventh person was really the culprit.
Study Erika puts tape on the door to the study to seal it, with Battler asking why. This tape was torn such that it can easily come off, and Erika's also written her signature on it. It's impossible to tear off or reapply the tape without leaving a trace. There's a possibility the culprit may have left a clue, so nobody may enter or exit the room if the seal isn't broken. Erika never wanted to tell Battler about this for the possibility that he may be the culprit. As Erika leaves, Battler thinks about the seals.
Parlor The survivors discuss a letter they have found. Rosa found this letter on the dining room table after returning from the garden with Maria. Rudolf and the others couldn't find the servants after seeing dinner wasn't prepared, so they all went to the study to check up on them. That's when they discovered the corpses.

Kyrie made her own investigation but couldn't find any murder weapons or suspicious items. She claims nobody was hiding in the study. Erika says the study isn't truly a locked room so long as the autolock is present.

Battler reads the letter which has the witch's epitaph printed on it, thinking that the murderer is just telling them their plans. Maria says that maybe the witch Beatrice did it, and Natsuhi replies that there are only 18 people on the island; the rumors of a witch existing are just rumors.

Rudolf reports that the telephone and radio aren't working. Kyrie thinks the culprit isn't operating based on their logic, so thinking about the motive is pointless. Erika agrees, saying the only things needed to figure out crimes are the howdunnit and whodunnit. To that end, Erika wants to confirm everyone's alibis.

Eva levels suspicion at Natsuhi, finding it strange that her husband was in the study while Natsuhi wasn't; Natsuhi says she was resting in her room because of her headache. Eva shouts that nobody can prove her alibi then, with Natsuhi taking offense to it. Erika calms them down and says there was definitely evidence of a female 7th person inside the study. Kyrie admits that she doesn't have an alibi, but she and Rudolf were together and, being a married couple, will always vouch for each other. Eva also admits that she and Hideyoshi do not have alibis, and the same can be said for Rosa and Maria. Battler says that he, George and Jessica were all in the guesthouse kid's room. Nanjo was with them, so traveling to the main building without being noticed is impossible. Erika says she was in the guesthouse library and can leave it unnoticed at anytime, therefore she also does not have an alibi. In conclusion, none of the females except Jessica have an alibi.

Hideyoshi stops the conversation, saying they're still not sure if the culprit is among them. Battler agrees, wanting to leave it to the police to discover everything once the typhoon passes. Rudolf says that even though the master keys were stolen, they can still be safe as long as they're inside a chain-locked room. The group splits off, and Erika asks Battler for a request.

Outside the Mansion Battler strips down to his underwear and Erika puts on her swimsuit, climbing up the mansion in the rain and putting tape on all the windows. With the sealing of the windows, they'll be able to tell if someone enters or leaves by them. Erika asks Battler to keep this a secret from everyone. Erika has no idea who the culprit is or how, but there's one undeniable truth: people die when they are killed.
Guestroom As Battler thinks about how the culprit is silently waiting for their next kill, George and Hideyoshi are seen sleeping inside a guestroom with the chain set.

Vol. 1 Chapter 3

Location Summary
Parlor Battler and Erika get dressed and talk about how the culprit could have erased any evidence they left using Kinzo's collection of chemicals, but didn't. It's also possible that the culprit may be faking their death. Battler realizes that Erika's sealing of the study wasn't just to prevent hiding people from escaping, but also to prevent any fake corpses from leaving as well.
Main Hall Battler and Erika head to the portrait of Beatrice so they can examine the epitaph. They run into Eva carrying a gun. Eva explains that this is a Winchester taken from Kinzo's collection, a capable weapon for killing people. There are 4 Winchesters in total, and Rudolf and the others have some. Battler voices his suspicion of Eva, and she claims that she did not kill those six people; the Winchester is only for self-defense.

Eva soon leaves and Erika talks about the epitaph, noting the line "those who remain shall tear apart the two who are close." Suddenly, a scream is heard coming from Eva's direction.

Meta-World Dlanor A. Knox joins Battler and Beatrice's debate, saying that she will always be there when mysteries are occurring. Dlanor confirms in red that Knox's Commandments are effective, giving a list of them. Battler remembers the red truth that the culprit is among the 18 people, and if secret passages are not permitted, then the sealed rooms have even greater meaning. Beato invokes Knox's 7th, saying that because Erika is the detective, she cannot be the culprit and thus her purples are truth. Battler doesn't think so, saying Erika merely self-proclaims herself as a detective and has no authority. Beatrice advances the story.
Guestroom Battler and Erika stand outside the door to Hideyoshi and George's room, where Battler remembers how only the internal telephone can be used. The chain lock is shown to be cut.

Inside the room, Eva cries over the deaths of Hideyoshi and George, who died in their beds with stakes protruding from their stomachs. Nanjo confirms they're both dead, and Erika adds that with the way they died, the culprit had to have been the same as in the study.

Kyrie says that when she and Rudolf heard the scream, they rushed there to find Eva already kneeling and crying. Battler says he and Erika were the first ones to reach the room, with Nanjo coming after Rudolf and Kyrie came. Rosa says she and Maria were the last to arrive.

Maria notices that the chain to the room was cut by a wire cutter, and Erika says the only ones who should know where the wire cutter is are the ones who live in the mansion: Genji and the servants, Kinzo, Krauss, Natsuhi, and Jessica; the only survivors from that group are Natsuhi and Jessica.

Meta-World Beatrice confirms in red that only those people are able to use the wire cutter, and Battler asks what happened to the master keys. Beatrice reminds him of Erika's statement during the first twilight that all the keys were taken alongside the master key. Beatrice then confirms in red that the master keys can lock and unlock all doors, and there is a special key for the garden warehouse. No other keys exist except for the study key, the warehouse key, and the master keys. It's possible to lock and unlock doors from inside rooms without the master key. There are also 4 master keys, one per servant.

Battler says that because the doors and windows are all sealed instead of locked, they can easily find the culprit. Beato asks if it really is that simple.

Vol. 1 Chapter 4

Location Summary
Jessica's Room Alone in her room, Jessica cries over Kanon's death and starts hearing noise from the first floor.
Parlor Jessica heads downstairs to find Eva angrily accusing Natsuhi of killing George and Hideyoshi. Natsuhi says she's innocent, and after some more arguing Eva aims her gun at Jessica, accusing her of being the culprit. Eva asks Natsuhi to let go of her, and Natsuhi asks Eva to lower her gun; Natsuhi wouldn't hesitate to become a demon to protect Jessica. Erika tries to defuse the situation and says they should instead focus on making deductions and cornering the culprit.

Later, Rudolf says the culprit should have left clues in the guestroom, so until the police arrive, they will seal it so nobody can enter or leave. Battler went to check the study's seal and confirmed that it was still intact.

Erika then confirms everyone's alibis. When she and Battler arrived at the guestroom, Hideyoshi and George were already dead. Eva says the door wasn't locked, figuring that the culprit used a master key to open it. Rosa and Maria say they were with Nanjo in the guestroom. Nanjo says that the three of them went to check the situation together when Battler's group didn't return; they then heard Eva's scream. Kyrie was with Rudolf the whole time, and they never left their room until they heard Eva's scream.

Meanwhile, Jessica and Natsuhi were both in their own rooms and don't have alibis. Battler confirms Erika's alibi. Even though Erika is suspicious and doesn't have an alibi for the first twilight, Battler thinks she isn't the culprit. Battler then wonders what Erika was doing in the guesthouse library.

Seeing as how there are multiple suspects and no conclusive evidence, Erika suggests that she, Natsuhi and Jessica be locked in a room together until the morning. Jessica objects and Natsuhi says it's necessary if they want to prove their innocence; they should also be safe if they're isolated.

Sometime later, Erika is handcuffed to a chair in the parlor. Battler has the key to them and will come get her in the morning. She asks Battler to use the duct tape to seal all the doors in the event that more murders occur. Battler considers that the person who murdered the six in the study and the two in the guestroom is the same person, and Erika is not the culprit since she was with him the entire time.

Erika reassures Battler that she won't die because she's the detective.

Meta-World Battler thinks that Erika may be the real culprit, as detectives like her existing in real-life would be troublesome. EVA-Beatrice then arrives and suggests they just kill her off. Battler theorizes some more, saying that Natsuhi is the most suspicious if everyone else were to be trusted. However, Eva doesn't have an alibi, and there could be multiple culprits. Battler determines that he must find purple statements he can trust, and deciding the culprit now would be impatient. Beatrice says the tragedy has not yet ended and places down a black queen between a white king and pawn, twisting them out of shape.

Vol. 1 Chapter 5

Location Summary
Garden Warehouse The rest of the survivors gather around the garden warehouse as Jessica and Natsuhi enter. Rosa says the warehouse is locked from the outside, so it's impossible to open from the inside. Eva suggests that they give the key to Battler for safekeeping, with Rosa saying she wants to stay in the guesthouse with Maria to be safe. Rudolf says Battler will be staying with him and Kyrie for the night. In the end, Battler is given the warehouse key by Maria, who tells him to keep it safe. Eva says they're going to the guesthouse to rest, putting faith in Battler. Battler gives one last look at the warehouse, thinking that Natsuhi and Jessica's treatment is like a real witch trial.
Guestroom Battler still doesn't feel good about locking Natsuhi and Jessica inside the garden warehouse. Rudolf asks who he thinks the culprit is, and Battler thinks about how the alibis of everyone for the first two murders are complicating things; someone may have been lying.

Battler notes that all of the windows and doors in the mansion are sealed, and nobody can enter or exit as long as the seals are intact. Kyrie says their room is the only room in the mansion sealed from inside, as there's furniture blocking the door. She also considers if Rudolf could be the culprit, and Battler says he can't possibly do it.

Even though the Ushiromiya family's relationship isn't the best, Rudolf still doesn't want anybody to die and thinks about how those in the warehouse are doing.

Garden Warehouse Jessica vents her frustration at being called the culprit for Kanon and Krauss's murders as Natsuhi embraces her. Natsuhi puts her faith in the police proving their innocence when the seagulls cry, and that they must look forward as proud members of the Ushiromiya family.

Cheering up, Jessica says her mom is not a killer, and Natsuhi replies with belief that her daughter is also not a killer. Natsuhi and Jessica huddle into a corner and fall asleep. Some golden butterflies can be seen floating around.

Parlor Erika says that anybody can die at any time except for the detective, so the next victims will be one of them: either the group of Rosa, Maria, Eva, and Nanjo in the guesthouse, Natsuhi and Jessica in the warehouse, or Battler, Rudolf and Kyrie in their room. Erika wishes for everyone to have a nice dream.

Vol. 2 Chapter 6

Location Summary
Meta-World Now that the game has reached the turning point, Beatrice wants to know if Battler's figured out the culprit. Battler goes over the deaths in the previous twilights as Bernkastel and Lambdadelta appear to observe. Bern calls the game simple, and Battler asks if she's found the culprit already; the Witch of Miracles replies that solvable games are no match for her. Beatrice slams down another chess piece, saying the game will finally show its true colors.
Guestroom On October 5 at 7:00, Kyrie and Rudolf begin unblocking the door to their room. Battler gets a bad feeling as they head towards the garden. They check the door to their room and see that the seal is intact.
Garden Warehouse At 7:15, Battler's family meets Nanjo, Rosa, Maria, and Eva at the garden storehouse. Battler unlocks the warehouse and opens it to discover Natsuhi and Jessica's corpses, which have stakes pierced in them. Eva shakes Natsuhi's body and demands to know why she's dead, and Rudolf tells her that Natsuhi was killed. Battler is unable to figure out how this happened, as he had the warehouse key with him at all times.

Eva comes to understand that the warehouse had been locked since before they arrived and starts going crazy thinking that Battler did it. Rudolf tries to calm Eva down and asks about the status of the victims. Nanjo says Natsuhi and Jessica are both dead, predicting that they died before dawn. The cause of death was likely strangulation, with the stakes being inserted afterwards.

The group leaves and Battler locks the warehouse, with Nanjo saying that the windows and door are also sealed to ensure that nobody enters or leaves.

Parlor At 8:00, the group returns to the parlor to talk to Erika and to confirm alibis. Kyrie and Rudolf say the seal was unbroken in their room until they left that morning, so they and Battler were unable to kill Natsuhi and Jessica. Eva was sleeping in the guesthouse and can't speak for the other three. Nanjo stayed in the guesthouse after accompanying Eva there, and Maria was always with Rosa in the guesthouse. Rosa says they should focus on the fact that until that morning, the garden warehouse was a locked room the entire time.

Battler says there's only one key to the warehouse besides the master keys, and Natsuhi and Jessica didn't commit suicide nor did they kill each other. Erika remembers that Eva didn't have an alibi when George was murdered and asks why he and Hideyoshi were in that room. Eva says it was obvious to stay in the safest place possible, yet George and Hideyoshi were killed there. Eva thinks Erika is suspicious, but she was handcuffed in the parlor the entire time and never left. Battler wonders why the culprit went for the two in the warehouse and not Erika, as she would be the easiest one to kill.

Vol. 2 Chapter 7

Location Summary
Meta-World Beatrice wants Battler to give his deduction of the culprit already and state a motive, and Battler says the motive is not important. Willard H. Wright shows up and agrees, as the whodunnit is the theme for this game. Battler is happy to see Wizard-Hunting Wright and, after a brief pause, asks what he's doing here. Will replies that he's just tagging along with Lion Ushiromiya, who was told by Bern that an interesting game was happening. Upon hearing that Lion is an Ushiromiya, Battler begins to ask a question but Will stops him.

Lion asks Beatrice if the warehouse door can only be opened with its designated key, and Beato replies that to simplify things, she made it such that the warehouse can be opened with a master key. Beato repeats it in red, and Battler thinks that the locked rooms here don't involve keys; the seals and purple statements are crucial. Battler resolves to solve the mystery.

Parlor At 8:00, the survivors gather in the parlor. Battler tells Erika that he sealed the warehouse, and even though it can be opened with the key, nobody can enter or exit without breaking the seals. Rosa thinks that alibis and such are not necessary anymore, as the culprit has a master key and a chain cutter; the most important thing is to survive. Erika says that a survivor's purpose is to become clues for the detective, so they should focus more on leaving dying messages. Rudolf finds their argument pointless, as the murderer is on Rokkenjima and could be any of the 18. He suggests that they either stay together and supervise each other or hide individually until the typhoon passes.

After another argument, Eva announces that she's going to the guesthouse to rest. She asks that they use the duct tape to seal the guesthouse if they're going to keep suspecting her.

Guesthouse At 9:00, Battler tells everyone to seal the guesthouse doors and windows. As long as they are intact, Eva cannot enter or leave. Battler thinks he may be selfish, as he's started to get worried about alibis and seals like Erika does. Even if they tied up Eva, they should have let her her stay with them. Nanjo places a reassuring hand on his shoulder, saying they should just focus on survival.

A gunshot is suddenly heard coming from the direction of the mansion.

Parlor Battler heads back to the parlor, where Erika was all alone. She says that Rudolf and Kyrie went off to the first floor guestroom after Battler's group went to the guesthouse.
First Floor Guestroom Battler heads down there and covers his nose after smelling rust and gunpowder. He steps into a pool of blood and sees Rudolf and Kyrie's corpses with what appear to be bullet wounds in their chests. The rest of the group follows and Nanjo confirms that with these wounds, Rudolf and Kyrie died instantly.

Battler asks if anybody saw the culprit when they were running over there, and Maria says nobody is hiding in the room. Battler then sees the seal on the window is still intact and wonders how this murder happened.

Rosa says they were all together, so she, Nanjo, Maria, and Battler couldn't have killed Rudolf and Kyrie; everyone there has an alibi. Eva is locked in the guesthouse and Erika is still bound in the parlor, so Battler's confusion grows.

Vol. 2 Chapter 8

Location Summary
Meta-World The Chiester Sisters and Stakes of Purgatory fly around the room while talking about their theories. Battler tells them to go away as Beatrice says the game is nearing the epilogue, so all the other furniture is jumping at the chance to make an appearance. Battler still doesn't have an answer, but it's too soon for checkmate. He still needs to think more.
First Floor Guestroom At 9:45, Battler puts tape on the door to the room containing Rudolf and Kyrie's corpses. Battler asks that they go around and verify the seals to all the other rooms.
Guesthouse At 10:35, the group has finished their rounds and determined that the seals to the front door of the entrance hall and the guesthouse is still intact.

There were no traces of Eva leaving the guesthouse. Battler knocks on the door to Eva's room and confirms that she is still there. Rosa is still relieved that Maria is safe, and if anyone were to target her daughter, she would definitely kill them.

Battler theorizes some more. He's definitely the most suspicious person because of how much he's following Erika, and even though they were together when Rudolf was murdered, there could still be accomplices.

Battler tells Nanjo that he will be unchaining Erika and bringing her to the guesthouse. Battler wants to go alone and leaves Nanjo to take care of Rosa and Maria.

Parlor Erika sees that Battler is all alone and jokes that he may be the culprit. Battler unlocks her handcuffs, saying that she is not the culprit and is now free. Erika is confused as to why Battler is setting her free; he wants to rely on her detective's authority.

Erika begins her deduction. Maria is unable to kill anyone, as she's a young girl, so anybody except her can be the murderer. Eva's locked herself in the guesthouse and won't leave, and all the doors and windows are sealed, which Erika will verify later. Battler says Rosa never left Maria, and both of them and Nanjo are in the guesthouse.

Erika verifies that everyone was together when Rudolf and Kyrie were killed, and she announces that she knows who the culprit is. However, she won't tell Battler, as he wouldn't be able to accept it. She has no idea what the motive might be and leaves it to someone else to figure it out. Erika claims once more that she will not be killed because she is the detective, and Battler has enough and leaves.

Main Hall Battler returns to the main hall and looks at the portrait of Beatrice, wishing that the witch was real so they didn't have to suspect anyone.

Suddenly, a stake pierces Battler's back from behind, with his last words being that he was killed.

Vol. 2 Chapter 9

Location Summary
Meta-World Battler expresses surprise that he was killed. He thanks Beatrice for this, as it means he is innocent. Beatrice affirms such, confirming in red that Battler was killed by the culprit and is not one himself. Also, Erika is the detective and is not the culprit. Ange appears, expressing solace in the fact that this information has finally been revealed. Ange tells her brother to put in more effort or else the witch's game will never end. Battler declares that he will solve this game, and Beatrice leaves it up to the detective to conclude things.
Main Hall Erika inspects Battler's corpse, finding that he really was stabbed in the back. She expresses gratitude that Battler's death has given her more proof as to who the culprit is.
Study Erika goes to the guesthouse and tells the group that Battler has been murdered. They go around and inspect all the crime scenes again. They see that the seal to the study is still intact and go inside to see that the corpses haven't been moved.
Guestroom George and Hideyoshi's room also shows no signs of being tampered with, and Erika asks Nanjo what the status of the chain lock was. He says Battler was the first to enter, and the door had always been open. There's no traces of the wire cutter being used.
Garden Warehouse They finally check the garden warehouse, having confirmed that all the seals of every crime scene is intact. Erika confirms that 13 people are dead: Kinzo, Genji, Gohda, Kumnasawa, Kanon, Krauss, Hideyoshi, George, Natsuhi, Jessica, Rudolf, Kyrie, and Battler. The survivors are Erika, Eva, Rosa, Maria, and Nanjo: five people.

Rosa demands to know why they're rechecking all of the crime scenes, and Erika asks Maria what she was doing when Battler was killed. She says she was with Rosa and Nanjo. The seal in Eva's room is still intact, so it's impossible for her to kill Battler's family. Erika then announces she knows who the culprit is and asks everyone to gather for the solution's reveal.

Meta-World Beatrice defines what a culprit is and lists several things in red. Battler asks to verify all of the purple statements that have appeared, Beatrice guarantees that he can find the answer with the information provided. She dares Battler to challenge her with everything he's got.

Vol. 2 Final Chapter

Location Summary
Meta-World Battler theorizes over the game. The most important thing to find is purple statements that can be trusted. Beato's red truth that he and Erika are not culprits means their purples are reliable; Maria is also not a culprit because Battler can vouch for her. Thinking back to Rudolf and Kyrie's deaths, Maria says none of the 5 survivors could have killed them. If none of those 5 can kill, then one of the 13 people who died must have faked their death. Battler now knows who the culprit is.
Mansion Parlor With just a few minutes to 24:00, Erika gathers the survivors in the parlor to discuss the truth of what happened. The culprit's plan was meticulously planned, as even if it failed, they could still detonate the bombs buried underneath the island and destroy the entire mansion, along with all the evidence. The culprit wanted someone to prove his innocence, which is why nobody in the guesthouse was attacked. Erika then accuses Nanjo of being the culprit, much to Eva and Rosa's shock and Maria's disinterest.

Nanjo resigns himself, as Erika made a remarkable deduction. She figured out the whodunnit and the howdunnit, and as per the rules of mystery novels, Nanjo must explain the whydunnit.

Nanjo praises Erika for solving the epitaph and discovering the existence of the bomb, as someone else had actually solved it for him. Eva is surprised that the gold really did exist, and as per the agreement Nanjo would become the head of the family. Nanjo believed that the family wouldn't accept that he solved the the epitaph and would just take the gold while calling him an outsider. Nanjo bellows with resentment, saying he has worked hard for the last 10 years and yet has been treated like a paperweight. Nanjo says he is still human with a family and wishes of his own, and he will even kill for it. Eva takes this to mean that Nanjo killed George and Hideyoshi, and he replies that it was his accomplice who did it; Nanjo only killed one person. Just like Nanjo, his accomplice hated the Ushiromiya family, and Nanjo could understand her frustration. Erika then says that Nanjo planned to silence his accomplice from the start. Nanjo's gameboard was almost perfect except for one thing: he invited Erika to the board.

Nanjo says the game still hasn't ended yet and Eva raises her gun, but Nanjo pulls out a revolver and shoots her in the head. Nanjo holds another resolver in his hands and aims it at the others, saying he will kill everyone and then use the bombs to destroy everything; he will be in a dangerous position, but there will be no evidence. Nanjo asks Erika for her last words, and she replies that nobody said the bombs were stopped.

With only a minute left to 24:00, a horrified Nanjo exclaims that Erika will die as well. Erika says she doesn't want to submit to the culprit and would rather jump down the waterfall with him. Even so, that famous detective didn't die, so Erika shouldn't die either.

Erika finishes by saying that none are left alive when the seagulls cry.

Meta-World Beatrice laughs as Battler compliments her for her game. Battler has had enough and wants to go back to exposing Beatrice's true colors. Beatrice accepts his challenge and summons all of her furniture to join her.

Challenge to the Reader

Murasaki final page.jpg

On the final page, the author gives three questions for the readers to answer:

  1. Please answer which culprit killed who under the situation that there is more than one culprit.
  2. Please answer who is the last person to be killed until Chapter 9.
  3. Please explain how the crimes are committed.