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This page contains all the purple statements and red truths for the spinoff, contextualized and arranged by twilight. Hints are also listed at the bottom of page, based off of the last chapter of the spinoff.


  • Anything stated in narration boxes with special brackets is the same as red truth.
  • Absolute truths that do not require any proofs or arguments. The "red truth" will be valid in this game as well.
  • Head of the Ushiromiya family, Kinzo. The oldest son, Krauss. His wife Natsuhi and their daughter Jessica. The oldest daughter, Eva, her husband Hideyoshi and their son George. The youngest son, Rudolf, his wife Kyrie, and Rudolf's son Battler. The youngest daughter Rosa and her daughter Maria. The doctor, Nanjo, the head of the servants, Genji. The servants: Gohda, Kumasawa, Kanon. In this game, Shannon will be outside of the island, hence she will not be included. She will be replaced by a girl who was lost and stumbled on Rokkenjima. (Erika Furudo) A total of 18 people.
  • If there is mystery, Knox's Ten Commandments are effective.
  • There is no magic in this game.
  • A game that is absolutely solvable is no match for me.
  • The purple declaration holds the same weight as a red truth. However, only the culprit can use the purple truth to lie.
  • The culprit is the murderer. The culprit can lie. The culprit can lie even outside of the murders. Those that aren't the culprit can only speak the truth. Those that aren't the culprit cannot aid the culprit. All of the murders are executed personally by the culprit. The culprit cannot commit suicide. The culprit is among those mentioned.
  • I guarantee that you can figure out who the culprit is using the information provided.

Before the Murders

  • George: We can't leave the island before the typhoon stops.

First Twilight

Kinzo, Gohda, Kanon, Kumasawa, Genji, and Krauss were found dead in the study and seated at a table. They had stakes pierced in them.

Discovering the corpses

  • Erika: The people who died are Kinzo, Krauss, Genji, Gohda, Kumasawa, and Kanon. A total of six people, correct?
  • Erika: It's hard to imagine the chef dining with the master.
  • Erika: There was indeed someone else hiding in the room apart from the victims, and that person is a woman.
  • Erika: All keys have been taken along with the master key.
  • Erika: These sacrifices died instantly, correct?
  • Nanjo: Even if someone else examined the bodies, no one will make a mistake.
  • Erika: Kanon was already dead.
  • At the time of the crime, there was another woman other than the six victims inside the study room.

Sealing the study

  • Erika: I was sealing the door with duct tape. (...) So it is impossible to tear off or re-stick the tape without leaving a trace. As long as this seal isn't broken before the police arrives, no one can enter or leave the room.
  • Battler: You can't enter or leave the room without breaking the seals.

The letter

  • Rosa: I saw the letter on the dining room table after returning from the garden with Maria.
  • Rudolf: We couldn't find any servant, and dinner was also not prepared, so everyone went to the study room to check up on the situation. And then, that's when we saw that Father and the others had been murdered.
  • Kyrie: I did some investigating on my own. However I couldn't find any murder weapon or any other suspicious items. Of course there wasn't anyone hiding in the study room.
  • Erika: As long as there is an auto lock, the study is not a locked room.
  • Natsuhi: There are only 18 people on the island.
  • Kyrie: However, this culprit might not operate based on our logic. It might be a waste of time to think of the motive.


  • Natsuhi: I was resting in my room due to my headache.
  • Kyrie: I too do not have an alibi. Even though Rudolf and I were together, as a married couple we can always vouch for each other.
  • Eva: Fine... My husband and I both do not have alibis as well. Rosa and Maria-chan too. But George is different.
  • Battler: Ahhh. George, Jessica and I were in the guesthouse's kid's room. Nanjo was there as well, so it is impossible to travel to the main building without being noticed.
  • Erika: I was in the guesthouse's library and can leave it unnoticed at anytime, meaning that I too do not have an alibi.

Sealing the mansion

  • Erika: Finally, all of the mansion's windows have been sealed. As long as the seals are intact, we know that no one entered or left via the windows.
  • Erika: If someone is killed, then that person will die.
  • Battler: If we think about it the other way around: When someone dies, then they must have been murdered by someone else...?

Retrieving guns

  • Eva: It's an item from Father's collection, a Winchester. Of course, this is a real thing capable of killing.
  • Eva: Fufu. I did not murder those six people~
  • Battler: Calling the police is impossible. As we cannot make outside calls, we can only use the internal telephone. At this point, all we can do is to wait for the morning to come.

Second Twilight

George and Hideyoshi were found dead in a guestroom. They had stakes pierced in their stomachs.

Discovering the corpses

  • Eva: George! My George is dead...!!!
  • Rudolf: Hideyoshi-niisan has also been murdered.
  • Nanjo: George-san and Hideyoshi-san are both certainly dead.
  • Erika: Looking at how they died, there's no mistake that it is the same culprit that killed the six people in the study room.

The arrival of the witnesses

  • Kyrie: When Rudolf and I heard the scream and rushed here, Eva-neesan was already kneeling on the floor and crying.
  • Battler: We were the first to arrive. Dad and Kyrie-san came next, then Nanjo came over hurriedly.
  • Rosa: Maria and I were the last to arrive.

The chain lock

  • Maria: Uu~ The room's chain has been cut by a wire cutter. It was forcibly broken.
  • Erika: Usually the only ones who know where the wire cutter is are the ones who live in this mansion. And those are Genji and the servants, Ushiromiya Kinzo, Krauss, Natsuhi and Jessica.
  • Erika: Among those that survived are... Natsuhi and Jessica. Isn't that correct?
  • Only the servants, Kinzo, Krauss, Natsuhi, and Jessica are able to use the cutter!
  • Erika: All keys have been taken along with the master key.
  • The master keys are able to lock and unlock all doors. There is one dedicated key for the study room and one for the garden warehouse. In other words, no other keys exist except for the study room key, the warehouse key, and the master keys.
  • Of course, one can lock and unlock each room's door from the inside. There are 4 master keys. From the start of the game, the four servants each held one key.

Sealing the room

  • Rudolf: Therefore, until the police arrive, we will seal that room to ensure that absolutely no one can enter or leave that room.
  • Battler: I went to check the study room's seal. There is no damage to the seal. The room is still sealed.

Confirming alibis

  • Erika: First, when we arrived at the guest room, George and Hideyoshi have both died.
  • Eva: The door wasn't locked. The culprit possesses the master key. They must have used that to open the door.
  • Rosa: Maria and I were together with Nanjo.
  • Maria: Uu- I was with Mama in the guestroom.
  • Nanjo: We were a bit worried that Battler and the rest haven't returned, so the three of us went to check out the situation together. That's when we heard Eva's scream.
  • Kyrie: I was with Rudolf the whole time.
  • Rudolf: Before hearing Eva's scream, Kyrie and I never even stepped one foot out of our room.
  • Jessica: I was in my own room. I don't have an alibi.
  • Natsuhi: I too was in my own room. I am the only one that can prove my own innocence.
  • Battler: I confirm Erika's alibi. This girl doesn't have that much free time.
  • Erika: During the study room murders, I did not have an alibi.

Isolating the suspects

  • Erika: We have suspects but no conclusive evidence. If that is the case, then there is only one rule we have to implement. That is to lock the suspicious individuals, like Natsuhi, Jessica and I, in a room together until the morning.
  • Battler: We used the handcuffs on Erika Furudo. Without releasing the lock, she is unable to leave the living room.
  • Erika: The key to the handcuff is entrusted to Battler. Come to me during the morning.
  • Battler: The culprit that murdered the six in the study room and the two in the guestroom is the same person. In other words, Erika is not the culprit as she was with me the whole time.

The garden warehouse

  • Rosa: The warehouse is locked from the outside, so it's impossible to open the door from the inside.
  • Maria: We decided to follow Aunt Eva's suggestion and entrust the warehouse key to Battler. Keep it safe until tomorrow morning~
  • Eva: We are going to the guestroom to rest now. Battler-kun, I wonder what we can look forward to tomorrow morning...?

Discussing the murders

Battler, Rudolf and Kyrie hold a private family meeting inside of a guestroom.

  • Battler: Even though Aunt Natsuhi and Jessica and both locked in the rose garden's warehouse... If I'm honest, it doesn't feel great.
  • Battler: The windows are sealed along with the doors.
  • Battler: As long as the seals are intact, we know that no one entered or left any of the rooms.
  • Kyrie: Only this room in the entire building is sealed from the inside. Ahh...what can we do, Battler-kun? What if Rudolf is the culprit...?
  • Battler: The old bastard won't kill. After all, this bastard is part of my family, At least I will trust him on this.

Inside the warehouse

  • Jessica: That's right... Mom is not a killer.
  • Natsuhi: Haha. I also believe that Jessica is innocent.

Fourth and Fifth Twilights

Jessica and Natsuhi were locked into the garden warehouse on account of suspicion and stayed there for the night. When the warehouse was opened in the morning, they were found dead and pierced with stakes.

Discovering the corpses

  • Eva: Natsuhi-neesan, why are you dead......!
  • Rudolf: Aneki, stop it!! Natsuhi-neesan has been killed.
  • Battler: How is this possible... Aunt Natsuhi has also been killed.
  • Battler: I had the key with me at all times! I didn't pass the key to anyone else!!
  • Eva: Are you saying that before our arrival here the warehouse has always been locked?! Then how are they dead!
  • Nanjo: Natsuhi and Jessica are both dead... I predict that they died before dawn...

Locking the warehouse

  • Battler: Just in case, I locked the door from the outside.
  • Nanjo: I have sealed all the windows and the door of the warehouse.It is impossible to enter or exit the warehouse as long as the seal is intact.

Confirming alibis

  • Kyrie: Until this morning when we left the room, the seal in our room was not broken.
  • Rudolf: Battler was sleeping very soundly, so we didn't leave our room until this morning.
  • Battler: In other words, Dad and I as well as Kyrie-san are all unable to kill Aunt Natsuhi and Jessica.
  • Eva: I was sleeping in the guesthouse. There is no way to verify the alibi of the other three.
  • Nanjo: After I accompanied Eva back to the guesthouse, I stayed there the whole time.
  • Maria: Mama was always with Maria in the guesthouse.
  • Rosa: Compared to whether or not we have an alibi, the problem we should focus on should be the fact that until this morning the warehouse was a locked room the whole time.
  • Battler: Strictly speaking, it's not a locked room. There is only one key to the warehouse apart from the master keys. But the culprit possesses a master key. Furthermore, the two of them didn't commit suicide, nor did they kill each other.
  • Erika: If that's the case... Eva-san, when George was murdered you didn't have an alibi right? When the second incident happened, why were George-san and Hideyoshi-san in that room?
  • Eva: Since the first incident happened, isn't it obvious to stay in the safest place possible?
  • Erika: Even though they were killed in the supposedly safest place possible.
  • Erika: I didn't even move one step from this room. The handcuff has also never been released at all.
  • Any door with a keyhole can be opened with a master key.

The warehouse

  • Battler: Even though the door can be opened with the master key, entering or leaving without breaking the seal is impossible.
  • Rudolf: The murderer is on Rokkenjima. Moreoever, he's amongst one of us 18 people.
  • Eva: I will return to the guestroom to rest... until the entire incident comes to an end...
  • Battler: Everyone, let's seal all the doors and windows of the guesthouse. As long as the seals are intact, Aunt Eva is unable to leave or enter.
  • Maria: It's a gunshot.

Sixth and Seventh Twilights

After hearing a gunshot, Battler rushes to the mansion to find Rudolf and Kyrie dead, with both having what appeared to be gunshot wounds.

Discovering the corpses

  • Nanjo: From these wounds, it is clear that both Rudolf and Kyrie are dead...
  • Battler: With wounds like that, how could they be alive...?! Dad and Kyrie-san were both murdered!
  • Maria: No one is hiding in the room uu~
  • Battler: The seal on the window is not broken. T-then how...?!

Confirming alibis

  • Rosa: We were always together...! Battler, Nanjo, Maria and I couldn't have killed Rudolf and Kyrie.
  • Maria: It's just as Mama said. Everyone here has an alibi.

Sealing the room

  • Battler: I sealed the guestroom in which Dad and Kyrie died in.

Checking the mansion and guesthouse seals

  • Battler: All the seals at the murder scenes didn't have any evidence of being damaged then repaired.
  • Battler: The seal at the front door of the entrance hall has always been intact. The guesthouse's seal is also intact.

Freeing Erika

  • Battler: The handcuff is removed. You are now free. Erika, you are the detective. You are not the culprit.
  • Erika: So I can now freely move around like this.

Deducing the culprit

  • Erika: First, Maria is unable to kill anyone. How can such a young kid be the culprit?
  • Erika: Apart from Maria, everyone else could be the murderer. Is that what you are trying to say?
  • Battler: Aunt Eva has locked herself up in a room in the guesthouse and doesn't have any intention to leave. The doors and the windows are all sealed, and are all still intact.
  • Battler: Aunt Rosa never left Maria. Both of them and Nanjo are all in the guesthouse.

Eighth Twilight

Battler goes to the main hall alone and is stabbed from behind.

  • Battler: I was killed.
  • Ushiromiya Battler was killed by the culprit. Ushiromiya Battler is not the culprit!
  • Moreover, the detective Erika is not the culprit!

Checking the seals

  • Erika: This is the last area. The seals to all the crime scenes are intact.
  • Erika: Kinzo, Genji, Gohda, Kumasawa, Kanon, Krauss, Hideyoshi, George, Natsuhi, Jessica, Rudolf, Kyrie, Battler. I have confirmed the death of those 13 people mentioned. The survivors on the island are Eva, Rosa, Maria, Nanjo, and me. These five.


  • Maria: When Battler was killed, I was together with Mama and Nanjo.
  • Erika: The seal to the room Eva is in hasn't been tampered with. It's not possible for her to kill Battler's family.


Notably, there is one sole yet critical difference between the rules of this game and those of Bernkastel's Game . While a culprit "must not die" in the latter, they simply "cannot commit suicide" in this game.

  1. There are at least two culprits.
  2. Nanjo is one of the culprits. He has only killed one person.
  3. One of the accomplices is female.
  4. George, Hideyoshi, and Jessica are the only ones whose death is not confirmed by either Battler or Erika during their corresponding twilight. Erika personally confirms their deaths for the first time during the final search.