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Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode R: Radio of the Golden Witch is an Internet radio show. It aired ten episodes between August 26, 2009 and January 13, 2010. Produced by Animate TV, the show was hosted by Sayaka Ohara (Beatrice) and featured numerous guests who were also voice actors from the anime such as Daisuke Ono (Battler Ushiromiya) and Marina Inoue (Jessica). A special episode was later aired on April 28, 2010 featuring Rina Satō (Ange Ushiromiya) and Ryukishi07 as guests. Two CD compilation volumes containing two CDs each were released on December 23, 2009 and January 27, 2010 compiling the ten main episodes.


Air Date Title Guest
AUG 26 2009 R-I Fairy Marina Inoue (Jessica Ushiromiya)
SEP 9 2009 R-II Calculate Marina Inoue (Jessica Ushiromiya)
SEP 30 2009 R-III Novelty Yū Kobayashi (Kanon)
OCT 14 2009 R-IV Bind Yū Kobayashi (Kanon)
OCT 28 2009 R-V Queenside Miki Itō (Eva Ushiromiya)
NOV 11 2009 R-VI Variation

Yuka Saitō (Lucifer)

Madoka Yonezawa (Leviathan)

NOV 25 2009 R-VII Major Piece Daisuke Ono (Battler Ushiromiya)
DEC 9 2009 R-VIII Ambush Rikiya Koyama (Rudolf Ushiromiya)
DEC 24 2009 R-IX Strategy Kōji Yusa (Juuza Amakusa)
JAN 13 2010 R-X Checkmate Fuyuka Ōura (Lambdadelta)
APR 28 2010 R-SP Extra Game

Rina Satō (Ange Ushiromiya)