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The Music Box is a function unlocked upon completing the ??? section of Twilight of the Golden Witch. It allows players to listen to all of the music in the story. This does not include tracks that only play in the Question Arcs.

The music files can also be found in the game's BGM folder. Information on when each track is played in the story may be found in the Plot Summary pages for each arc.

End of the Golden Witch

No. Track Name (Music Box) File Name (.ogg) Artist
111 Future Future dai
112 蒼色の冷笑 [Deep Blue Jeer] blue_no_reishou ラック眼力 [Luck Ganriki]
113 名探偵は知っている [The Great Detective Knows] meitantei_ha_shitteiru dai
114 笑み亡きソワレ [Smile-less Soiree] emi_naki_soware ラック眼力 [Luck Ganriki]
115 one one Pre-holder
116 螺旋 [Spiral] rasen_choir Pre-holder
117 弦楽三重奏曲 第6億番 嬰ヘ短調 [String Trio #600 Million in F# Minor] 6oku_slow_oke ラック眼力 [Luck Ganriki]
118 トーテンブルーメ [Toten Blume] totemblume -45
119 JUSTICE Justice dai
120 ACI-L aci-l -45
121 喰那 [Kuina] kuine -45
122 Proud-dust proud-dust xaki
123 hello your dream hello your dream dai
124 孤独な深海魚 [Solitary Deep Sea Fish] kodoku_na_shinkaigyo -45
125 少女たちの魔女狩り [The Girls' Witch Hunt] shoujotachi_no_witch_hunt -45
126 継接キメラ [Patchwork Chimera] tsugihagi_chimera -45
127 discolor 22_discolor zts
128 resurrectedreplayer 0e_resurrectedreplayer zts
129 Final Answer Final Answer dai
130 hikari [Light] hikari dai
131 命のパン [Bread of Life] inochi_no_pan dai
132 約束 [Promise] yakusoku_vocal dai

Vocal: ゆーだい [Yuudai]

133 Tomorrow Tomorrow dai
134 TSUBASA(Ver hope) [Wings] Tubasa(short ver hope) dai, pino, ラック眼力 [Luck Ganriki], E. Kida

Vocal: 片霧烈火 [Katakiri Rekka]

None オカルティクスの魔女 [Occultics no Majo] umineko_op5.mpg 志倉千代丸 [Sakura Chiyomaru], 土井宏紀 [Doi Hironori]

Vocal: Ayumu

Dawn of the Golden Witch

No. Track Name (Music Box) File Name (.ogg) Artist
135 鈍色の空笑 [Gray Empty Smile] lg_ep6_org2 ラック眼力 [Luck Ganriki]
136 永遠の鎖 [Eternal Chains] eb Pre-holder
137 Love Examination LoveExamination M. Zakky
138 刹那 [A Single Moment] setsuna Pre-holder
139 Look Back Look Pre-holder
140 青い蝶 [Blue Butterfly] dai_001(blue) dai
141 my dear dai_009(hope B&D) dai
142 キ・ナの香り [Kina no Kaori] lg_kina9mx ラック眼力 [Luck Ganriki]
143 rog-limitation rog-limitation_mst xaki
144 ワルツ [Waltz] Op.34 gc-28 北大路瑞希 (グラサンねこ) [Kitaouji Mizuki]
145 ALIVE dai_015(ALIVE_4m) dai
146 birth_of_new_witch(inst) B_o_n_w_inst ラック眼力 [Luck Ganriki]
147 ruriair gc-29 北大路瑞希 (グラサンねこ) [Kitaouji Mizuki]
148 Engage of marionette dai_006(engage of marionette) dai
149 Life dai_011(Life) dai
150 Loreley Loreley dai
151 罪 [The Sin] dai_012_tsumi_Long dai
152 The first and The last The first and The last Pre-holder
153 反魔セクエンツィア [Anti-Demon Sequentia] gc-30 北大路瑞希 (グラサンねこ) [Kitaouji Mizuki]
154 battle field SF09-sayu-01 さゆり (Silver Forest) [Sayuri]
155 Rebirth dai_010(Rebirth) dai
156 道 [Path] dai_002 dai
157 liberatedliberator 0f_liberatedliberater zts
158 Thanks for all People dai_008(thanks for all people) dai
159 嬰児クインビー [Infant Queen Bee] eiji_queen_bee -45
160 birth of new witch (Short Ver) lg_bonw_m_size ラック眼力 [Luck Ganriki], E. Kida, Pre-holder (mix)

Vocal: 本木咲黒 (猫招き歌劇団) [Motoki Zakuro]

161 ウサンノカオリ [Fishy Aroma] lg_usan_uta_full ラック眼力 [Luck Ganriki], E. Kida

Vocal: 木野寧 [Kino Nei]

Requiem of the Golden Witch

No. Track Name (Music Box) File Name (.ogg) Artist
162 le4-octobre 26_le4-octobre_mst xaki
163 l&d-circulation 11_l&d-circulation_mst xaki
164 reflection-call 22_reflection-call_mst xaki
165 rain 29_rain zts
166 7-weights 24_7-weights_mst xaki
167 fall 27_fall zts
168 bore-ral 19_bore-ral_mst xaki
169 ballade-continuer 15 ballde-continuer_mst xaki
170 なまえのないうた ver.2007 inst [Song Without a Name] namaenonaiuta_Ver2_oche_mst sunny, xaki, cap, pyon
171 lie-alaia 02_lie-alaiaa_mst xaki
172 Golden Nocturne (inst) lg_Golden Nocturne(inst) ラック眼力 [Luck Ganriki]
173 far (flat) far(flat) zts
174 おもちゃ箱 [Toy Box] omocha_bako dai
175 terminal entrance 30_terminal_entrance zts
176 人形劇 [Puppet Show] ningyou_geki dai
177 s/he-end 04 she-end_mst xaki

Vocal: xaki

178 Bring The Fate Bring the fate 土井宏紀 [Doi Hironori]
179 なまえのないうた full-inst [Song Without a Name] namae_no_nai_uta_inst sunny, xaki, cap, pyon
180 The_End_Of_The_World the_end_of_the_world_inst_mst sunny, xaki, cap, pyon
181 goddess-gardena 43 goddess-gardena_mst xaki

Vocal: xaki

182 金色の嘲笑 [Golden Sneer] kanairo_no_choushou ラック眼力 [Luck Ganriki]
183 ridicule 18_ridicule zts
184 黄泉津比良坂 Corruption [Yomitsu Hirasaka Corruption] yomi_corruption -45
185 the executioner 0h_executioner_m zts
186 Song Without a Name ver.sakura ED size namae_no_nai_uta_ed sunny, xaki, cap, pyon

Vocal: 佐倉かなえ [Sakura Kanae], xaki (choir)

None 霧のピトス [Kiri no Pithos] umineko_op7.mpg ラック眼力 [Luck Ganriki], dai, E. Kida

Vocal: 佐倉かなえ [Sakura Kanae], 木野寧 [Kino Nei]

Note: BGM 182 is identical to BGM 44, though the files are different. Both numbers are used in the script to call the track.

Twilight of the Golden Witch

No. Track Name (Music Box) File Name (.ogg) Artist
187 ぬいぐるみ [Stuffed Animal] nuigurumi dai
188 怪奇ディヴェルティメント [Bizarre Divertimento] kaiki_divertimento 北大路瑞希 (グラサンねこ) [Kitaouji Mizuki]
189 Dread_of_the_grave_-more_fear-(remake) More_fear SB YUNE
190 en-counse en-counse_mst xaki
191 lixAxil lixAxil 北大路瑞希 (グラサンねこ) [Kitaouji Mizuki]
192 Revelations(inst) revelations_inst xaki
193 飛翔 [Soar] hishou dai
194 lastendconductor lastendconductor zts
195 Revelations Revelations xaki, amiry, IZNA

Vocal: IZNA

240 白夢の繭  [White Dream Cocoon] -Ricordando_il_passato- Byakumu_short 志方あきこ [Shikata Akiko]

Vocal: 志方あきこ [Shikata Akiko]

242 うみねこのなく頃に [When the Seagulls Cry] uminekononakukoroni 志方あきこ [Shikata Akiko], みとせのりこ [Mitose Noriko], 波乃渉 [Hano Wataru]

Vocal: 志方あきこ [Shikata Akiko]

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