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Umineko no Naku Koro ni: The First and the Last Gift (うみねこのなく頃に~最後で最初の贈り物~ Umineko no Naku Koro ni ~Saigo de Saisho no Okurimono~) is a collection of Umineko When They Cry short stories. There is also a new short story, The First and the Last Gift, which serves as a connection to Hotarubi no Tomoru Koro ni.


Author's Notes

Page 61

Dear Witch Apprentice ~About Magic~

This is the first short story I wrote for Umineko. I wrote it at a time when the meaning of magic in the world and the rules of the world itself were still unclear, and I wanted it to be a guide for those things. However, since this was a work that I had just started and would continue to write for the next four years, I couldn’t reveal all the mysteries at this point. I'm trying to give hints, but I'm also trying to obfuscate them. I hope you can see this as a thorn in the side of the rose called "Umineko".


EP3 Novelty Shorts

I think it would be appropriate to say that this is a "readable" instruction manual on how to enjoy and play this game, including the idea of the Red Truth. From that time on, I became aware that "Umineko" is an aggressive work with a razor-like sharpness, unlike "Higurashi", and this short story is presented in a very provocative way. I was a little sad that it made me personally seem like a provocative and belligerent person...

赤き真実の考え方など、 このゲームの楽しみ方、 遊び方の説明書を「読みもの」にしたものと言えば適切でしょうか。 この頃から『うみねこ』は『ひぐらし』と違ってカミソリのような切れ味を持った攻撃的な作品だと自覚するようになってきて、 この短編もずいぶんと挑発的な描き方になっています。そのせいで僕個人も挑発的で好戦的な人物と思われてしまったのは、 ちょっと悲しかったです...。

Lady Lambdadelta's Memoirs: Memoirs of the ΛΔ

This story tells us of how Bernkastel[sic] grants a wish as she opposes the true culprit of "Umineko'. In short, you can probably call it "The True Culprit's Episode". This short story was written after EP3 was released, but I published it with the intention of driving a wedge into the Umineko story at this point, so that the culprit would not change with the development of the story and would not be fluid. In fact, this short story is linked to The Witches' Tanabata Isn't Sweet, which I wrote later. Please read them together.


Notes from a Certain Chef

This is a complete second episode. An additional problem that can be solved if you've understood the mechanism behind how magic works so far. A refill. The story of how Gohda came to Rokkenjima is shown as reading material, while at the same time it is a hint on how "magic" works. If you think about Kanon’s conversation with Gohda, and the subsequent one in the kitchen...it all makes sense. He was working behind the scenes as one of the culprits.

完全にセカンドエピソードです。 ここまでの過程で魔法の仕組みが分かってきた人ならば解けるであろう追加の問題。おかわりですね。郷田が六軒島に来るまでの物語を読み物として見せつつ「魔法」の仕組みに対するヒントになっています。郷田との会話でカチーンときた嘉音がそのあとの厨房で……と考えればすべてがつながるかと。犯人側の一人として暗躍していた彼ならではの立ち回りですね。

Letter from a Summoner

It’s an instruction manual for magic, and a hint to the question “what is magic?” in regards to Umineko’s world. It’s a roundabout way of saying "Magic can only do what it can do”. It's a paradoxical way of saying that magic in this world requires a certain amount of time and preparation, and that it's not the easy magic of the fantasy world where you can do anything with the touch of a finger. It’s up to the player to decide whether or not the ice that won't melt in the cooler box looks like magic.


The Seven Sisters' Valentine and Beatrice's White Day

This is the first and second part of a booklet comedy. At this time, the world view had been established, and with the appearance of Bernkastel and Lambdadelta, Beatrice was no longer an absolute evil. The so-called Beato Family, such as Ronove and the Seven Sisters, have been accepted as characters who are not simply enemies, and I wrote their fun and lively daily lives to complement this aspect of the story. This work was released after EP4, but if I released it beforehand, it would completely destroy the worldview (laughs). It's a complete gag, but there are some hints. "If we all agree on the same story, we can do anything" - that's one part of magic in this world.

小冊子コメディものの前後編です。この頃は世界観が出来てきて、べルンカステルやラムダデルタも登場し、 ベア卜リーチェが絶対悪ではなくなってきていました。ロノウエや七姉妹などいわゆるベア卜ファミリーが単純に敵ではないキャラクターとして受け入れられてきて、そういう側面を補完するために彼女達の楽しいにぎやかな日常を書きました。EP4の後に発表した作品ですが、それよりも前倒しにこの作品を出してしまうと世界観が完全にぶっ壊れますね(笑)。完全にギャグですがちゃんとヒン卜もあります。 というか答えもしっかり書いています。「みんなで口裏合わせれば何でもできる」—この世界の魔法のひとつですね。

Page 127

A Certain Witch Hunter's Interview Tape

I wrote this short story to complement the legend of Kinzo's gold, because up until EP4, I hadn't really depicted the gold as existing, even though it was often portrayed as a fantasy. I don't know who this person interviewing is, but I'm guessing it's a business tycoon. And the interviewer who knows the phrase "without love it cannot be seen" might be someone who has read bottle mail before...?


The Witches' Tanabata Isn't Sweet

This is a story I came up with in the bathtub when I was thinking about what would be appropriate for the time of year of the event to be announced. It depicts Bernkastel's inhumanity. In a way, this makes her the true mastermind (laughs). As I mentioned in the explanation of "Lady Lambdadelta’s Memoirs", the two works are closely linked, even though they were published at different times. Lambdadelta fulfilled Sayo Yasuda's wish, Beatrice fulfilled Maria's wish, and Bernkastel fulfilled Ange's wish here.


Arigato For 556

This is a memorial to BT, my dear friend who passed away suddenly before the release of EP5. Of course I was grateful to him every day, but I wanted to express my gratitude even more while he was still alive...I've been earnestly, earnestly writing about these feelings. I started writing right after the development deadline, and finished it before Comiket a few days later, so my memory of that time is hazy. I do remember that I was writing it in a very shocked state at the time.


Cornelia the New Priest

It's a pure, complete short story that has absolutely nothing to do with the main game. The Dlanor family appears for the first time in EP5, and I thought it would be a good idea to use this kind of worldview from the beginning for these girls, who are neither friend nor foe. It's also a work that fully utilizes my own experience as a struggling newcomer. So, this is a must-read for real newcomers.


Labor Thanksgiving Day Gifts

As the main story became more and more brutal, it may have been my intention to soften the atmosphere with a side story. It was a complete gag. However, I am proud to say that the story of the four presents’ contents being switched and having different meanings worked well for me. I think this short story was also conceived in the bath, just like "The Witches’ Tanabata is Not Sweet”. I’d say this was an appropriate story for the November event.


Game Master BATTLER!

I published many works in a short period of time, including "Cornelia the New Priest" in September, "Labor Thanksgiving Day Gifts" in November, and this work in conjunction with Comiket at the end of the year. Of course, I was also working on EP6 at the same time, so I was writing quite a lot at the time. This work is also written with a gag route or comedy touch, but it is not necessarily unrelated to EP2, as George's request is connected to it. It's a work that clearly shows the greed of the Ushiromiya family (and those related to them) (laughs).


Whose Tea Party?

I confess now that I wrote this work at a time when my brain was quite exhausted, after EP6 was over and I had taken a break. I remember that I had a lot of trouble. The wider the field of study, the more difficult it was (laughs). This work was created under such circumstances, and it is an interpretation of "The Restaurant of Many Orders" (written by Kenji Miyazawa) in the style of Ryukishi 07.


Page 193

Jessica's Mother's Day Present

It turned out to be a very good story, but it was also a time when I was having trouble finding material. At that time, I had a mysterious formula that Natsuhi was a good person, Jessica was stupid, and Zepa-Fur was easy to use, so I found a way to fit the story into that formula, and this work was born. I even said, "When I'm stuck for a booklet, I use Zepa-Fur.” The tension was high, and they could freely produce mysterious items, so it came in handy.


To Mount Purgatory, Sakutaro

I prepared this short story and “Jessica’s Mother’s Day Present” for two events held during Golden Week this year. Many people came to both events, so I felt like I had to write about the sweet and the spicy. Recently I was writing a bunch of comedies, so I felt like writing something darker. The ending of the story connects to EP4, but what Ange saw was a mass-produced Sakutaro at a futon shop in Niijima, which are sold everywhere.


Jessica and the Love Charm

A sequel to "Jessica's Mother's Day Present", with Zepa-Fur and Jessica. It's actually based on a true story. One of our female staff members had a spell book when she was a child that said that if you chanted the name of the person you love reversed, you would dream of that person. The name of the person she liked was "Kenta," but she chanted it with the word "Yamifu," which was written as an example. She must have mistook "Yamifu" for one of her spells. She reread it a few years later and realized, "Who is Fumiya?!" (laughs). I'm grateful for the opportunity to use it in a story.


Jessica and the Killer Electric Fan

The original story was created by a doujin artist. Afterwards I fleshed it out. It was a painstaking effort to find a story, but it turned out to be a wonderful work. Aside from being a good read, the conversation between Shannon and Battler in the climax (lower part of page 151) can also be read as a conversation between Sayo Yasuda and Battler, which is a big hint in a sense. The alteration of the script is also symbolic of Umineko’s world. It's a work that shows the relationship between Battler and Shannon that couldn't be written in the main story.


Forgery no.XXX

The final boss of the fighting game Golden Fantasia is an enhanced Battler named "Black Battler". This short story is a sub-episode featuring him. At the time, fan art suggested that if Battler was the mastermind, then "Black Battler" would be born. This was around the time when the term "devilish boys" was popular. I hope you will consider this as one of the "Battler Culprit Theories" that were developed after the spread of the Internet in Umineko's world after 1998.


Angel of 17 Years East Shi-44a

This is a total gag. It's my favorite kind of unstoppable vulgar gag. It's a terrible piece of content, even for me (laughs). However, it seems that this work was controversial, with many doujin artists saying, "I'll do that kind of thing in my secondary works, so the original author shouldn't do it", or "Don't ruin our field”. I hope you'll forgive me for writing what I intended to be a joke... (bitter laugh).

これは完全ギャグです。私の大好物である歯止めの利かないお下劣ギャグ。 我ながらひどい内容ですね(笑)。しかし、この作品は賛否両論だったようで、「そういうのは二次創作でやるから原作者はやらないで」とか「私達の畑を荒らさないで」という同人作家さん達の声も少なくありませんでした。私はあくまでギャグのつもりで書いたものですのでご容赦いただけれぱ幸いです...(苦笑)。

Our Confession

This is a complete answer. It is a complete answer that was given after the entire story was finished. In other words, it's the culprit's crime plan itself, and if you read it, you can say that the world of Umineko will be completely exposed. For me, it is not only a "complete answer" but also an "afterword" to the work "Umineko". It's up to you whether you want to read it or not. The booklet that was given as a bonus at Comiket back then was bound in a bag, and I heard that some people still haven't opened it.



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