The Umineko Motion Graphics (sometimes shortened to just UMG) are very popular fanworks created by Project 205, Cosmic Comic, RIFF*RAFF, and Alternait. Each one serves as a kind of video summary to each arc. The videos give a basic overview of each arc and the important events and characters of each. There were originally supposed to be a total of nine motion graphics but because of unknown conflicts the Twilight of the Golden Witch motion graphic was never created and the group seems to have completely stopped making works. 

Videos[edit | edit source]


Umineko Motion Graphic vol. 1 - Genyou no Chou (Lyrics Subbed)

Legend of the Golden Witch


Umineko Motion Graphic vol. 2 - Meikoku Rensa (Lyrics Subbed)

Turn of the Golden Witch


Umineko Motion Graphic vol. 3 - Anvibarensu (Lyrics Subbed)

Banquet of the Golden Witch


Umineko Motion Graphic vol. 4 - Kono Ai o Tsugu (Lyrics Subbed)

Alliance of the Golden Witch


Umineko Motion Graphic vol. 5 - 楽園 -fantasm-



Umineko Motion Graphic vol. 6 - Night of the New Testament -webCM ver.-

End of the Golden Witch


Umineko Motion Graphic Vol.7 English Translated

Dawn of the Golden Witch


【Umineko Motion Graphic】Vol. 8 "Resonance" 【English Translations】

Requiem of the Golden Witch

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