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Umineko Anime Season 2 Surprise Production Committee! (うみねこアニメ第2期製作委員会爆誕! Umineko Anime Dai 2-ki Seisaku Iinkai Bakutan!) is an Umineko When They Cry short story that was released as a booklet at the 07th Masquerade event on October 16, 2016. It features the main characters getting together to create a second season of the Umineko anime after its rebroadcasting marathon.



Plot Summary[]

The story begins with a note from Ryukishi07 saying he wrote this story after learning about the Umineko anime broadcast marathon.

The Seven Sisters of Purgatory beg Beatrice to make them a second season of the Umineko anime after watching the first anime broadcast marathon the other day. Beatrice doesn’t intend to do that, but changes her mind at seeing how badly the Seven Sisters want it, and so declares she will conjure up a Season 2. After the girls are sent away, Ronove and Virgilia question if Beato can really pull this off, and explain that her Golden Magic can’t just create things from nothing, and requires points akin to money. In order to create an Umineko Season 2, they need between 300 million to 500 million Golden Magic points, which would mean going hundreds of years without snacks. Beato is flabbergasted, and upon realizing just how much the Seven Sisters enjoyed watching the anime, becomes more resolute to make Season 2 a reality.

Beato holds an emergency Ushiromiya family conference to discuss strategies. George explains that instead of raising money, they can cut costs to make their budget smaller. The family examines the huge number of characters in Umineko and find that half of them are Beato’s friends, so Battler proposes layoffs. Lucifer objects since the Seven Sisters of Purgatory require seven members, and Battler asserts that three is enough. The Seven Sisters, as well as the Chiester Sisters, Eiserne Jungfrau, and the rest of the characters with low appearances, become shocked at the thought they’ll be gotten rid of. Before tensions can boil over, Ronove arrives bringing a letter written in Arabic and reads it out to everyone. As it turns out, the daughter of an oil baron in a certain country watched the Umineko anime marathon and loved it, and so is donating 500 million yen to create Season 2, and is entrusting Battler with producing it.

The Umineko When They Cry Anime Season 2 Production Committee is formed out of many industry professionals, with Battler himself wanting complete quality control. At the first production meeting, Battler explains that he wants to create a Season 2 that can be enjoyed by anyone, not just existing fans of the series, and declares the project to be called Umineko: Second Impact. Beato, Virgilia, and Ronove see that Battler’s plan is to drive up hype for Season 2 before it airs. They then go to record their scripts, with Beato shocked at having a mountain of boxes filled with her own scripts.

Battler aims to draw in the casual group by advertising Umineko everywhere: not just in Akihabara but on Niconico, pixiv, and YouTube. He’s requested additional funding from his sponsors for this advertising campaign (at the expense of shutting down research into a certain algae), and after glancing over a plan by the production committee, begins the operation.

Within no time, the Internet was filled with Umineko advertisements. Rumors around the internet said that Beato and Erika’s battles were like 3D, they’re animating both the Magic Ending and Trick Ending, the anime was going to be 4-cour and go up through Umineko Tsubasa, and the original author was releasing a brand-new ending episode. George and Jessica comment on the aggressive advertising, with narration saying that the young people of the Heisei era were tired of stealth marketing and applauded this all-out approach.

Umineko stamps were popular on LINE, and quotes could be heard everywhere. There were also collabs with Monster Strike and Puzzle and Dragons. Battler says they had conditions to make Beato in the anime say “Don’t Allow Beato Politics”, with Beato herself confused as to what that means.

Battler then releases Umineko merchandise, including figures, body pillows, posters, trading cards, and much more. The Umineko hype rises even more to the point that the Chief Cabinet Secretary is asked about their opinion on Umineko, and a press secretary at the White House is televised asking a reporter about their Umineko necktie. Civil wars all over the world reach ceasefires thanks to Nappi moe. Time and space are warped, with the Prime Minister at the Rio Olympics coming out wearing a Battler costume.

Battler assures reporters that Umineko Season 2 will live up to expectations. However, there were rumors that they weren’t profitable at all because of Battler’s strict quality control. The Seven Sisters of Purgatory figures were incredibly detailed, but standards were strict, and so they were trashed and remade many times over; although they sold a lot, Battler’s profits were still in the red. On the anime production side of things, the supervisors, animation directors, and scriptwriters had changed many times, and so staff morale was low.

Finally, the day came that Umineko Season 2 would air. As Battler gives a press conference, his family and Beato’s friends wait at home for the premiere. Battler issues a challenge to all the Umineko fans of the world, reminding them of the series’ main theme: “Without love, it cannot be seen.”

The anime finally airs, but Beato and friends are confused when only a black screen appears with audio. They think the TV is broken, but George reports that similar cases are occurring all over the world. When Maria says she can see the anime just fine and replies that without love, it cannot be seen; Battler aired an anime without any animation at all. Afterwards, on the Internet, there were reports of people claiming that they could see the anime because they believed, and that haters couldn’t see it at all.

An angry Beato drives a tank through the wall of the Rokkenjima parlor demanding Battler, and George says he went to Studio DEEN to draw animation cells.

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