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Twilight of the Golden Witch Vol. 2 is the second volume of Kei Natsumi's manga adaptation of Twilight of the Golden Witch and the 43rd overall volume of the manga adaptation of Umineko When They Cry. The volume was released in English by Yen Press in an omnibus format with Volume 1 and Volume 3.

Publisher's Summary


六軒島で開かれるハロウィンパーティー。作り物だとしても戦人が縁寿に伝えたい真実とは? 語られていく右代宮一族の秘められた想いの数々。そして、あの日、ただひとり残された縁寿への愛。数多の想いと愛にあふれたこの物語の真実は、果たして縁寿に届くのか――。


It's time once again for the annual family gathering on Rokkenjima! Ange Ushiromiya is just getting over a cold, but that won't dampen her excitement at seeing her cousins again! Granddad couldn't be more thrilled to see his beloved grandchildren and throws a special Halloween party where everyone gets lots of treats! By lunchtime on the first day, the aunts and uncles are chatting up a storm, and the cousins are eagerly planning the afternoon's fun. It's the very picture of a happy family-one that in no way resembles the bickering, bitter Ushiromiya clan! What is going on?!


Chapter 6: The Halloween Party 1

Chapter 7: The Halloween Party 2

Chapter 8: The Halloween Party 3

Chapter 9: The Party of Human and Witches 1

Chapter 10: The Party of Human and Witches 2


Kei Natsumi

Hello again, everyone, I'm Kei Natsumi. There are so many characters in Volume 2 that it's like the Umineko all-stars!

It was my very first time drawing some of them too, so it was really fun. The next volume's going to have all the gnarl blood and guts you expect from Umineko!

I hope that I'll see you there.

Special Thanks
Hinata, Rodriguez Nagai, Waon Peko, Mai Horiuchi, Rin "Tomisho" Kuroki, Riuna Mizuzaki, Midori Imai, Chiyo Watanabe,
& you


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