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Twilight of the Golden Witch Vol. 1 is the first volume of Kei Natsumi's manga adaptation of Twilight of the Golden Witch and the 42nd overall volume of the manga adaptation of Umineko When They Cry. The volume was released in English by Yen Press in an omnibus format with Volume 2 and Volume 3.

Publisher's Summary




It's time once again for the annual family gathering on Rokkenjima! Ange Ushiromiya is just getting over a cold, but that won't dampen her excitement at seeing her cousins again! Granddad couldn't be more thrilled to see his beloved grandchildren and throws a special Halloween party where everyone gets lots of treats! By lunchtime on the first day, the aunts and uncles are chatting up a storm, and the cousins are eagerly planning the afternoon's fun. It's the very picture of a happy family-one that in no way resembles the bickering, bitter Ushiromiya clan! What is going on?!


Chapter 1: To Rokkenjima

Chapter 2: Six-Year-Old Ange

Chapter 3: The Gold Is Returned

Chapter 4: A Reason to Live

Chapter 5: Ceremonial Return



The Final Comparing of Answers

Hello, I am Ryukishi07.

Episode 8 has started at last, and you hold in your hands the first collected volume! I think I can almost hear the fans' excitement over having another chance to read Kei Natsumi-sensei's manga after her excellent work on Episodes 1 and 3!

I was quite nervous and eager to find out who would take on the task of the final Umineko episode, and when my editor, Koizumi-san, told me we would go with Natsumi-sensei, I felt my soul ascending to heaven with happiness.

Well before the Epsiode 8 series actually began, we had a number of planning meetings about how to adapt it into manga form. Natsumi-sensei has inserted original elements that weren't in the visual novel, fleshed out parts of the story that were only hinted at before, and made things much clearer while also including very subtle nuances that only someone who's been reading very closely from Episode 1 might catch.

I think Natsumi-sensei will be drawing a number of truths in the books ahead that even the original work did not explicitly include. I've chosen to allow this because I was blown away by her enthusiasm and the depth of her love for the story.

Those of you who have only experienced Umineko through the manga, please forge ahead without worrying about these details. Those of you who did play through the visual novels, why not give it one last bit of sleuthing with love? This is the last chance you will have. Once you have learned the truth, you cannot unknow it.

Lastly, I want to make one thing clear. TO everyone who has been following Umineko from the beginning, here is your warning: This is the last chance you will have to enjoy comparing your answers. I pray that your deductions and observations are fruitful. All of the hints and answers are here. "You cannot see it without love."

Kei Natsumi

Hello again, everyone, I'm Kei Natsumi. Thank you for checking out the first volume of Epsiode 8! I feel very fortunate to get the chance to draw the final episode of Umineko. The plan is to draw a number of things for the manga that weren't depicted in the roiginal story. I'll do my best to make the manga stand on its own, so I really hope that you continue with me to the end!

I'm trembling over all of the characters I'll need to draw in Epsidoe 8. (^q^)

Special Thanks
Hinata, Rodriguez Nagai, Waon Peko, Mai Horiuchi, Rin "Tomisho" Kuroki, Natsuru Hirabayashi, Riuna Mizuzaki, Midori Imai, Chiyo Watanabe,
& You.


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