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Chapter 3: The Gold is Returned (第3話 黄金の返還 Dai San-wa Ougon no Henkan) is the third chapter of the Twilight of the Golden Witch manga adaptation.


Battler greets Beatrice and they hug. Ange is frightened by her, and Battler introduces her as Beatrice, the witch who gave Kinzo all of the gold. Ange brings up the story of her being a witch who lives on Rokkenjima and will kidnap you, but Battler says that’s just a scary story Kyrie told to stop her from staying up late. Technically, this Beatrice is the real Golden Witch’s grandchild. Beatrice notices the key hanging around Ange’s neck and shoots a glare at it, and Battler says it’s a special key. He nods, and Beatrice assures Ange that she won’t steal it and that Battler and everyone else are guideposts, and nobody else can steal the key due to a spell placed on it. Ange asks if magic is real, and Battler and Beatrice affirm it.

Ange asks Beatrice to show her some real magic then. Beatrice performs a trick for Ange by making her follow her left pointer finger, and makes candy magically appear in her right hand. Ange is amazed but can’t believe this is magic and thinks there’s a trick to it.

Battler, Ange, and Beato return to the mansion to meet with Kinzo. Genji brings Natsuhi and Krauss. Kinzo explains that he’s grateful to Beatrice for helping to revive the Ushiromiya family by lending the gold and wants to pay back the favor. Beato assures him he doesn’t need to worry about it, but Kinzo feels this will be the last family conference he will see her at and so will return her grandmother’s gold in full. Krauss and Natsuhi concur with his decision. Beato can’t believe they would willingly part with ten tons of gold, but accepts their offer. As Beato stares out the window, Kinzo tells Krauss that he’s also arranged for him and the siblings to obtain his divided fortune while he’s still alive.

Battler talks to Beato and sees how unenthused she is about getting the gold back. The witch replies that the day has finally come that Rokkenjima is freed from the magic of the gold, and wasn’t expecting this final game to feel so painful. They ruminate on how Beato started this game because she wanted Battler to acknowledge her existence, but Battler downplays it as just a game and says how much he enjoyed the red and blue debates. In the end, Battler understood who Beatrice was and how her magic came to be, and wrote a story just for her. Beato thanks him.

Battler and Beato remind Ange that this game was created just for her, and the key is meant to open the catbox of that day. Ange turns back into an adult, angry that Battler and Beato are still hiding the facts from her, and wants to know why Beato is getting along with everyone so casually when she likely has plans for murder. Beato asks if she really wants her to be a murderer, but Ange reminds her that she stuck her plans into message bottles, and that two of them made it to the public. Beato laments that her best work "Land of the Golden Witch" was lost to time, and Battler asks why she put out message bottles anyway. Beato explains that as she was developing her game, the message bottles became offshoot stories, and her ability to create endless stories from the same game board is what made her an Endless Witch. Battler looks forward to reading through the other stories Beato’s written.

Ange grows tired of their casual conversation and grabs Beato by the collar. She explains that Beato showed glimpses of the gold in the second game to stir unrest among the family since she was plotting murders. Beato deplores that the people of 1998 think of her as so cruel, and Ange gets even angrier at her casual handling of the situation. Ange refuses to accept this fantasy as the truth, and Beato keeps saying that this game really is true. Beato says Ange once called herself Gretel and suggests she may actually be Mytyl, the girl who never knew happiness was close at hand. Ange gives one last insult and turns back into a little girl.

Beato hugs Ange, admitting that her games tormented her for 12 years, and admits that this story is a farce. She still wants to show Ange something in the story.


Comparisons to Source Material[]

This chapter adapts the visual novel chapters "Six-year-old Ange" and "Returning the Gold".

  • In the visual novel, Ange remains a child when she argues with Battler and Beatrice, similar to the last chapter. Additionally, when Beato calls her Mytyl, Ange tries to slap her before turning back to normal. In the manga, Ange turns into an adult when she argues.
  • In the visual novel, Beato simply pats the young Ange when she says there's something important to show her. In the manga, Beato hugs her instead.