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Chapter 2: Six-Year-Old Ange (第2話 6歳の縁寿 Dai Ni-wa Rokusai no Enje) is the second chapter of the Twilight of the Golden Witch manga adaptation.


The family has lunch. Rudolf, his siblings, and Kinzo joke around while Kyrie has fun talking with the rest of the family. Maria talks about Halloween with the cousins and Rosa doesn’t scold her for acting like this. Nobody ever brings up the inheritance or money; Ange is surprised by how peaceful this entire lunch is. Battler also mentions how peaceful things are, and Ange quietly agrees. The group mentions that a typhoon will be rolling in that night, and Kinzo espouses how much he looks forward to spending more time with his grandchildren. The adults say that living on Rokkenjima is tiring and suggest he move to Nijima so he can call doctors easier just in case, but Kinzo says he’s old and just wants to spend time with his family. Kinzo tells the cousins to go play on the beach while it’s still sunny.

The cousins have their fill of fun on the beach, however Ange hardly interacts and instead watches. The group heads back to the guesthouse later. As they reach the rose garden, Battler leads Ange by the hand when she suddenly lets go. Battler tells the other cousins to go on without them. Alone, Ange asks Battler in a stern voice where they are, claiming that he’s lying about this being Rokkenjima. Ange changes back into an adult and Battler regains his Game Master cape, the latter claiming that Ange just forgot some things about the family.

Battler tries to convince Ange that Kinzo and the family were good people, and that though it's true the adults were in dire need of money, Ange learned that after 1986; Battler insists that Ange's memories of them and the family conference were affected by her negative childhood memories as a six-year-old being warped with tabloid information and gossip she learned after the incident. Battler argues that, though Kinzo had a public face as a ruthless man and terrified his children, he really was a kind man in private and once tricked Battler as a kid by showing him ceremonial stakes that were supposedly used to pierce witches’ hearts. Battler also insists that the Halloween gift exchange was something they did every year and that Kinzo gave Kyrie a gift to Ange in the real 1986 conference since Ange was sick, but they never got the chance to deliver it.

Ange refuses to believe that all this is true and angrily asks if Battler’s insisting all of her memories of Rokkenjima and her family are wrong. Apparitions of Kinzo and the other adults appear to greet her but Ange dispels them and states that Battler’s game board is an illusion, and asks for the facts of what happened on Rokkenjima. Battler concedes that this is a game he made up, but it’s how he was able to create a what-if allowing Ange to come to the island. Ange asks why he’s lying then, and wants to know why he won’t just tell her the facts. Battler replies that there’s something much more important than the facts that he wants Ange to understand, and this game is designed for that.

Ange takes this to mean this is a battle between her and Battler, just like his games with Beatrice. She’s being shown illusions and being tricked into believing those are the truth, and thinks Battler is the final assassin sent by the witches. Fully convinced that Battler is fooling her, Ange intends to find the truth on her own and attempts to leave but is shackled to her six-year-old self. Battler says she’s not allowed to leave, and Ange suggests this will go on until the Game Master surrenders. Battler says it’s not like that and Ange agrees to stay quiet and see where the game is going. Battler allows her to remain an observer and step in to play a part whenever she wants. Ange says she’ll wait until Battler gets tired of hiding the truth and insists that nothing is better. Battler believes there is something more important than truth and that Ange lost something important to her on the island as the game returns to normal.

Battler tells the six-year-old Ange to go back to the guesthouse by herself since he’s waiting for someone. Beatrice then arrives with a gust of wind, and Battler greets her.


Comparisons to Source Material[]

This chapter adapts the visual novel chapters "To Rokkenjima" and "Six-year-old Ange".

  • In the visual novel, Battler and Ange's argument concerning the game occurs between Battler in his regular outfit and Ange as a six-year-old. In the manga, their argument seems to occur in a version of the Meta-World with Battler having his Game Master cape and Ange being an adult.