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Volume 5

Turn of the Golden Witch Vol. 5 is the fifth volume of Jiro Suzuki's manga adaptation of Turn of the Golden Witch and the ninth overall volume of the manga adaptation of Umineko When They Cry. The volume was released in English by Yen Press as an omnibus with Volume 4 and part of Volume 3.

Publisher's Summary[]


死んだはずの嘉音により熊沢、南條は殺害された。其の姿はまるで魔の世界の住人の其れであった。紗音、譲治らは魔の力に対抗すべく夏妃の霊鏡を手に入れるため礼拝堂へ向かった。其処に舞い降りる黄金の蝶。ベアトリーチェ。メタ世界で赤字を用い戦い続ける戦人は魔女の牙城をうち崩せるのか!? 碑文に刻まれし最後の晩は来たれり。遂に黄金郷への扉は開かれる。連続殺人幻想第二章ここに終幕。一つのゲームが終わり、新たなゲームが始まる。


With the six sacrifices of the first night claimed, Beatrice, the Golden Witch, turns her attention to selecting the sacrifices for the second night: the "Two Who Are Close." As the corpses begin to pile up, Battler struggles to disprove that the deaths can only be explained by the existence of magic, and the crafty Beatrice is using every strategy in her playbook to trip him up. Logic and truth perform an acrobatic dance in which a single misstep could spell certain death. Can Battler defeat Beatrice in this match of wits and wills? Or will he find himself kneeling at the witch's feet?!


Chapter 24: An Eternal Promise[]

Chapter 25: Act Close[]

Final Chapter: Feast[]

Tea Party —Episode 2—[]

Secret Tea Party —????—[]



Are You Still a Detective?

Hello, I am Ryukishi07.

An eerie letter from Beatrice delivered to an island that should only hold eighteen...this was the conclusion to Episode 1 of Umineko When They Cry. However, at that point no one had any reason to believe that there was really a witch named Beatrice. "Beatrice" was nothing more than an alias used by one of the eighteen people on the island. It is the natural assumption.

However, the witch's game had already begun. The game to convince Battler that witches exist had already begun, unbeknownst to him. Beatrice sent her letter, but no one believed in Beatrice. Battler crowed, twiumphant, that her failure to appear was proof that she was not real.

I see. Then surely you do not doubt your eyes any longer, for I have appeared for all to see!

This was the beginning to Episode 2. You no longer doubt the witch's existence now that you've seen her as the mastermind behind these terrible crimes, complete with mocking laughter, do you?

If the human's turn is not to believe in a witch, then this story is the witch's turn, in which she brazenly appears for herself. Thus, the subtitle for this episode: "Turn of the Golden Witch."

What did you think? Have you already given up in despair? We have seen many exhibitions of magic from the Golden Witch in this episode, all of them totally impossible to explain as the work of man.

Are you still a detective? Or have you surrendered and sunk to your knees to become the witch's furniture? Detectives, I urge you to uphold your logic and explain the following episode with human actions as well. The witch eagerly awaits your descent into her control.

If you are already the witch's furniture, how are you enjoying your time of servitude? It is very easy to stop thinking. But the witch finds that very boring. Do you think you might find your way back to your feet to be a detective again? Assuming you have the willpower, of course.

Until we meet again in the next episode...

Jiro Suzuki[]

Special Thanks

Ryukishi07-sama & my staff

Arima Ichizaki-sama
Ayumi Shiina-sama
Shou Mizusawa-sama
Rigu Kurimoto-sama


Hello, all! Suzuki here.
I'm so happy to have had the chance to participate not just in Higurashi, but now in Umineko as well. I feel so spoiler, getting to recreate some of my favorite scenes in manga form. Yahoo! To Ryukishi07-sama, my many assistants, and my editor, thank you so much!

My own original comic, Magical Musou Tenshi: Tsukisase!! Ryofuko-chan is available in Japan as well! I also run a blog and Twitter, so stop on by if you're bored!

—Jiro Suzuki


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