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Following the events of the Tea Party in Legend of the Golden Witch, this episode develops the confrontation between Battler and Beatrice, who each try to disprove the other's position regarding the existence of magic. The conflict between them plays out in a higher-level plane, allowing them to oversee the events on the island, where the murders repeat once again under different circumstances. The episode also focuses heavily on the relationships between Jessica and Kanon, George and Shannon, and Maria and Rosa.

Character pages are linked as the characters first appear in the story, not when they are mentioned by others prior. Short meta-layer sections are indicated with curly brackets and italicized, while longer ones will be in their own rows and unmarked. Short gameboard sections in primarily meta-layer sections will also be italicized, but will be in square brackets. Song titles are in bold only when they are played for the first time.

Chapter List

Chapter Name Date Time
Wonderful Utopia
School Cultural Festival
Chessboard Preparations Sat, Oct 4 1986
Guest of Honor Sat, Oct 4 1986 10:45AM
The Witch's Move Sat, Oct 4 1986 1:00PM
'Furniture' and 'People' Sat, Oct 4 1986 6:00PM
Wedding Ring Sat, Oct 4 1986 10:00PM
Halloween Sun, Oct 5 1986 6:00AM
Jessica and Kanon Sun, Oct 5 1986 6:43AM
New Rule Sun, Oct 5 1986 6:50AM
A Suspect Sun, Oct 5 1986 7:30AM
Wolves and Sheep Puzzle Sun, Oct 5 1986 1:00PM
Devil's Proof Sun, Oct 5 1986 1:17PM
Fleeting Resistance Sun, Oct 5 1986 6:00PM
Surrender Sun, Oct 5 1986 9:00PM
Resurrection Sun, Oct 5 1986 11:30PM
Banquet of the Witch Sun, Oct 5 1986 11:59PM


Location Summary
Okinawa: Aquarium George and Shannon enjoy a date at the aquarium. George reflects on the times in his past when he would be jealous of such couples. Shannon is entranced by the huge fish tank, which she imagines as a small world in itself, much like her life in Rokkenjima.
Character Credits (Beatrice is added to the list of names)
Okinawa: Restaurant Shannon observes the sea, remarking that no matter how blue it is here, it looks gray to her during her work. George teases her about the comment. He remembers how he used to get teased by other kids, and realizes he enjoys playing with Shannon's emotions like others did to him. As they talk about the food, George asks Shannon if she would stop liking him if he got fat, and tells her that would not be the case for him if she did.
Okinawa: Beach Shannon confides her anxieties that a servant like her did not deserve to date a member of the Ushiromiya family, and feels that their relationship is like a daydream. George sees the relationship as the inevitable result of love and effort, but Shannon insists that it is the product of real magic. She tells him that he doesn't understand, and that Kanon didn't believe her either. George apologizes and chooses to believe her. He makes a personal request that she stop addressing him with the "-sama" honorific while they are alone. Shannon shares with him her real name: Sayo.
Rokkenjima Shrine In the middle of a storm, an unnamed person arrives by boat to a small reef next to Rokkenjima. The witch torments them, whispering that unless they took that step forward, they would continue to live the same unchanging life. She tempts them with a different fate, one where they could know love, the single element which meant the world, and whose loss meant the loss of the world. The narration comments that they did not realize that these new days would be filled with a new kind of suffering.

They come to a shrine and pick up the small spirit mirror within it. For many days, the virtuous part of them and the one that sided with the witch had fought, but they had come to a decision now. To gain something, they must be prepared to lose something. There was no other option. They would free themself from being furniture and receive new sufferings in becoming human. As they smash the mirror, and a crash of thunder sounds. They scream into the sky, declaring to Beatrice that they kept their promise, and that now it would be her turn to fulfill their wish.

Opening Video

Background Music

  • Praise (Aquarium, beach)
  • Ride on (Character credits)
  • 夏の扉 [Doorway of Summer] (Restaurant)
  • Pass (Belief in magic)
  • うみねこのなく頃に [Umineko no Naku Koro ni] (Opening)

Characters Appearing


Location Summary
Mansion: Parlor An unnamed narrator berates herself from having dreamed of love as a young girl. Being furniture, one who was less than human, simply receiving an education was a blessing, and love was far more than she deserved.

Eva's family had come to Rokkenjima privately to apply for a business loan. Jessica is frustrated at Natsuhi's persistent comparing of her to the more studious George. Krauss remarks that Jessica's speech is not ladylike, but Eva defends her by saying that times have changed for women. Eva chides Natsuhi for failing to notice her daughter's effort in learning to put on makeup. Jessica and her parents clash again, and she leaves the room.

Shannon arrives to serve tea to the guests. Natsuhi, frustrated by previous events, directs her annoyance at Shannon, making her nervous. George breaks the tension by leading a conversation about the tea. Shannon realizes that George was deliberately helping her by calming the atmosphere, and due to his help manages to perform her duties without mistake.

Rose Garden Jessica tells Shannon that George has always been the type to do such things, causing her to realize that it wasn't the first time he had helped her. She wonders if George had been showing off, but Shannon defends him. Jessica picks up on Shannon's quick response and questions if she has feelings for George. George had told Jessica that family-oriented girls were his type, but Shannon responds that she isn't suitable for such a thing. Jessica was easily excited by such love stories, while Shannon had never seen George as a member of the opposite sex before.

The family discussion had turned to business following Kinzo's arrival, and George was sent out of the parlor. Shannon suggests that George may have been sent out by Eva to prevent him from seeing how Kinzo treated them. She thanks George for his help in the parlor, but he responds that he did not do anything deserving thanks. As they converse about their lives, Shannon realizes that she finds talking to George really interesting now.

Jessica asks George if he has a girlfriend, and he sheepishly disclaims it. Shannon is very flustered during this exchange and tries to compliment him, to his embarrassment. Jessica suggests that George gain some experience in love by practicing with Shannon, which alarms her. George finds it unbelievable that Shannon is single, and Shannon tries to bring up her servant status in response.

Eva arrives and tells George to join the family discussion, as they were now going to discuss his upcoming marriage meeting. The others realize that this was probably a political move meant to solidify ties between two families for their businesses. Eva shares her view that marriage should not be based on emotions, but rather that love should be developed afterwards, as with her marriage to Hideyoshi. George disagrees with her view, but Eva pushes the idea that more mature individuals should be making the important decisions for his life. She emphasizes George's importance as the only grandson of the family (due to Battler's estrangement), and tells him that she will have his best interests at heart when deciding a marriage partner.

As George leaves, Eva whispers to Shannon that her status and George's are incomparable, and warns her not to even think of trying to pursue him.

Mansion: Corridor As she cleans the mansion, Shannon regrets forgetting her place as furniture, and tells herself that she should just serve with honestly, not pursuing affection even if offered by a human. Yet she still yearns for the feelings she felt when talking with George and Jessica.

Natsuhi notices that Shannon is distracted and asks if she is ill. Shannon apologizes for her slowness, and Natsuhi tells her she had Lunon cover her work. Shannon meekly protests that she was trying to be thorough, unlike Lunon who cut corners whenever possible. As punishment for talking back, Natsuhi orders Shannon to clean the entrance hall thoroughly, forbidding her food and drink until it was done.

After Natsuhi leaves, Shannon puts herself down for her lack of ability. She dreams of George coming to her rescue, but her mind is also consumed by the gulf separating her from him and his marriage partner. Kanon appears and tells Shannon that it was a poor move to talk back to Natsuhi when she was in a bad mood. He comforts her, directing anger towards Natsuhi and Lunon in her place, though Shannon tries to stop him from doing so.

Kanon offers to help her clean the entrance hall, but Shannon rejects him out of concern that he would neglect his own duties. She states that her punishment was partly her fault, and Kanon tries to assure her otherwise. Shannon feels comforted by his words, but a part of her is dejected that the support was not from the person she wanted. She tries to internalize her duty as furniture and obediently carries out her tasks.

Mansion: Entrance Hall Shannon stands before the portrait of Beatrice and quietly pours out her sorrows to it. She laments having been given a heart that can love, as her position as furniture did not allow her to pursue it. Beatrice speaks from the portrait before appearing behind Shannon, telling her of the single element which made up the world: love.

Beatrice recognizes Shannon as a human due to her having experienced love. She offers to use her magic to bring Shannon and George together. Shannon hesitates but finds herself tempted by the offer. Beatrice requests that she destroy a mirror in a shrine on a reef adjacent to the island in exchange, as its magical power was restraining her own. Beatrice also offers to grant Shannon all of Kinzo's gold instead.

Shannon declines, wanting to preserve the peace on the island. Beatrice guarantees her claim, but emphasizes the implication that it would have for Shannon's love. She tells Shannon that she is free to break the mirror at any time, but that there is a time limit on George's decision. She repeats Eva's words to Shannon, emphasizing the elite upbringing and suitability of George's marriage partner.

Kanon rushes to the scene and defends Shannon, telling Beatrice to disappear. Beatrice uses her power to fill the room with an invisible oppressive atmosphere, warning Kanon that she can be brutal to those who disrespect her. Shannon apologizes on Kanon's behalf, and Beatrice decides to forgive him. She uses magic to open their hands and imprints a butterfly-shaped burn mark upon both their palms as a reminder to them that the meeting was real. After doing so, she disappears into a cloud of golden butterflies.

Background Music

  • 月夜 [Moonlit Night] (Visit)
  • hope (George's help)
  • cage (Rose garden)
  • witch in gold (cembalo) (Eva's warning)
  • Voiceless (Cleaning)
  • 金色の嘲笑 [Golden Sneer] (Beatrice speaks)
  • オルガン小曲 第6億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #600 Million in C Minor] (Beatrice pressures Shannon)
  • 胡散の香り [Fishy Aroma] (Beatrice and Kanon)

Characters Appearing

Wonderful Utopia

Location Summary
Mansion: Jessica's Room Shannon shares the details of her Okinawa trip with Jessica. Jessica is shocked that the two had stayed in separate rooms, and is frustrated that they are being so conservative. Shannon gets embarrassed and defends George's restraint as gentlemanly, believing that they should be married beforehand. Jessica expresses her frustration that Shannon got a boyfriend before her. She experiences an asthma attack and Shannon brings her an inhaler.

Jessica tearfully asks Shannon if any trait of hers is strange, worried that something about her had prevented her from getting a boyfriend. She had declared to her friends that she would bring her boyfriend to the cultural festival, but continued to have no luck. Jessica's rough speech was a front to protect her frail heart, and Shannon was one of the few people she could confide in. Shannon consoles her, but Jessica turns her away, wanting to deal with her feelings alone.

Rose Garden Beatrice visits Shannon during her work. She asks Shannon how her relationship is progressing, and attributes its possibility to her magical power. Beatrice is surprised at Shanon's gratitude, having never been thanked for her help before. She excitedly asks Shannon about her trip and laughs with her without a trace of malice. She tells Shannon that two people filled with love have all that they need to form a complete, ideal world.
Beach Beatrice visited Shannon several times after that. At the beach, the two happily share some sweets from Shannon's trip. Shannon, believing that Beatrice has done enough to help her, tries to return a golden butterfly brooch to her. Beatrice tells her that there is no need to, but Shannon wants to build her relationship with her own effort. Beatrice then tells Shannon that she may choose to use it, keep it unused, or give it to another.

Few people could perceive Beatrice, and only Shannon and Kanon could speak with her face to face. Krauss and Natsuhi could not perceive her at all, so she would play pranks by hitting Natsuhi's head with her pipe. Kinzo also had no magical talent, but managed to summon her once through sheer hard work. The result of that encounter was that Beatrice became bound to the island for decades, losing both her power and form until Shannon helped her. The shrine on the reef had been built by an Eastern magician to seal the evil spirits that had gathered on the island. The mirror's magic was thus of a different form from Beatrice's Western magic and interfered with it.

Beatrice remarks that she has gone soft. She observes the cloud cover and comments that it makes the ocean nothing more than a gray puddle. Shannon responds that she thinks the ocean is still a beautiful deep blue, which Beatrice tells her is evidence that she has been reborn as a human. Shannon had become more cheerful since her relationship began and had been making less mistakes at work, which led to an improvement in the family's impression of her.

Beatrice decides it time to end the tea party, noting that someone seemed unhappy about it. She flicks a spoon at a nearby bush, and Kanon emerges from it with a hostile look in his eyes. She tells Shannon that it was tiring for her to show herself, and uses magic to turn the tea set into golden butterflies before disappearing herself. Kanon chides Shannon for hanging out with Beatrice, observing that it is suspicious that only the two of them can see her. Shannon defends Beatrice, saying that it is unfair to treat her with hostility just because she is not human.

Kanon tells Shannon that she has changed since Beatrice gave her the brooch, and was now like Beatrice's prisoner. He reiterates that he and Shannon are not humans but furniture, regardless of how others treated them. Shannon defiantly asserts herself as a human, but Kanon insists that she is merely pretending to be one. Shannon admits that they are furniture, but tells him that if they could replace the unfulfilled part, they could become human.

Shannon asks Kanon what color the sea looks like to him, and he responds that it is dark gray. Shannon tells him that she truly sees it as a deep blue. She hands him Beatrice's magical brooch. Kanon reluctantly accepts it, but continues to reject Beatrice's magic. Shannon tells him that the sea only looks gray because he has no ****. She reassures him that with love, he will be able to see a deep blue ocean someday.

Rose Garden In a rare moment out of his study, Kinzo meditates alone in the rose garden. He declines Kanon's offer to bring him an umbrella for the upcoming rain. Kinzo rambles to himself about Beatrice, wondering what he lacked in his occult studies that prevented him from seeing her again. Behind him, Beatrice pities that he cannot see her even though she is there, telling him that "Without love, it cannot be seen". The phrase leaves an impression on Kanon, who clutches the butterfly brooch. As he looks back at Kinzo, he finds that the witch has vanished.

Background Music

  • 月夜 [Moonlit Night] (Shannon and Jessica)
  • てくてく [Steady Pace] (Jessica's tears)
  • Novelette (Rose garden with Shannon)
  • hope (Beach chat)
  • worldend (bp) (Kinzo's contract)
  • 夏の扉 [Doorway of Summer] (Beach chat continuation)
  • 白い影 [White Shadow] (Kanon and Shannon)
  • 透百合 [Sukashiyuri] (Kinzo in the rose garden)

Characters Appearing

School Cultural Festival

Location Summary
Jessica's School Jessica enjoyed school, as it was a place where she could be free from the Ushiromiya family's formalities. She had looked forward to the cultural festival and was planning to perform in a band with her friends. As her friends discuss each other's boyfriends, Jessica seems to be uneasily waiting for someone. None of her friends know what kind of a person her supposed boyfriend is, and some doubt his existence.
Mansion: Jessica's Room In a flashback, Shannon suggests to Jessica that she bring a fake boyfriend to the cultural festival. She proposes Kanon, noting that it would be a good opportunity to bring him out of his shell. Shannon teases her into accepting the suggestion. As there were almost no young men on Rokkenjima, Jessica had been interested in Kanon ever since he had showed up, and often asked Shannon about his interests. Shannon tells her to be honest about her feelings.
Mansion: Corridor After several days of putting it off, Jessica finally gathers the courage to ask Kanon about it. Kanon, having heard about the situation from Shannon, brings it up before Jessica can find the words. He had reluctantly agreed to it out of obligation to Shannon. Kanon wonders if the brooch had anything to do with this opportunity.
Jessica's School Kanon arrives in a trench coat. Jessica's friends fawn over him and his polite, butler-like speech. She tells him to close his eyes and proceeds to beat up her friends with her brass knuckles. One of her friends wonders if it is just one of her servants playacting. Jessica tells Kanon to wait in the audience for her upcoming performance.
Jessica's School: Concert Hall Kanon stands in a corner, unable to enjoy the festival atmosphere. He considers whether to report Jessica's undignified behavior to the family.

Jessica arrives on stage with her band, carrying a guitar and wearing a cosplay of Marisa from Touhou Project. Kanon realizes that she had probably been practicing in secret. The crowd cheers for "Jessie-sama", who sings the song Tsurupettan by Silver Forest. Kanon wonders if this is Jessica's true self, which she had to suppress to be "Jessica", the future Ushiromiya family successor. He feels like her performance is giving him a glimpse of a world beyond Rokkenjima, though he still cannot see the ocean as blue.

Mansion: Dining Hall Jessica's family discusses the cultural festival at dinner. Natsuhi tells Jessica that she did a good job, which surprises her, but she then realizes that Natsuhi had been referring to her halfheartedly-given speech as the student president. They give suggestions on how to improve it, but Jessica shows little interest.
Rose Garden Jessica wanders in the rose garden sulking over her parents. She thanks Kanon for coming to see her, and he compliments her singing. Kanon tells her that as furniture, he cannot sing and had never learned any instruments. Jessica tells him to stop calling himself that, saying that it wasn't necessary even if they felt indebted to Kinzo for supporting the Fukuin house.

Jessica suggests to Kanon that he was jealous when he saw her sing. She tells him that she didn't choose her birth either, but that unlike him she had refused to give up, and created another self where she could truly live. Kanon wonders if Shannon made a part of herself that wasn't furniture. Jessica compares his servant name "Kanon" to her "Jessica", and encourages him to live his true self under his real name, much like she does as "Jessie".

Jessica's suggestion gives Kanon pause, but he ends up telling her his real name does not matter. He angrily tells Jessica that he isn't human and cannot live that way, and calls her suggestion cruel. Jessica insists he is human, but Kanon tells her not to mistake him for one.

Kanon tells Jessica that Shannon had told him of her crush, but that he doesn't want to fool her. He is sure that George and Shannon's relationship will fail, and that even if a human were to love furniture, they would not be able to return that love. Jessica is crushed by his scathing rejection. Before she leaves, Kanon thanks her for thinking of him as a human, saying that the sentiment alone was enough for him. Jessica apologizes and leaves the garden.

Beatrice appears behind Kanon and comments on the scene. Kanon takes the butterfly brooch out of his pocket and crushes it under his feet. He realizes that her plan was to deceitfully bring together couples who would not succeed in order to toy with them for her amusement. Beatrice admits this, telling him that she greatly enjoys the fallout from a failed relationship. Kanon tells her to disappear. Beatrice obliges, but tells him that she will eventually revive with her full power.

Kinzo's Study/ Mansion Corridor/ Restaurant Beatrice narrates the scene, laughing at the madness that love and gold bring. She remarks that those who do not go insane are fittingly called furniture, but because of this cannot be controlled by her. She has sown two seeds that night, making up a total of three with the one sown before. The scene pans over both Kinzo and Jessica's crying.

At a restaurant, George tells Shannon that he plans to propose to her once he has built up his career. Shannon replies that she is furniture, and George follows by telling her that furniture has to listen to what people say. He tells her that he plans to bring a ring to the upcoming family conference, where he will proclaim his engagement to the entire family. He knows that others will disapprove, but tells her that she only has to look at him, promising to make her happy. Beatrice cackles, remarking that she cannot wait for the day of harvest.

Background Music

  • 夏の扉 [Doorway of Summer] (Jessica's school before and after the flashback)
  • Towering cloud in summer (Shannon's suggestion)
  • Novelette (Jessica asks Kanon)
  • HANE [Feathers] (Kanon's arrival, Jessica on stage)
  • 白い影 [White Shadow] (Performance hall)
  • つるぺったん (short.ver) [Tsuru Pettan] (Jessica's performance)
  • hope (Kanon's reflections)
  • 月夜 [Moonlit Night] (Dinner, restaurant)
  • てくてく [Steady Pace] (Rose garden)
  • cage (Another self)
  • Fortitude (Kanon's anguish)
  • オルガン小曲 第6億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #600 Million in C Minor] (Beatrice's arrival)
  • サソリのハラワタ [Scorpion Entrails] (Love and madness)
  • 終焉_VerC [Life's End] (Day of harvest)

Characters Appearing

Chessboard Preparations

Location Summary
Train Maria nags her mother about Halloween, to Rosa's increasing annoyance. Rosa had used to give in to her demands, but stopped doing so after reading a parenting book. An old woman finds Maria endearing and gives her a sweet, but Rosa rejects it on her behalf. Maria refuses to give back the sweet, leading Rosa to slap her on the cheek. She gives the sweet back to the woman, who apologizes.

Rosa then realizes that her daughter is a crying mess, and that all the other passengers are staring silently at the scene. She instinctively prepares to slap Maria again, but the looks of the people on the train prevent her from doing so.

Train Station Rosa drags Maria off the train. She furiously scolds Maria for repeating her "uu-uu" phrase, lamenting that she would not listen to her. She blames Maria's behavior for her isolation at school and the fact that "Papa's business trip never ends".

A station attendant calls out to her. She glares at him but notices the stares of the other commuters. Rosa realizes her mistake and hugs Maria while apologizing. Maria welcomes her back, telling her that she had only been possessed by an evil witch. Rosa offers to get Maria a Halloween candy, knowing that they may end up late if she did so.

Mansion: Corridor Natsuhi finds Krauss contemplating in silence. He apologizes for pushing preparation work onto her, but she tells him that as his wife he ought to rely on her more. Krauss' current business projects seemed to require a great deal of patience to bring about returns. He blames himself for lacking the self-confidence to see his projects through, and expresses his pain at being sneered at by the rest of his family. Natsuhi reassures him that his foresight had never been wrong. Krauss asks her if there would be any problems with Kinzo, and she assures him that with Genji and Nanjo on their side, she would never allow the siblings to meet with him.
Mansion: Kitchen/ Servant Room Genji gives instructions to Gohda over the phone regarding the conference preparations. He tells Kanon and Shannon of Battler's arrival and instructs them to prepare a room for the cousins. Genji also emphasizes that an especially important guest will be coming. He notices that Shannon seems uneasy and tells her to detach herself from her private life.
Chofu Airport In the bathroom, George practices a few different ways of carrying out his proposal.

Rudolf comments on Rosa's late arrival, and Kyrie remarks that older brothers always treat their younger sisters as children. Battler notices Maria's Halloween candy and plays trick-or-treat with her, causing Maria to quickly open up to him. She gives Battler one of the candies and tells him that she wants to dress up as a witch.

Mansion: Entrance Hall Jessica confides to Kumasawa her worries that a relative the family has never heard of, such as Beatrice or her descendants, may show up at the family conference.

Kumasawa tells her that Rokkenjima used to be called Azukijima, rumored to be a corruption of Akujikishima (Evil Appetite Island), an island where evil spirits gathered. A travelling ascetic had built a shrine as a repose for the spirits, but during the summer that shrine had been destroyed by lightning. Kumasawa wonders if the released spirits will summon Beatrice.

Office of Rudolf's Company/ Airplane In a flashback on the airplane, Rudolf makes vacation plans with Kyrie via phone call. His colleague informs him of the company's legal situation, telling him that a similar case had recently been won by the plaintiff. He suggests that the other party plans to offer an out-of-court settlement involving a large sum of money. Rudolf tells his executives that they cannot rely on borrowing from banks, and asks them to let him personally settle the monetary need.
Mansion: Kinzo's Study Nanjo tells Kinzo that a longed-for guest will be present at the family conference this year. Kinzo expresses surprise, but is let down by the fact that Nanjo was referring to Battler.
Purgatorio Battler and Beatrice face each other in Purgatorio, which is now lit in a fantastical dark purple. Battler offers for Beatrice to make the first move, being unable to form a plan without information. She contemplates many ways to make him surrender, while he stands his ground on his denial of her existence. Beatrice tells him that she can repeat the game as many times as she wants, making it endless torture until Battler believed in her. Battler counters her assertion, declaring that it will instead be endless torture for her until she gave up. Beatrice finds this amusing, and declares that they will torment each other continuously in this endless game.

Background Music

  • 夏の扉 [Doorway of Summer] (Train, airport)
  • 薔薇 [Rose] (Train platform)
  • 透百合 [Sukashiyuri] (Krauss and Natsuhi, Akujikishima)
  • Towering cloud in summer (Instructions to the servants)
  • hope (Rudolf's plans)
  • witch in gold (cembalo) (Kinzo's study)
  • Answer (Purgatorio)

Characters Appearing

Guest of Honor

Location Summary
Rose Garden Maria gets hung up over an unhealthy rose, which George proceeds to mark with a candy wrapper. She regains her spirits and starts talking about Halloween, giving everyone present a Halloween candy. She is sure that Beatrice will come, and that they will play and learn magic together. Eva makes a snide remark about Maria's age, prompting Rosa to tell her to stop. Upon realizing Battler's ignorance of Beatrice, Maria's mood sours, and she proceeds to go on about stories of the witch.

After the others leave, Rosa harshly scolds and strikes Maria for disobeying her and talking about witches. She takes the Halloween candy out of Maria's hand and crushes it with her foot, calling it and Maria disgusting. Maria pleads for her mother to come back and defeat the bad witch, which only increases Rosa's anger. Rosa runs off to the guest house, leaving Maria alone in the rose garden.

Guesthouse: Corridor/ Guest Room Rosa lies to the other adults that Maria is fixated on a rose. She enters her guest room, shuts the door, and sobs on the bed.
Rose Garden Kanon, who had witnessed the scene, tries to support Maria. He offers to exchange the crushed candy for the one Maria had given him, but she seems to only want that specific candy. Maria tells him that a witch like Beatrice could easily repair it. She tells Kanon that she is friends with Beatrice, and suggests that they meet her and play.
Mansion: Parlor Natsuhi tells the adults that Kinzo is busy and will not see them. Eva mentions that they did not meet him the past year either, and suggests that he may be bedridden, which Nanjo denies. Natsuhi and Krauss question their motives for wanting to meet him upon hearing his life was short.

Kyrie separates herself from the siblings during a lull in the conversation, as Rudolf would often feel upstaged when she spoke out. Rosa, who is also away from the group, tells Kyrie that she feels unqualified to be a mother, but Kyrie assures her that Maria has grown a lot. She tells Rosa that as a pair of mothers with daughters, they should talk to each other more often. They notice that the weather is worsening, and Rosa realizes that Maria is probably still in the rose garden.

Rose Garden Rosa finds Maria still in the rose garden and apologizes profusely to her. Maria welcomes her back from her possession by the bad witch. She tells Rosa that Beatrice is coming soon.

A crash of thunder sounds, and Beatrice appears in a suit and skirt. She asks Maria if she is healthy. Maria responds affirmatively and gives her a Halloween candy. Beatrice notices Maria's crushed candy and glances towards Rosa before offering to restore it. She tells Maria to close her eyes and to try to remember its form. Rosa watches as Beatrice throws it into the air, turning it into golden butterflies which gather in her hand to form the original unbroken candy.

Beatrice asks the shocked Rosa if her face looks familiar. She hands an envelope to Maria, telling her not to show it to anyone and to only open it when the time comes. She hands another envelope to Rosa and tells her to read its contents at dinner. Beatrice tells Rosa that it could have been any of the four siblings, but that the roulette chose her. She tells Rosa that she will meet her later and walks off towards the mansion.

Mansion: Entrance Hall Genji welcomes Beatrice. She remarks at his age, noting that Kinzo's late wife had been jealous of him. She then sets off towards Kinzo's study, completely familiar with the mansion's layout.

Kyrie notices the witch and greets her, and Beatrice shows awareness of her identity. Kyrie remembers the image of the portrait of the witch, which switches to her current outfit. She feigns ignorance of her, which leads Beatrice to retort back. As Beatrice leaves, Kyrie considers the impact that the guest will have on the family conference. Natsuhi finds Kyrie in the hall, but she does not tell her about the encounter.

Mansion: Outside Kinzo's Study Beatrice asks how long Kinzo has not left his study for, and Genji answers that it might be several years. She remarks at the irony of the situation for the man who had wanted to shut her up in a cage. The scorpion-inscribed doorknob burns her hand upon contact. Beatrice declines Genji's offer to open it, wanting the roulette to take its own course. She declares that she will enjoy this final game with Kinzo.

Background Music

  • 月夜 [Moonlit Night] (Rose garden, parlor)
  • 旋律 (シラベ) inst.ver [Melody] (Halloween history)
  • 透百合 [Sukashiyuri] (Rosa gets the others to leave)
  • Fortitude (Rosa scolds Maria)
  • 薔薇 [Rose] (Kanon comforts Maria)
  • Novelette (Shannon's arrival)
  • 金色の嘲笑 [Golden Sneer] (Beatrice's arrival)
  • 胡散の香り [Fishy Aroma] (Kyrie meets Beatrice)

Characters Appearing

The Witch's Move

Location Summary
Mansion: VIP Room The VIP room was a room that Kinzo had ordered to be kept clean at all times, yet had its use prohibited by guests. Kanon enters the room with Beatrice's lunch. She senses his unease and tells him that she came to fulfill her final promise with Kinzo. Kanon realizes that she plans to carry out the murders of the epitaph, returning everything to the Golden Land.

Beatrice tells Kanon to rejoice at the coming of furniture's day of rest. Kanon had been looking forward to it, but now felt conflicted. Beatrice wonders if he has regrets left in the world. Kanon denies it, but the faces of Shannon and Jessica come to his mind. He feels ashamed for thinking about Jessica, and worries about the regrets that Shannon will feel, directing anger towards Beatrice for making it difficult for her.

Beatrice challenges Kanon to kill her, but tells him that doing so would mean that the day of rest would never come. Opening the door to the Golden Land on the other hand would allow him to experience life and love as a human. She tells him that she will spare Shannon and George for the second twilight if he kneels down and kisses her shoes. Kanon grudgingly complies, and Beatrice lets out a fiendish laugh.

Mansion: Parlor Battler lets out a yawn and prepares to sleep, saying that it simply isn't his turn to be on the stage. Jessica is irked by his attitude. She tells him that everyone is the main character of their life, and that he ought not to act like a supporting actor. She wonders about these wonds in the context of Kanon.
Purgatorio Battler is thrown off by Beatrice's appearance on the gameboard, but she tells him that she is simply responding to his doubt regarding the number of humans. He remains defiant and suggests that Maria's candy had been swapped with an intact one from Beatrice's pocket. Beatrice brings up the fact that Rosa had witnessed the scene, which Battler tries to dismiss as a hallucination or trick. She tells Battler that he is digging his own grave, and that her turn is far from over.
Mansion: Guest Room Kyrie tells Eva, Hideyoshi, and Rudolf about her encounter with Beatrice. They worry that she will make a claim over Kinzo's assets, thwarting their plans to corner Krauss. Kyrie is unaware of their plan but quickly picks up on the situation. She decides not to press the issue and turns her attention to Beatrice.

Kyrie realizes that Beatrice's sudden appearance meant that she wanted to catch them off guard, which suggested that she may not have solid proof supporting a claim of blood relation. She suggests that they remain calm and look for an opening to attack. Kyrie is unsure if this guest was planned by Krauss or is unknown to him too. They decide that her identity is impossible to prove here, and that whatever happens on Rokkenjima during this time cannot be accepted as the truth. Kyrie wonders if her chessboard thinking has missed a vital premise.

Mansion: Entrance Hall Rosa asks Maria about the woman they had met, and Maria insists that she is Beatrice. She tells Rosa that she has met Beatrice annually on Rokkenjima for over two years. During these meetings, they sung songs, learned magic, and drew magic circles. She shows Rosa her notebook, and Rosa realizes the symbols were not drawn by her. Maria tells her that Beatrice lives on the island even outside of the family conferences.

Rosa experiences a strong headache. She wonders if she is getting mixed up in her childhood memories, back when she had greatly feared the witch. She contemplates opening her envelope before dinner, but Maria tells her not break her promise with Beatrice. Rosa realizes that Maria looks up to Beatrice, and would probably report any disobedience to her. She becomes very protective of her daughter, not wanting an unknown being to make contact with her.

Background Music

  • オルガン小曲 第6億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #600 Million in C Minor] (Beatrice's plan)
  • 隣死 [At Death's Door] (Regrets)
  • 金色の嘲笑 [Golden Sneer] (The two who are close)
  • 胡散の香り [Fishy Aroma] (Meta-world commentary)
  • 煉沙回廊 [Corridor of Purgatory's Sands] (Adults' discussion)
  • mind (Kyrie's reasoning)
  • stupefaction (Maria's meetings)
  • witch in gold (cembalo) (The letter)

Characters Appearing

'Furniture' and 'People'

Location Summary
Guesthouse: Cousin Room Jessica notes that Maria has not returned and wonders if she is being scolded by Rosa. Shannon suggests that she may be playing with Battler. Jessica, George, and Shannon talk about how Battler hasn't changed, and reminisce about the times the four of them would play together. Jessica tells Shannon to treat her servant and off-duty selves separately, and calls Shannon her oldest friend.

They awkwardly try to bring up each other's love lives. George tells Shannon of his dreams for the future, where he would build his career and be surrounded with children. He tells Jessica that Shannon would often say that he was getting ahead of himself when he did this. Having been raised in an orphanage, Shannon thinks that his dream is wonderful, and tells him that her ideal family is like that. Jessica brings up Eva's likely objection, but George shows little concern for her approval and tells Shannon to leave that problem to him. As Shannon leaves, George tells her to meet at the usual time and place.

Mansion: Kitchen Gohda protests to Genji at being unable to personally deliver Beatrice's meal. He had acquiesced when it came to Kinzo, but wanted to at least serve someone of the same rank. Kumasawa's monologue comments about the damage this had done to his pride. Gohda also objects at Shannon's being given the responsibility of serving her, citing her past mistakes.
Mansion: Corridor/ Kitchen Kanon stands in the corridor next to the kitchen door and badmouths Gohda to Shannon. He tells Shannon of his encounter with Beatrice and warns her of the witch's horrible plans.

Shannon once used to long for the day of rest, but had given up on waiting for it and now feels conflicted about its arrival. Kanon chides her for forgetting that she is furniture, falling in love, and building regrets. He tells her that Beatrice had promised to spare her for the second twilight if she rejected George's engagement ring, though they still had to escape being one of the other sacrifices. He wants to live with her in the Golden Land as humans, and there find true love.

They had both originally felt that whether they survived or died, they would still be released from being furniture, but now Kanon adamantly insists on their survival. Shannon refuses to decline George's proposal and asks about Kanon's plan. Kanon begins to break down in tears. He realizes that the taste of love Jessica had given him has changed him.

Genji's calls bring Shannon's attention back to the kitchen. When she turns back, she finds that Kanon has disappeared, not wanting others to see his tears. She loads Beatrice's food into the serving cart and makes her way to the VIP room.

Mansion: Kinzo's Study Kinzo once again rejects Krauss' invitation to dinner. As they play chess, Kinzo tells Nanjo that both players ought to always make the best moves, as poorer moves are hard to understand and would lower the enjoyment of the game. Nanjo tells Kinzo that he has forgotten the other goal of chess: to simply have fun with a friend. Upon hearing this, Kinzo suspends the match satisfied, suggesting that they may continue it in the afterlife. As Genji brings in his food, Kinzo emphasizes the great precautions he has taken in guarding against the roulette.
Mansion: VIP Room Shannon brings Beatrice her meal with mixed feelings. Beatrice tells her that she will not apologize for manipulating her love life, but Shannon thanks her for teaching her to be human, regardless of her motives. This annoys Beatrice, who thinks that a human ought to be frantic regarding the possibility of their death following their engagement. She puts Shannon down as furniture, but Shannon firmly asserts her humanity and autonomy.

Shannon realizes that the best way of resisting Beatrice is by refusing to entertain her. She declares that humans do not know their fates, and so she will live her life to the fullest and rely on her own convictions, not fearing death. Beatrice tells her that the fates of lower beings are no more than Fragments, and that she has the power to kill anyone endlessly. Shannon does not entertain her taunts and leaves with confidence.

Mansion: Dining Hall Kyrie asks Gohda about a guest. Natsuhi mistakenly thinks she is referring to Kinzo, leading Kyrie to realize that she and Krauss are in the dark. Gohda tells them that Beatrice is eating the VIP room. Krauss thinks that he is making a joke, but Eva and Rudolf question Krauss' relation to her. Natsuhi tells Gohda to call Genji.

Rosa corroborates Kyrie's claim of witnessing Beatrice, and Maria follows suit. They note that while Beatrice had not spoken her name, she was the splitting image of the subject of the portrait of the witch. Natsuhi questions where Beatrice would have come from, but Battler uses the Devil's Proof to assert the impossibility of denying her arrival and residence on the island by some unknown means.

Eva suggests that Kinzo had called Beatrice to the island himself, and Rudolf brings up the possibility of her being a hidden mistress. As the argument heats up, Rosa instructs the children to return to the guesthouse. Nanjo follows them. Genji arrives, and the adults question him regarding Beatrice.

Background Music

  • 月夜 [Moonlit Night] (Cousin room)
  • 薔薇 [Rose] (Kanon and Shannon)
  • worldend (bp) (The other goal of chess)
  • 旋律 (シラベ) inst.ver [Melody] (Shannon and Beatrice)
  • Novelette (DInner)
  • 隣死 [At Death's Door] (The visitor)

Characters Appearing

Wedding Ring

Location Summary
Guesthouse: Cousin Room The cousins, Nanjo, and Kumasawa discuss Beatrice's legend. They compare her to Santa Claus, but Maria indignantly insists that she is real. George says that her existence is a case of the Devil's Proof.

Nanjo confirms that Kinzo had a mistress called Beatrice, but claims to not have met her as she passed away long ago. He does not know if they had a child, but suggests that Kinzo would have poured his love into that child rather than become obsessed with her revival if they did. The cousins consider whether the guest is indeed a secret child or merely an impersonator.

Maria derides Battler for his dismissal of witches without evidence, and he responds that Beatrice simply needs to show them something impossible for a human. She warns him that chessboard thinking will not work against Beatrice, as she can move her pieces in ways that humans cannot.

Rose Garden Arbor Shannon tells George about the servants' witch legends and her encounter at dinner. Feeling down about Beatrice's appearance, she asks George about the meaning of an engagement, and he explains that it is an oath between lovers. Shannon tries to ask if he would still give her the ring if it meant that the promise would not be fulfilled, but holds back her words.

George declares to Shannon that the ring is now a wedding ring, and that they can deal with God and their parents later. She brings up George's dream of a future surrounded by children and asks him to show it to her. George gives Shannon the ring, and she immediately puts it on her left ring finger. She tells him that they will always be together, even when they become spirits.

Mansion: Corridor Kanon criticizes Shannon's decision, telling her that she is fooling herself and throwing away her chance to go to the Golden Land. Shannon asserts that she is human and wonders if Kanon has regrets himself. She tells him that having made that eternal promise with George, her fate in the ceremony no longer matters to her.

Shannon questions why Kanon is so adamant on going to the Golden Land, and he tearfully responds that he wants to become human so he can fall in love too. He admits that he likes Jessica, and had been elated when he found out that she liked him too. Kanon had rejected her because he was furniture, thinking that if their love could not be eternal, it would be better not to love at all. He curses the witch for giving him these feelings.

Chapel/ Various Beatrice declares the beginning of her game and her challenge to Battler. At a chapel, the adults of the family stand before Beatrice and accept her existence one by one. Kyrie hesitates but ends up complying. The scene pans over the locations of the remaining inhabitants of the island, and the clock strikes midnight.

Background Music

  • 暗闇の刻 [Hour of Darkness] (Legend of the witch)
  • witch in gold (cembalo) (Kinzo and Beatrice)
  • 絵画の魔女 [Witch of the Painting] (Maria and Battler)
  • Minute darkness (Rose garden arbor)
  • hope (The meaning of an engagement)
  • Pass (Wedding ring)
  • worldend (bp) (Kanon and Shannon)
  • 旋律 (シラベ) inst.ver [Melody] (Beatrice's commentary)
  • ageha [Swallowtail butterfly] (Location roll call)

Characters Appearing


Location Summary
Mansion: Kinzo's Study Kinzo wakes up and realizes he has escaped the first batch of sacrifices. He resists the urge the check if there is a mark on his study's doorknob. He then declares that his defense is perfect, and that he would not shame himself "like last time".
Dining Hall/ Guest Room/ Various Genji, Shannon, Kanon, and Gohda wake up to make morning preparations. Shannon finds a note in the dining hall with the single word "chapel". Genji then goes to Rosa's guest room and informs her that something strange has happened there.
Chapel Entrance/ Cousin Room The chapel is a standalone building some distance from the mansion, and had been built at around the same time as it. Kinzo had always told his children to stay away from it. The seventh magic circle of the sun was painted over the chapel door in a red substance, and written below it was the English line "Happy Halloween for Maria".

The servants inform Rosa that her siblings and their spouses cannot be found, and that the chapel can only be unlocked using a single currently missing key. Rosa remembers the envelope that Maria had received and rushes back to the guesthouse. There, she retrieves it from Maria's handbag, finds the key inside, and returns to the chapel to open it. Battler notices her footsteps but goes back to sleep.

Chapel In front of the altar is a table decorated with Halloween candies, and seated there are the other six adults—their stomachs sliced open and filled with these same candies. Rosa instructs Genji and Shannon to inform Kinzo, and tells Kanon and Gohda to bring Nanjo and contact the police.
Mansion: Parlor/ Corridor Maria also cries about her envelope having been taken, which Battler informs her was done by Rosa. Gohda and Kanon run in. Gohda rushes to the servant room and tries to make a phone call, while Kanon whispers to Nanjo, prompting the doctor to follow him out. The cousins decide to follow them.
Chapel (with meta-layer) Rosa unsuccessfully tries to keep the cousins away from the scene. {A fanciful frame is overlaid upon the screen, indicating a higher-plane. Battler curses Beatrice for the murders, but she remarks that she is merely responding to his grief in the first game that he could not see his parents' faces, and removing his suspicions regarding fake corpses. She tells him that he now does not have to worry about the possibility of Nanjo being an accomplice, as he can verify the corpses himself.}

Gohda returns and informs Rosa that the phone lines are down. Jessica proclaims the guest Beatrice as the culprit and runs out to find her. Rosa instructs Gohda and Kanon to follow.

Maria laughs creepily, but Rosa slaps her cheek. George finds one of the special envelopes on the decorated table, and its contents are identical with the one read at dinner during the first game. They also find three gold ingots there inscribed with the One-Winged Eagle crest.

Background Music

  • 煉沙回廊 [Corridor of Purgatory's Sands] (The magic circle)
  • 絵画の魔女 [Witch of the Painting] (Happy Halloween for Maria)
  • 誘い [Lure] (Entering the chapel)
  • Red Dread (The second twilight)
  • goldenslaughterer (The cousins find the corpses)

Characters Appearing

Jessica and Kanon

Location Summary
Mansion: VIP Room Jessica uses Kanon's master key to unlock the VIP room door. They find the room empty but with clear signs of use. Kanon finds a piece of paper on the table from Beatrice, who mocks them for trying to find her and profanes the adults who died. Upon reading it, Jessica furiously starts smashing the furniture with a light stand before breaking down in tears. She has an asthma attack, and Kanon tells Gohda to let him deal with it himself.
Mansion: Jessica's Room Kanon gives Jessica her inhaler and tries to comfort her, but stumbles over the right words. He tells her that he will be in the corridor if she needs him. Jessica wants to stop him from leaving but fails to voice the words. Kanon tells her that he won't let her be alone, which sparks hope in her, but that hope fades when she realizes that he meant he would be nearby as a servant.
Mansion: Corridor Kanon senses that he had hurt Jessica but cannot grasp her human emotions, being furniture that still sees the ocean as gray. Beatrice appears and chides him for leaving her side. She tells him of the three ways to hurt a woman: with a blade, in her heart, or by betraying her expectations. She explains that women are dreamers who hurt themselves this way, and that a distant man like Kanon hurt them the most.

Beatrice tells Kanon that they are fitting sacrifices for the second twilight, but he objects that they do not have that kind of relationship. She accepts this but declares that she will kill Jessica anyway to enjoy Kanon's reaction. Kanon hears a scream from inside the room and rushes in.

Mansion: Jessica's Room Golden butterflies fill the room and surround Jessica. Beatrice appears in her dress and taunts Kanon to show her the power of Kinzo's furniture. She summons a goat-headed butler, who manifests a blue energy blade on its arm. Kanon manifests his own red energy blade.

Beatrice praises Kinzo's skill in giving birth to furniture. Kanon responds that something like this couldn't even be used to trim the roses, and that he did not want to show Jessica. Beatrice mocks him for exposing his subhumanity in front of the girl he cared for. Kanon compares Beatrice to the moon, saying that while he cannot kill her, he can still continuously strike at her reflection in the water.

Kanon defeats the goat butler, causing it to break up into golden butterflies. He then charges at Beatrice, but she transforms into golden butterflies and rematerializes behind him. Beatrice taunts him as furniture, but Jessica declares that he is human because he rushed to save her.

Beatrice notes that their acknowledgement of each other's dignity qualifies them for the second twilight. She summons Asmodeus of Lust, a stake of purgatory appearing as a young woman, and tells her to execute the second twilight. Asmodeus makes sexual comments towards him before transforming into a stake. In this form, she bounces around the room rapidly before striking Jessica, who had predicted that her target would be Kanon's back and used her own body to shield him.

Beatrice summons another stake of purgatory, Satan of Wrath, whose appearance is similar to Asmodeus. Kanon declares that he is not furniture anymore. Satan taunts him, noting that it would be her second time killing him. She transforms into a stake and pierces his chest.

Kanon apologizes to Jessica for failing to protect her, and tells her that he realized he was not furniture too late. Jessica asks Kanon what his real name is, but dies before he can answer. In his dying breath, Kanon declares that he has become human. Beatrice mocks him, declaring that he will always remain furniture. She decides to disgrace his body by using magic to make it disappear.

Background Music

  • Requiem (Jessica's rage, Kanon isn't furniture, Jessica stabbed)
  • moon (Jessica's hope)
  • オルガン小曲 第6億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #600 Million in C Minor] (Beatrice's arrival, Asmodeus)
  • 終焉_VerC [Life's End] (Beatrice's move)
  • where (Kanon vs goat)

Characters Appearing

New Rule

Location Summary
Mansion: Kinzo's Study Shannon and Genji inform Kinzo of the deaths. He decides to dictate a will and asks Shannon to write it down, telling her that it will be fun to leave a record of his games and have those in the future read them in search of his thoughts. The scene cuts away before the reader is shown its contents.
Chapel Entrance Gohda reports the situation to Rosa, who decides it best to leave them alone. They leave the chapel, preserving the scene for the police. George comments on the magic circle and Maria explains its meaning.

Battler asks about the chapel. Rosa explains that Kinzo viewed the place as sacred and required that it be kept clean. Nanjo adds on that Kinzo had hoped that a miracle would allow him to receive a blessing there. George points out a relief on the chapel which contained the English words "This door is only opened at a probability of...". Battler cannot figure out the last few words, and George tells him it goes "m", "b", "t", "q", a number of tremendous size. Maria mocks Battler for having poor English. They bring up the rumor of Beatrice being Kinzo's mistress and wonder if Kinzo's miracle was to be able to revive and marry her now that his wife was dead.

Rosa realizes that the single chapel key had been in Maria's envelope since the previous day, but that she had personally verified that the chapel door had been locked earlier, meaning that the chapel had been a closed room during that time period.

Meta-layer (Chapel) Battler tells Beatrice that he lacks information to reason, noting that any trick would be able to open the door. Beatrice mocks him for using that as an excuse to stop thinking. Battler applies the Devil's Proof, saying that while he could not find a hidden door, that did not prove that one did not exist. Beatrice tells him that she simply opened it with magic, which Battler does not accept.

Observing that they have reached a stalemate, Beatrice introduces a new rule, the Red Truth. She declares in red that all words she spoke in red would be true (see the Colored Text tab for a full list for the episode). She adds that she would bear no responsibility of showing proof, as that would disrespect the game. Battler comments at the unfairness of this rule.

Battler postulates the existence of a duplicate key, which Beatrice denies in red. He then suggests an external means of opening the door, but Beatrice uses the red to state that only the single key could unlock that door, and that the locked door prevented all methods of entry or exit. Battler then considers a hidden door, but Beatrice declares in red that the six entered through that front door.

Battler realizes that the red truth can become a weapon for him too. He spins the chessboard around and considers how the chapel could be made to appear a closed room. Battler suggests that the key in Maria's envelope was a fake. Beatrice tells him to call her Beato, and uses the red to state that the same genuine key was given to Maria and retrieved by Rosa. She however declines to repeat that the envelope had always been under Maria's supervision during that time, as Maria's eyes would not be on it while it was in her handbag.

Battler realizes the opening. He tells Beatrice that he is gentle to women and does not betray their expectations, and follows up with the theory that a human culprit had taken the key from the envelope, used it to open the chapel, and then returned it. Beatrice panics and brings up the sealing wax, declaring in red that the envelopes received and retrieved were the same. Battler tells her that she has betrayed his expectations by not taking the hint and resigning. Noting that Beatrice would not repeat in red that the key was never used between when Maria received and Rosa retrieved it, Battler finishes off his theory by adding that the envelope was resealed after the key was returned. He refuses to explain who took the key, telling Beatrice that his victory condition is merely to prove it can be done with human tricks, and that he believes in the innocence of the 18 people. Beatrice resigns for this round, but tells him that he will eventually be forced to suspect them, and will then definitely accept her existence.

Background Music

  • witch in gold (cembalo) (Kinzo's will)
  • suspicion (The chapel's meaning)
  • mind (The chapel key)
  • 金色の嘲笑 [Golden Sneer] (Meta-layer)
  • オルガン小曲 第6億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #600 Million in C Minor] (Red truth)
  • 痕音 [Scar Sound] (The question of the envelope)
  • Dread of the grave (Battler's theory)

Characters Appearing

A Suspect

Location Summary
Mansion: Parlor/ Staircase The group sits in the parlor in silent shock, though Maria acts as normal. Kumasawa arrives and Gohda informs her of the situation.

Rosa tells herself that as the only remaining family adult, she has to act as a parent for all the cousins. She struggles to get over the passive attitude she had developed under her older siblings, and decides to gather her courage and head to Kinzo's study herself. As she ascends the stairs, a golden butterfly stealthily lands on her back, and Beatrice contemplates her next move.

Mansion: Parlor The cousins wonder if Beatrice is also trapped with them on the island. Nanjo notes that while they suspect the mysterious guest, she could also be an undiscovered victim. They wonder why Beatrice would draw attention to the murders. Gohda mentions that Beatrice was not in her room, and George worries about Kanon and Jessica.

George shows the servants the letter and tells them about the three ingots on the table. Kumasawa had previously overheard that Krauss had possession of one them, but to her knowledge none of the others had been found. Gohda tells them that he did not feel any suspicious weights in the luggages. George concludes that the three bars had been displayed to prove the gold's existence, and they consider whether the culprit had found all of the gold or was trying to use them to find the rest. Maria points out that the letter never suggested that Beatrice wanted the gold, and only asked if they could solve the epitaph.

Rosa walks in on the scene accompanied Genji and Shannon. She proceeds to slap Maria's cheek and tells the others not to interfere with her daughter's education. She then shows them a gun from Kinzo's collection, warning them that the culprit is still nearby. They decide to gather in one place for safety, and Battler offers to go with George and Gohda to get Kanon and Jessica. Rosa tells them that the situation is a Wolves and Sheep Puzzle, and thus it is safest if they all move together.

Mansion: Jessica's Room (with meta-layer) They find the first magic circle of the moon inscribed on the door to Jessica's room, and Gohda uses his master key to unlock it. Inside lies Jessica's corpse face down on the floor in a pool of blood, a stake stabbed into her back. Nanjo confirms that she passed away a short while ago. Rosa scolds Gohda for leaving the two of them alone. They realize that Kanon is missing, and Rosa tells them to be quiet and search the room.

Rosa picks up a key on the side table, which Genji says is probably the key to the room. Shannon tells them that Jessica rarely locked her room while at home, and thus did not keep her key with her. Rosa interrogates the servants, who confirm that only Jessica's key and the master keys can unlock the room, and that there is only one master key per servant. {Beatrice comments that she noticed the possibility of extra master keys in the last game was disadvantageous for her, and declares in red that only the single master keys held by each servant existed.}

Rosa declares that someone holding a master key is the culprit or an accomplice. She confirms Shannon and Genji's alibis and accuses Gohda and Kumasawa, who both deny it. She also suggests that the culprit could stab Jessica in the back because they were familiar to her. Rosa asks Gohda if he had earned Jessica's trust, but accuses him when he says yes. Gohda changes his response, and Kumasawa gives the same answer. Rosa then accuses Kanon, the only remaining servant, of the crime. Shannon tries to defend him, but Rosa responds by asking her to accuse Gohda or Kumasawa. {Beatrice taunts Battler, who cannot accept Kanon as the culprit, to accuse the witch or make the dead Kanon a sacrifice for his argument.}

Rosa tells the survivors that there is a high chance that the culprit wants the hidden gold. She also suggests that there may be multiple culprits, and that one of them may have been bought off by the culprit. She clears the guest Beatrice from suspicion of this crime, but will not conclude that she is unrelated. Rosa tells them that until they see Kanon's corpse, he cannot be cleared from suspicion. Her noncommittal framing of Kanon's guilt allows the survivors to accept her conclusion as pragmatic.

A ghostly Jessica cries about the survivors treating Kanon as the culprit. The ghost Kanon resigns himself to that fate, happy that at least Jessica knows the truth. Jessica insists that the truth belongs to living humans, and that the others would not understand Kanon's sacrifice if the truth died with her. Beatrice mocks them as Jessica cries for the survivors to not leave.

Battler objects to Kanon being the culprit. {Beatrice wonders what his argument is, but Meta-Battler does not know the thoughts of Piece Battler.} He defends the character of each of the servants and thanks Gohda for protecting Kanon's honor by remembering something. {Battler realizes his line of thought and asks Beatrice to repeat that Kanon had been holding onto a master key. He points out that Jessica had borrowed Kanon's key but did not return it to him.} He gets Nanjo to retrieve a key from Jessica's pocket, which Genji identifies as a master key. Battler thus concludes that Kanon had no way of locking the door, and lambastes Rosa for assuming Kanon's guilt without proof.

Meta-layer (Jessica's Room) Beatrice applauds Battler's argument but informs him that he has fallen into her trap, and now needs to explain how the door was locked. She declares in red that the one door is the only way in or out, and that it can only be opened by Jessica's key or a master key. She also declares in red that the window was locked from the inside.

Battler asks her to repeat in red that Kanon was killed in this room, and she obliges. She refuses to repeat that his corpse is in the room, claiming to have erased it with magic, and also refuses to repeat that the door was last locked by a master key.

Battler gets frustrated with the rule, and Beatrice responds that her careless use of the red in the chapel disadvantaged her. She declares in red that the locked door prevented any entry or exit, and that no trick could be used to lock the door from the outside without a key.

Battler realizes that his reluctance to suspect the servants has restricted his own path of attack. He starts fearing that the other cousins had been involved in retrieving the key to the chapel. Beatrice mocks his situation and tells him to suspect the servants or accept magic. [Having no argument for how a non-servant could kill Jessica, Battler resigns. Shannon thanks him for defending Kanon, and he and Rosa make up.]

Background Music

  • stupefaction (The culprit's motive)
  • 暗闇の刻 [Hour of Darkness] (The letter)
  • mind (Regarding the gold)
  • 隣死 [At Death's Door] (Going to Jessica's room)
  • Requiem (Jessica's corpse)
  • 胡散の香り [Fishy Aroma] (Rosa's accusation)
  • moon (The ghosts)
  • Dread of the grave (Battler's objection)
  • 金色の嘲笑 [Golden Sneer] (The closed room)

Characters Appearing

Wolves and Sheep Puzzle

Location Summary
Mansion: Parlor (with meta-layer) Genji informs them that the boat will come the next morning. Battler suggests that they search the mansion for clues, but Rosa objects that provoking the culprit might lead to another murder. Suspecting poison, Rosa also limits the survivors to eating canned food.

Maria takes out a puzzle book and shows Battler the "Wolves and Sheep Puzzle". The objective is to ferry all the wolves and sheep from one side of a river to the other, while making sure that the wolves never outnumbered the sheep on either side. Battler realizes that Rosa's earlier use of the term had meant that she suspected there were wolves among them. Rosa sends the servants to the kitchen to wash the dishes. George tries to accompany Shannon, but Rosa tells him to stay. Rosa also whispers something to Nanjo, causing him to leave the parlor too.

After they leave, Rosa declares that everyone remaining is an Ushiromiya, suggesting that she had chased out all the wolves. George worries that she is being too suspicious, but Rosa argues that the elaborate murders in the chapel could not have been done alone. She also brings up the locking of Jessica's room.

Battler uses chessboard thinking to argue that such actions would simply make the servants more suspicious. Rosa tells him that she thought so too, but that a person without a master key would need to use some unknown trick to lock the door. She suspects Kanon of doing this, arguing that he may have simply used the inside lock of the door, and then either hid inside the room or used a hidden passage. This was why she had told them to search the room earlier, but while nothing suspicious had been found, they could not rule out an unknown passage. {Battler observes that they are following the same lines of reasoning that Beatrice had denied in red. Beatrice tells him that a rule of mystery novels is that there should not be any hidden passages.}

George cannot accept Rosa's argument, but she tells him that at least one if not all of the servants had to be a culprit or accomplice. She had been accusing the servants earlier to gauge their reactions, and the results only made her more suspicious. She also tells them that the wolves may attack even when there is a balance of wolves and sheep, suggesting that that was the case with Jessica. This causes George to worry about Shannon, but Rosa argues that Shannon and Genji had not been attacked when meeting Kinzo because they were both wolves.

Rosa tells them that she wants to protect them as a mother even if it meant suspecting everyone else. Battler asks her to prove that she is not a wolf. Rosa points her gun at him, telling him that it would be easy to shoot him now if she is, and then pin it on Beatrice later. Battler accepts her argument but is still lost on the culprit. He wishes for Beatrice to show herself.

Mansion: Kitchen The servants hear a sound from the back door, and Genji picks up a knife as a precaution. Gohda opens the door to find Kanon alive but stabbed in the chest with a stake. They carry him to the servant room. Genji tells Kumasawa to inform Rosa, but Kanon stops her.
Mansion: Servant Room Kanon's wound is deep but did not reach his lungs, and Nanjo fails to stop the bleeding. Kanon tells them that Rosa had killed Jessica, causing Gohda to worry about those in the parlor. Shannon rushes to the boiler room to search for something.

Genji figures that Rosa's gun has four or five shots loaded. Gohda points out that the loading mechanism is difficult to use without practice, and suggests that they can take her down if they attacked her all at once. Kumasawa worries that provoking her will endanger them, but Kanon tells them that Rosa had said that she would massacre everyone before the typhoon passes in order to keep the Ushiromiya wealth for herself.

As Kanon stands up, his eyes are revealed to be red. He reaches into his wound and grasps around. Shannon returns holding a handkerchief with a spider's web, telling him that while it would not affect Kanon, it would affect an entity which was the natural enemy of spiders.

Kanon unleashes his blade and cleanly slices the throats of Nanjo and Kumasawa. Genji pulls Shannon out of the way, and Gohda uses his body to pin Kanon against the wall. Kanon tries to attack Gohda, but Genji pins his hand to the wall with a thrown knife. Shannon gives Genji the spiderweb and he presses it against Kanon, causing him to scream and disintegrate into golden butterflies.

Background Music

  • 旋律 (シラベ) inst.ver [Melody] (Wolves and sheep puzzle)
  • 隣死 [At Death's Door] (Rosa removes the servants)
  • 誘い [Lure] (Rosa's reasoning)
  • play (Knocking on the door)
  • 煉沙回廊 [Corridor of Purgatory's Sands] (Kanon)
  • stupefaction (Regarding Rosa)
  • Closed My Heart (Kanon stands)
  • Red Dread (Kanon attacks)

Characters Appearing

Devil's Proof

Location Summary
Mansion: Parlor The three survivors find it difficult to explain what had happened. Genji tells them that while they had initially believed the person was Kanon, he later definitely was not. Rosa brings everyone to check the corpses, going against her previously stated priority of staying safe in the parlor.
Mansion: Servant Room (with meta-layer) They find both bodies missing, though the bloodstains are still there. Gohda confirms that they had locked the door before leaving, and he himself unlocked it upon their return. They realize that Kanon's master key could have been taken from Nanjo's corpse and used by the culprit. Rosa searches the room, and Battler considers that a person may have hidden in the room until the three servants left before carrying away the corpses.

{Beatrice reminds Battler that the culprit would have to know that Kanon's master key was with Nanjo to take it from him. He asks Beatrice to repeat that somebody is hiding in the servant room, but Beatrice tells him that Rosa will destroy his premise.}

Rosa finds an envelope on the table. It contains a letter from Beatrice reminding the survivors to focus on solving the epitaph instead of trying to resist her. The letter also states that Beatrice has borrowed the corpses for the ceremony and would return them later. Inside the envelope are the two master keys previously held by Kanon and Kumasawa.

Meta-layer (Servant Room) Battler panics at this move but remembers the servant room key. Beatrice states in red that all servant room keys are in the box in the center of the room. She uses the red to restate the same locked room conditions as in the case of Jessica's room. Battler suggests that there might be a hiding spot in the room where culprit could wait for them to leave before making off themselves. Beatrice declares in red that only their group is in the servant room, and lists off their names. She does likewise for Jessica's room and adds on in red that it is impossible to lock the door and window from the outside.

Beatrice declares in red that Battler is incompetent, before proceeding to laugh in red. She tells him to suspect Jessica, who could have killed Kanon and then played dead. Battler realizes that this would implicate Nanjo as an accomplice, and he begins to doubt the others too. Beatrice tells him in red to kneel before her, declaring that she will make him her favorite piece of furniture. She states in red that accepting her would resolve all the mysteries.

Mansion: Servant Room (with meta-layer) Rosa points her gun at the servants and tells them that she has had enough of this farce. She declares that Nanjo and Kumasawa are alive, but had faked their deaths so as to ambush them later. She also accuses the servants of having been bribed to fabricate a story beforehand, and tells them that the only way to prove their innocence would be to find Nanjo and Kumasawa's corpses. Shannon breaks down in tears at Rosa's accusation, which had trampled over all of the hard work and loyalty she had shown the Ushiromiya family. Gohda tries to support her.

Genji acknowledges Rosa's reasoning. He tells her that as furniture, they would serve till their final hours whether or not she trusted them. He hands his master key to Rosa and gets Shannon and Gohda to do the same. Rosa takes all the five master keys and places them in Maria's handbag. George asks if Rosa is satisfied, and she answers affirmatively, declaring that she can only trust herself.

Maria tells Rosa that keys are meaningless due to Beatrice's magic. Rosa tries to scold her, but Battler hugs Maria while crying and apologizes for having doubted the witch. He acknowledges the existence of Beatrice and magic, and Maria tells him that Beato will soon bring everyone to the Golden Land.

Genji tells Rosa to lock the parlor from the inside, and tells her that the servants will return to the kitchen and not enter the parlor without permission. Rosa tells him that she hopes they will be able to reconcile once the typhoon passed. She allows George to leave with the servants. Maria tells Battler that as a witch, she can protect him from Beatrice.

After the servants leave, Rosa laughs to herself, remarking that she can't trust furniture at all. She completely doubts their claim that there are only five master keys. {Battler is tortured by her attitude and begs Beatrice to show up to tell Rosa in red that there are only five master keys. Beatrice repeats that to him, but tells him that her voice cannot reach Rosa because he still denied her. She tells him to become her furniture and lick her shoes while naked, mocking his expression as she says this.}

Background Music

  • dead angle (The servants' report)
  • stupefaction (The missing bodies)
  • 絵画の魔女 [Witch of the Painting] (The envelope)
  • オルガン小曲 第6億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #600 Million in C Minor] (The closed room, Beatrice's victory)
  • 旋律 (シラベ) inst.ver [Melody] (Battler's theory)
  • システム零 [System 0] (Rosa's accusation)
  • moon (Returning the master keys)
  • 牢獄 STRIP [Prison Strip] (Rosa's doubt)

Characters Appearing

Fleeting Resistance

Location Summary
Mansion: Kitchen The servants tell George about the events that had transpired in the servant room. George asks Shannon why she had gone to look for spider webs. She explains that Kumasawa had told her about the legend of Akujikishima, where the evil spirits feared spiderwebs. Shannon feels guilt for releasing these spirits by breaking the spirit mirror, but George tells her that he does not blame her for it. Gohda wonders if the witch truly exists. Shannon confidently asserts so while Genji maintains neutrality.

Gohda remembers that Natsuhi kept her own spirit mirror. George tells them that Natsuhi's family was descended from Shinto priests, and thus the mirror might have real power. He proposes to obtain it as defense against the witch. Gohda brings up their lack of master keys, but George responds that they can simply retrieve Natsuhi's personal room key from her corpse by breaking a window of the chapel.

Genji tells them that he cannot follow as it is his duty to wait on any orders from the Master. Having spent his life repaying Kinzo's favor, he entrusts his fate to the roulette. After they leave, a single golden butterfly appears, but Genji kills it with a single skillful knife throw.

Mansion: Parlor The parlor door is barricaded with furniture and Rosa watches the window vigilantly, gun in hand. Battler discusses the epitaph with Maria and wonders if the three of them will make up the last three required sacrifices. Maria confirms that Beatrice's ceremony will end if they solved the epitaph, but Battler has doubts. He wonders why Beatrice even set up the game and gave them hints, and Maria responds that risk is an essential part of magic.

Battler realizes that this means that Beatrice may not always be making the best moves, making chessboard thinking ineffective. He cannot wrap his head around Beatrice's motives, where victory or loss seemed inconsequential. He realizes that chessboard thinking was making them project their greed onto their opponents, and wonders if Rosa did that. Rosa had been bullied by her siblings while growing up, and her behavior now may merely be reflecting that childhood. Battler wonders if Maria is projecting her pure intentions onto Beatrice.

Meta-layer (Parlor) Beatrice uses the red to state that she keeps her promises. She confirms that solving the epitaph would mean that the murders would end, as rules must be followed in magic. She then asks Battler if humans keep their promises, expressing her exasperation at how they try to find loopholes and such in them. Battler mentions that Rudolf had profited off dubious contracts. Beatrice tells him that fraud is learned.

Battler still insists that Beatrice is a heartless mass murderer and views not giving up as the only way to resist her. Beatrice wonders if a witch's true magical power is measured not by strength but by endurance, and makes a nod to Bernkastel. Battler tells her to get on with the game. Beatrice is delighted that he has regained his spirits and tells him that she will prolong the game for a more powerful finale.

Chapel Gohda asks Shannon to retrieve the key out of respect for Natsuhi's gender. As she pulls out the key, a storm of golden butterflies gather behind her. Due to the scattered glass shards around the broken window, thy try to escape through the front door, but the door lock jams. Beatrice appears in her suit outfit, ready to make them the final sacrifices. George manages to get the door open and the three of them dash out of the chapel. The rain hinders the advance of the golden butterflies.
Mansion: Natsuhi's Room/ Corridor Shannon finds a small locked box in Natsuhi's drawers, and George tries to pry it open by force. At the same time, Beatrice enters the hallway with six goat attendants. Gohda tries to lock the door but finds that it keeps automatically unlocking itself. The arm of Beelzebub passes through the door, and she transforms into a stake before piercing his chest.
Mansion: Natsuhi's Room Beatrice enters the room wearing her dress and trailed by her goat butlers. She declares Shannon and George to be the next sacrifices and begins taunting Shannon about having lingering regrets, telling her that she will be killed before getting to spend her first night with George.

George successfully opens the box. Shannon materializes a cylindrical energy barrier around herself and George, which wipes out the golden butterflies in the room. Beatrice remembers that Shannon is Kinzo's furniture and remarks that she has matured more than Kanon. She transforms one of her goats into a red-eyed Kanon and orders him to attack them. Shannon's barrier repels Kanon's slashes and turns him into gold butterflies.

Beatrice observes that the spirit mirror is lending her power, but tells her that she cannot currently fully draw it out. She mocks Shannon as furniture, but Shannon asserts that she is not, remarking that she finds Beatrice pitiful. This provokes Beatrice, who tells Shannon that she has forgotten the days when she had been so desperate to be with George that she licked her shoes. Shannon tells her that sleeping with one's love meant something, but that it was a sacred thing different from how she portrayed it. She declares that having completed her eternal vows with George, she no longer has any regrets, and Beatrice can do nothing to her.

Beatrice becomes furious and goes on a rant about love being lust, telling Shannon that she will despair when she sees that reflected in George's eyes. As her rant goes on, she reasserts Shannon's position as furniture repeatedly and begins to break down, yelling at Shannon not to tell her about love. She tells Shannon that she is hiding from what she doesn't want to see, and increases the intensity of the attacks from her golden butterflies.

Shannon apologizes to George for failing to protect him, but George tells her that he is happy enough with what she did. She asks George to tell her that he loves her as a final favor, but Beatrice kills them both in the middle of his words.

Background Music

  • Voiceless (Kitchen conversation, parlor conversation)
  • dead angle (Natsuhi's spirit mirror)
  • Red Dread (Golden butterflies)
  • Worldend dominator (Escape)
  • サソリのハラワタ [Scorpion Entrails] (Shannon's barrier)
  • moon (Beatrice's fury)

Characters Appearing


Location Summary
Mansion: Corridor/ Courtyard/ Parlor Genji fearlessly does his nighttime rounds of the mansion. Rosa and Battler had fallen asleep sometime before but were awoken by his knocks. Genji informs them that he has found the bodies of Nanjo and Kumasawa, and Rosa decides to verify them for herself. Before they leave, Rosa checks the doors and windows of the room.
Mansion: Courtyard They find Nanjo and Kumasawa's bodies in the courtyard with both their necks sliced. Nanjo's body also had a stake stabbed into his knee, while Kumasawa had a wound on her ankle with a fallen stake next to it. Genji notes that the stake wounds had not been there in the servant room. Maria points out that these are the seventh and eight twilights, causing Battler to realize that the other three are missing. Genji informs them that they had left for Natsuhi's room about two to three hours before.
Mansion: Natsuhi's Room They find the door to Natsuhi's room covered with a mess of blood-red scrawls. Rosa gives Battler a master key and tells him to unlock it. They find Gohda's corpse face down on the ground, a stake stabbed into his chest. George's body lies on the side wall with a stake wound to the stomach, and Shannon's is slumped face down over the dresser, with a gaping hole in her head and a fallen stake beside her. Battler wonders if she had spent her last moments seeing her face in the broken bloodstained mirror.

Rosa yells at Battler not to disturb the crime scene. Battler asks Maria about the ninth and tenth twilights, thinking to himself that Kinzo had the right strategy the whole time. Maria tells Battler that he will be okay if he is with her. They leave the room and Rosa locks the door. Battler realizes that Rosa's possession of the master keys meant that this room was also a closed room mystery.

Mansion: Parlor Rosa sends Genji away, suspicious of his sole survival in the servant group. Upon entering the parlor, she performs a thorough check of the room. Battler feels jaded at her suspicion and wonders if she should just kill everyone she cannot trust, before realizing that she is the final wolf and killing herself. As he sits down, he notices an envelope on the table and opens it to find another letter along with the magic circle that meant "discord". The letter warns that they are running out of time to solve the epitaph, as the ninth twilight would be starting soon.

Rosa calls Maria to her side and points her gun at Battler, having concluded that he is a wolf. She accuses him of placing the letter and pretending to find it, stating that she had seen nothing on the table upon entering the room, and knew that Maria did not approach it. Battler objects that he has no reason to take part in the culprit's scheme, and that his parents and relatives were also killed. Rosa suggests that Battler is actually an impostor after the family's wealth, who had taken advantage of Battler's six year absence to impersonate him.

Battler fires his own accusation back at Rosa, noting that she was the only person who had possession of the master keys, and had to have lent one to the culprit for them to have locked Natsuhi's room. {Beatrice declares in red that the doors and windows to Natsuhi's room were locked similarly to previous rooms, with no hidden passages or hiding places. She also states in red that Natsuhi's room key was in George's pocket, and that the five master keys were all with Rosa. She confirms the same facts in red for the parlor.}

Battler also accuses Rosa of placing the letter as a trap for him. Rosa counters by telling Battler that she would have shot him instead, but he suggests that she did not want to do so in front of Maria. Battler continues by pointing out the strangeness of Rosa being the only adult from the family conference that survived the first twilight. Maria screams for them to stop, and Battler breaks down and blames the witch.

Mansion: Kinzo's Study Kinzo wakes up and realizes that he is still alive. He howls that he will soon reunite with Beatrice, whereupon he will swear his love and apologize for his crimes, and even offer up his life. He declares that she will be his for eternity and that he will not allow her to escape a second time.

A butterfly appears behind Kinzo's back. Beatrice calls him a fool for thinking that his words and tears would cause a woman to fall for him. Kinzo declares his love to Beatrice. At that moment, he hears a knock from the study door.

Background Music

  • 隣死 [At Death's Door] (Genji's report)
  • mind (The missing three)
  • dead angle (Natsuhi's room)
  • Closed My Heart (The final letter)
  • Nighteyes (Rosa's accusation)
  • Fortitude (Accepting the witch)
  • 透百合 [Sukashiyuri] (Kinzo's anguish)
  • てくてく [Steady Pace] (Kinzo's love)

Characters Appearing


Location Summary
Mansion: Dining Hall/ Corridor Battler enjoys some liquor in the dining hall. He hears a knock and asks for the person's name. Genji enters. He compares Battler to Kinzo in his love for alcohol and tells him that the time has come to reveal everything.

Battler sobers up and Genji guides him to Kinzo's study. He tells Battler that he will see things that he will be unable to understand, and to simply accept anything that happens. Battler says that he is prepared. Genji tells him to be diligent in his future studies, so that he will not regret something for his whole life due to a lack of knowledge.

Mansion: Kinzo's Study Genji opens the door to the study, which is filled with a swarm of golden butterflies. Kinzo is engaged in a chess game with Beatrice (in her suit), who remarks that she has been thinking for 30 years on how to counter his move. Beatrice tells Battler that she has been waiting for him. She offers to answer as many questions as he wishes on the condition that he kneel and kiss her shoes. Battler accepts her proposal.
End Roll The witch answers all of Battler's questions one by one, though these answers are not shown to the reader. Each answer made logical sense, and he was forced to accept that witches truly did "exist". The witch's game record is shown, this time with Rosa stated to have denied the witch.

When the seagulls cried, none were left alive.

Background Music

  • witch in gold (cembalo) (Dining hall)
  • ageha [Swallowtail butterfly] (Genji's escort)
  • 黒のリリアナ [Black Liliana] (Meeting the witch)

Characters Appearing

Banquet of the Witch

Location Summary
Chapel Rosa bursts into the chapel and demands that Beatrice show herself. Finding no one there, she wraps one of the gold ingots in a blanket and carries it along with her gun. Maria laughs creepily, telling her that she will soon meet Beatrice in the Golden Land. Rosa had thought that Beatrice was a human masquerading as a witch, but now admits that she is a real witch.
Mansion: Kinzo's Study Genji informs Kinzo and Beatrice that it is time for the banquet. Battler is down on all fours, serving as a footrest for Beatrice. Kinzo thanks Genji for remaining and complains that Shannon is never around when he wants to use her.

After Kinzo and Genji leave, Beatrice makes Battler help her put on the dress. She tells him that she feels no shame at being naked because he is furniture.

Mansion: Entrance Hall The hall is filled with golden butterflies and a large number of goat-headed people seem to be holding a formal ball. Genji announces Beatrice's revival and arrival to a tremendous applause, and she descends the steps with a naked Battler on a chain leash. Bernkastel removes her goat mask and comments at Battler's state, but then puts it back on and leaves.

At 24:00, Beatrice proclaims the start of the banquet. The mansions of the human and non-human worlds overlap, and the humans that had praised Beatrice's resurrection are turned into golden butterflies and sent to hell. Kinzo cries for Beatrice to take him to the Golden Land and is swiftly devoured by the goats. Beatrice kicks Battler. Seeing him feel pain, she decides that he is unsuitable to be her furniture, and calls on the goats to devour him too.

Rose Garden/ Island Stairs Golden butterflies fill the rose garden and Rosa and Maria run from the pursuit of the goats. Maria falls down and is grabbed by one of them, but Rosa fires her rifle at it, warning them not to even try laying a finger on Maria. She tells Maria to pick up the bullets she had spilled and help her to load them. She also instructs her to run for her life and swim to shore if her mother ever fell down, as there is nowhere on the island where they can survive. She slams a goat with the gold ingot and stabs another in the eye with a fountain pen.

Rosa wonders why she is running with a gun in one hand and the gold in the other, instead of holding on to her daughter's hand. As she descends the stairs, she falls down and feels a sharp pain in her ankle. She regrets having lost both her childhood and her future. She tells Maria to go ahead, but Maria insists on staying with her.

Rosa apologizes to Maria for always putting her off, asking her if she even wants to be with such a mother. Maria responds that there is no good mama or bad mama, but only one mama. She tells her mother that it is the same for her, that both the sweet Mama and the one who is a nuisance are one and the same, and that she wants to be the only Maria for Rosa. Rosa calls herself an idiot, realizing that she did not need the gold and should have just reached out to her. They promise to play together in the Golden Land, including the Wolves and Sheep Puzzle that Rosa had bought for her daughter and then never played with her. With a final battle cry, Rosa points her gun at the goats and challenges them to try stepping forward.

Background Music

  • 胡散の香り [Fishy Aroma] (The chapel)
  • サソリのハラワタ [Scorpion Entrails] (Kinzo's study)
  • 黒のリリアナ [Black Liliana] (Banquet of the witch)
  • Worldend dominator (Rosa's showdown)

Characters Appearing

Tea Party

Location Summary
Purgatorio Rosa awakens in a Purgatorio and sees Beatrice sitting across from her. Beatrice offers her anything she pleases as a reward for good luck or compensation for her compliance. She shows Rosa a wall of gold ingots, remarking that gold is the manifestation of the human world's pleasures. She however notes that there are some things that cannot be satisfied with gold and offers to satisfy them for Rosa.

Beatrice observes that Rosa's pain had been fated since her birth, and tells her that she understands that. Rosa begins to hear the voices of her siblings in her childhood. Krauss had hit her and broke her toys, "punishing" her for strange and inexplicable reasons. Eva had often lied to her and tricked her, telling her that stupid people would naturally be swindled by those smarter than them. Rosa had tried to emulate her, but that seemed to only make her angry. Rudolf had played nice with Krauss and Eva, but would do exactly as they did to him onto Rosa when they were not around. Because Rosa could not get over her childhood, she could never become an adult.

Beatrice tells Rosa that even if she rewinds time for her, her painful memories will still remain. She tells Rosa that the only way to satisfy her pains is with pleasure. At this, Beatrice summons two goat servants to serve Rosa a glass of wine made from the golden drops of Krauss' blood. She elaborates that the golden drop is the last drop of blood squeezed out of a human, and shows her a compressor where she does that to Krauss, endlessly reviving him to obtain several dozen drops. Rosa tries to resist, but the goat servants force the wine down her throat.

Beatrice follows by serving a forked tongue salad made from five of Eva's tongues, which Rosa had wished as a child that she could bite off. She adds on a sea bass pie wrapped in Rudolf's face. Finally, she announces the desert to be the daughter that she had pretended to love, served oven-baked with apples.

As Maria is held by a goat, she asks Rosa is she has been a burden. Rosa tries to insist otherwise, but Maria tells her that it is okay to eat her if she was. She tells her mother that she had always done horrible things to her: causing a ruckus when she brought a man over, bringing her mother shame when the police picked her up when she was lost, and crying in her room until the neighbors had to console her when her mother did not come home for days. She apologizes to Rosa for being born. As the goats try to force feed Maria to her, Beatrice proclaims her perfect victory.

Battler appears at that moment and lambastes Beatrice's actions. He tells Maria it is ten years too early for her to have someone eat her, but to promise to let him do so then. He declares that he has regained his will to fight, telling Beatrice that he will crawl through the mud as many times as it takes to resist her. Beatrice, amused by the scene, accepts his challenge, and proceeds to list the mysteries of the second game.

Staff Credits

Background Music

  • 休息 [Rest] (Rosa awakens)
  • 白日夢の果て [Daydream's End] (Rosa's past)
  • 黒のリリアナ [Black Liliana] (The witch's banquet)
  • Dread of the Grave (Battler's comeback)
  • 旋律 (シラベ) [Melody] (Staff credits)

Characters Appearing


Location Summary
The Witch's Smoking Room Beatrice asks Bernkastel if she enjoyed the game, but she responds that it was so one-sided that it became boring. Beatrice states that she knows that Bernkastel isn't a bystander, and had been actually making moves as her opponent. Bernkastel tells her that she had come because she had wanted to see Beatrice fall apart and lose.

Lambdadelta appears, remarking that she has finally found Bernkastel. She tells Bernkastel that she had only won against her due to luck and compatibility problems, and calls her arrogant for picking a fight with Beatrice, a witch much more brutal than her. Bernkastel calls Beatrice dumb for bringing Lambdadelta in, telling her that she will make a mess out of her game. She remarks that Lambdadelta still holds a grudge against her, and Lambdadelta replies that the enemy of her enemy is her ally. Bernkastel tells Beatrice that she will get serious and thanks her for relieving her boredom.

After Beatrice and Lambdadelta leave, Bernkastel appears to address someone. She comments at their tragic end in Beatrice's game and likens them to her past self in Lambdadelta's game. She tells them that she is a witch born from that game, and is therefore lending them her power.

Bernkastel calls Beatrice's game unfair. She says that the worst part is how Beatrice is unlike Lambdadelta in that she does not always make the best possible moves, instead sometimes going easy on them, which adds noise to their information. She tells the person that there is a clear weak point in her game that almost seems like Beatrice had wanted them to take advantage of, though she does not know if it is a trap or a test. She tells them to stand up and never give in to the witch, closing off with the phrase "Mii, nipah-".

Lambdadelta returns after Bernkastel leaves. She tells the person that Bernkastel's pieces as always are shabby pawns. She notes that she once had gone easy on her and allowed her to choose their positions, but that she then proceeded to put all her pawns on the eight rank.

Lambdadelta takes pity on the person, telling them that Beatrice will intentionally play around rather than take her victory, providing a chance to attack her. This made her difficult for someone like Bernkastel who liked to thoroughly read her opponent.

She notes that her type is strong against Beatrice's.

Lambdadelta comments that the person has regained some of their spirit, and that Beatrice is currently torturing Rosa. Lambdadelta ends off by telling them that she isn't helping them to save them, but merely wants to take her throne back from Bernkastel.

Background Music

  • オルガン小曲 第6億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #600 Million in C Minor] (The witches' conversation)
  • 黒のリリアナ [Black Liliana] (Lambdadelta's arrival, Lambdadelta's advice)
  • Over the Sky (Bernkastel's advice)

Characters Appearing